Wanye on Penner

Robin Brownlee wrote a great piece on Dustin “PDP” Penner yesterday and called out all the Penner Lovers for making excuses for the tubby bugger. Not having been irrationally en amour with an Oiler since Ryan Smyth left town, we feel qualified to pen a rebuttal.

The knocks on Penner are glaring and obvious: soft, not particularly driven to improve, soft, not very physical and he’s soft.

Basically, Dustin Penner is today exactly what he was when the Oilers threw everything in the vault at him during the Summer of Desperation in 2007. It’s really paying dividends, isn’t it?

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What do the Oil want out of Penner? Do they want him to fight? Re-invent himself completely? Sweet Baby Jesus in His little manger! Had the Oil brass ever seen any of Penner’s game tapes prior to signing him? When exactly was he some dynamic physical force, exactly? Not in college, not in the AHL and certainly not for the Ducks.

Dustin Penner is what he is. A big teddy bear who scored mad goals and collected mad points when he played with Perry and Getzlaf. Do the Oil have Perry and Getzlaf? No. They have him with Brodziak and Pisani, Horcoff and Hemsky, Deslauriers and the Team Dentist or whatever pairing suits MacT at any given moment.

If the Oil throw Penner in with the Brodziaks and the Pisanis of the world, he won’t be the Dustin Penner they signed to the big contract. He will be the Dustin Penner who used to play with Getzlaf and Perry but is now not playing with Getzlaf and Perry. That’s not Dustin Penner’s fault. That’s the Oilers’ fault.

Could he be playing better? Undoubtedly. Is he performing at a lower level then when he was signed? Not really.

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The coaching staff seem unable to get more out of him than what he was in Anaheim. That’s your failure, MacT, as well as his. Good coaches find ways to get more out of players. You continue to receive status quo performances AT BEST from 5/6 of your entire team.

Think there might be an X-factor here?

This is why some players hate Edmonton. Who really thinks that the reason the Oil are so crappy is because of Dustin Penner? Who really looks to Penner to lead them out of this funk? So why single out an already unpopular player and destroy what undoubtedly remains of his confidence? To encourage others on the team? To appease a rabid fan base? We don’t feel any better seeing Penner shredded.

Do you?

  • Bob & Rod were raving about his game tonight. If Maguire was doing the game he would have picked his boy Nash (for no reason) to be the monster, but by the sounds of things Penner was the obvious choice.

  • Chris

    Right on Robin. Penner has hands not heart. Accept it Oilernation. Not every cog in the machine is the same, nor should they be. Penner is a cool cucumber who marches to the beat of a different drum. So what! He is a plus player who can kill penalties, work the cycle, and score twenty goals without even skating. Why does everyone loath talent in this organization? If Messier were playing here today MacT would probably bench him for not back-checking. (Please note I'm not comparing Penner to Messier)

  • Chris

    Well the coach benches Penner for playing like Penner. Why doesn't MacT tear in to Cole? There is a guy who is performing well below expectation. Cole used to have jam. Where is it?

  • That right there is a product of MacT putting Cole with players that are not going to help him succeed. Apparently he didn't get the memo that Cole scores goals and is not a shut down guy.

    Cole is on pace for his worst season ever. Just so you know.

  • Chris

    Why did Lowe target a first line right winger when Hemsky is your guy? Wasn't there a top six left winger or centerman to be found anywhere? Poor linemates or no…Cole is a complete bust so far. Shop him now!

  • Apparently he didn’t get the memo that Cole scores goals and is not a shut down guy.

    Cole scores goals and is a shutdown guy. Same family as Horcoff.

    As for Penner, he looks lots better on the powerplay when he's used on the powerplay. Amazing difference.

  • Jerry MacWire

    The NEW great MacT experiment.

    "Hmmmmmm, what if I play my guys at their natural position?"

    Post game.

    MacT: Great job guys but we gotta get more shots on net.

    Oilers: Zzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzzz.

  • Clarkenstein

    I'll tip my hat to Penner for last night's game, however, let's see what he does against Detroit on Thursday. His career is literally at a crossroads. Let's hope he doesn't become what Jason ("I couldn't get into it tonight") Arnott was when he played here.

  • Clarkenstein

    As for the hockey club… don't get too giddy yet people!! Outshot 29-8 after 2 periods… against many other teams in this league this could truly have been a 7-2 game the other way. Really, really interested in seeing how they respond on Thursday against the Wings.

  • Jason Gregor


    Did you see Penner last night. He ACTUALLY skated. He split the D at one point. Amazing what skill level he has when he decides to play. Of course he isn't the main reason for the Oilers inconsistency, but he is a poster boy for guys who are too comfortable in Edmonton.

    Your arguement that players don't want to come here because MacT ripped him is lame. How often has he done that in the past??? Rarely, if never.

    Penner showed last night, that he can skate if he works hard. Now hopefully he realizes that working hard every night will benefit him and his team.

    The jury is out on that, but for one game Penner showed that you can light a fire under his ASS. The Oilers hope it is still burning come Thursday.

    P.S…All you sports lovers, listen to the TEAM 1260 today to hear some true warriors. Kids who have been through the Stollery.

  • Wanye Gretz

    Ah Master Gregor –

    You misinterpret my words. It isn't that players don't want to play here because MacT rips them – it's the atmosphere amongst fans that turn on players in a heartbeat I was referring to.

    There seems to be a fire somewhere under his ass agreed. It's good to see.

  • There's going to be a fire alright, if the Oilers keep getting outplayed and taking penalties like they have been. Except the fire is going to be when baggedmilk burns down Rexall Place.

    Baggedmilk spoke in the third person, baggedmilk means business.

  • Fiveandagame

    Fiveandagame is confused when people talk in the third person and I..he…me have a hard enough time with the big words Willis uses on this site that fiveandagame is getting me a headache….

    Wayne is right BTW……wow that was weird to type.

    Penner has played like Penner. MacT's knock on him was also right. Penner could be better and the benching was a challenge to Penner to be more than he is. He could be a 30-40 goal a year guy with a little moxie in his game.

    He was involved in 4 of the seven goals last night. Playing like that will inspire him to be more than teddy Bear Penner.

  • Deep Oil

    Oil beat Columbus – hooray – remember beating up 99 pound weakling is nothing to be proud of… as long as the first and second liners are passengers – the team will float slightly below .500 and MacT will continue to frustrate the hell out of us – at this point I am cheering against them – so we can blow this team and management up – move forward with one or two superstars (free agent dreaming) and dump the passengers that robbed the bank the last two years – note to self – resign rollie to a BONUS incentive contract – he plays better when he is pissed off and has something to prove – no brainer.
    Maybe trade Garon for Mike Comrie (not jjoking) – his FLIPPIN 25 goals a year would be a FREAKIN godsend – some fans are idiots when they have a gift horse in the mouth and kick their butts out of town