Sitting in the stands at practice

Here is something you don’t see every day….I am sitting here at Oilers practice and who is lining up with Brodziak and Pouliot in preparation for tonight’s game?

None other than Ladislav Smid.

This should be interesting.

Clearly MacTavish doesn’t want Stortini or Boulerice in against Detroit and is pulling a combination out of the air that few people can honestly say they saw coming.

More to come

  • Rick

    It's surprising in the sense that Strudwick actually has experience on the wing so wouldn't it make more sense to play him at forward and then slide Smid into Strudwicks spot on the blueline?

  • Rindog

    Just another prime example of MacTavish screwing up the team!!!

    What is wrong with playing people ate their natural position?

    If you want to give your team the best chance to succeed – shouldn't you put players in the position that will give them the best chance of doing that?

    If Stortini or Boulerice aren't good enough to play (which they aren't) then why are they up with the big club?

    Put them on waivers and bring up a guy that can play (at his natural position).

    We traded one of our best role players (all be it inconsistant) in Torres – why aren't we playing the guy we got for him?

    Brule had arguably the best training camp of any forward.

    Yeah, MacT sure knows what he is doing??????