Rules of threes?

I’m not sure who Edmonton fans want ousted more, Craig MacTavish or Danny Maciocia. Well one group will be rejoicing today, because one of them is moving on.

They say things happen in threes. For the past two years, all three pro teams in Edmonton missed the playoffs. And Wanye, DJ Spyn Cycle and Amber all got busted for a variety of off-Nation antics in the past four months.

Well now the second head coach of the three sports teams seems to be set to move on in 2008. Paul Day got axed from the Rush last February, and now today sources say that Danny Maciocia is leaving his post as head coach and becoming solely the GM. So if you believe in, “Things happen in threes,” then is it possible that MacTavish will move on before the end of the calendar year?

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Maciocia moving upstairs isn’t that surprising. Handling both roles is difficult, but also very time consuming, and having three young children at home I’m guessing Maciocia is missing watching them grow. Not to mention that his regular season record as a coach was a disappointing 22-31-1 in three years.

Who will replace Maciocia? There is lots of speculation that former Bomber head man Doub Berry, who Maciocia worked with in Montreal is a front-runner. But I have heard that isn’t as hot a possibility as before.

Out of the current coaches, Rick Worman, Noel Thorpe or Rick Campbell would be the most qualified. Campbell has no shot, because that would be a marketing nightmare for the Esks. Do the other two enough X and Os experience to run an entire team? That’s a question Maciocia has to answer.

So Day was fired, Maciocia moved upstairs, would MacTavish resign? Doubtful, but unless the Oilers start to play with some more passion, generate some offence and stop turning the puck over in the neutral zone, his tenure will surely end soon.

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If the theory of the threes does indeed work, then the 3rd shoe will drop by Dec 31st. I’m not holding my breath but you never know.

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  • mjsh

    Interesting times in Oilerland. No question that this team has never come together. Who knows what the fix is. I like Mac T. and I like most of the players. To be at .500 after the terrible travel schedule was not a bad spot to be in. (I did travel daily in an old job that I had and I know that it takes it toll.)

    So what is the problem? Is it the team or our expectations? This is the second year that the Oilers have been close to the salary cap and it certainly looks like another year with no playoffs unless they put a winning streak together.

    Most of the games the lack of effort has been apalling. Last night there actually looked to be effort but no teamwork. Too many guys trying to do too much, especially in the third period trying to gain entry to the Kings zone.

    Do we stay patient or do we jump on the fire MacTavich bandwagon?

  • Rick

    Re: Burke

    I'm blown away, talk about out of left field.

    I wonder if he believes in karma?

    He works in an industry where people are hired to be fired (Edmonton aside) and he had a position where he could have basically written a life long ticket of employment to go work for the most inept organization in the league.

    Talk about taunting the gods.

    It reminds me of when Keenan became a god for winning the cup with the Rangers and decided his ego needed to be GM in St. Louis.

    Here's hoping Burke's decision ends just as successfully.

  • mjsh

    What happened to my last sentence?

    It should say too many guys trying to do too much, especially when trying to gain entry to the kings zone in the third period.

  • oilerseasonticketholdersince99

    Breaking News!!!! The oilers room was bugged and they have figured out what the problem is with the players. They cannot understand Mac T blah blah blah blah blah blah was heard on the tape. Along with Mac t throwing Penner under the bus and playing Rollie ahead of Garon even though it was Rollie who let in 3 out of the 4 goals in the Detroit game, or did Mac t forget who started that game? Enough allready fire him!!!!!! No more chances!!! 1 run to the cup final does not give him the job for life.The players have tuned him out,free agents do not want to play here cause of Mac t. They are not stupid, they talk to each other and they also see what happens here, every player wants to be thrown under the bus in public, you just do not do that .What goes through the players minds when he keeps playing these Mac t pets (Rem Murray,Reasnor,Toby Peterson ,Pouliot)It has been said before, why do players that play here under perform? Then they get traded and light it up? one reason only the coach. Every one else can see this, but upper management. Come on wake up and smell the friggin coffee allready!!! If this plays out for the whole season or until we are out of a playoff spot which wont be long at this pace, Then the whole management team and coaching staff should be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cam


    MacT isn't going anywhere, Tambellini said as much last night on CHED. Heck, he admitted he wasn't motivated to make any changes at all. We are stuck there, so let's not get the blood pressure up quite so high.

    As for Penner, the last three games since he was benched he has been one of the best Oilers. I don't think the other players minded him being called out as I am sure they get just as pissed at MacT when teammates play a lazy game.

    Right now I think the organization is trying to get everyone to quit grabbing their sticks so tightly.

    I remember reading some stats on recently traded players that showed a trend towards a dropoff in the first season that a player was with another franchise. There are always exceptions to this, but I think that is what happens to a lot of players as they are learning their teammates etc. I believe this is part of Cole's problem, though I admit he has been sucking too much for it to be 100% of the problem.

    The Oilers have been sucking hard, but we are one four game winning streak away from everyone dancing in the streets and saying how wonderful a team they are.

  • Jason

    Change won't happen until seats go unfilled in the stands. Which makes us the Toronto Maple Leafs because we as stoopid fans lick this crap up. We're that gullible folks. A sad reality, and don't think the Oiler brass don't know it. They laugh at us. They can piss in our cornflakes and we'd accept it as we are no better than Leaf Nation. Buy the gear, buy the tickets, buy everything. Results don't matter.

    Rock on Leaf, er I mean Oiler Nation!