GDB22: Another Matinee

What could be more exciting than a matinee game against the St. Louis Blues? How about an Oilers team that could very well lose the game?

We don’t know what to make of this squadron. What happened to the team that was going to come in first in the Northwest? What happened to the team MacT basically told “don’t be too confident lads. Take ‘er as she comes” a few short months ago? The Oil got 99 problems and over confidence ain’t one.

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What happened to the team that made us buy Oilers Pyjamas and A Dustin Penner Snuggle Bug Teddy Bear? (trademark pending)

The only thing more exciting this game is, well pretty much everything. So of course we will be watching.

Damn you Oilers. You had better win.

  • Fiveandagame

    I don't know what everyone has against Manitees. these poor Ocean creatures at the mercy of speed boats, and what the heck do they have to do about hockey anyway.

    Oh and BTW Willis yer puter is broken.

  • I was sure your birthday present of a new word on Urban Dictionary would be working by now, it's not.

    MacT has got to be getting a bit sick of all this must win talk, he will cave pretty soon in my estimation & hopefully we will have a new coach to throw verbal darts at in the New Year.

  • Deep Oil

    Maybe they should of imported the Joey Tomaote waitresses for this weekend trip – so the team would go to bed early and think its later than it actually is.

  • Chris

    I went on a rant last year just before the win streak. I had lost faith. Felt pretty stupid when the team turned it around. Problem is I was right on all counts. The kids are too small to play as a unit for 82 games; Horcoff and Penner are not the best fit for Hemskey; The D is too soft on the opposition; Etc. Then we won. I felt stupid. This time around, however, I won't shut my eyes to these flaws. The finish last year masked these problems but did not correct them. I hope Tambo can improve this roster.

  • milli

    As many mistakes as MacT has made, and as much as I want a new coach, a real coach, I will be sad to see him get the axe. I also think that Klo is as much to blame now as MacT. And hey what was up with that last post, really wanted to read it….

  • freeze

    The Oil are notoriously bad on afternoon games…..arghh!

    I thought we were doing alright with the afternoon games?
    Either way, this is an awesome excuse to sit on the couch and nurse my hangover.

    Must win, I really, really hope this isn't too painful to watch.

  • I won't take anything away from what MacT has done for this team. However, it seems as though it's time for a new direction.

    I still believe that Marc Crawford could be the right man for the job. Tambellini worked with Crawford in Vancouver, and that team under Crawford made the playoffs pretty consistently. The goal of a team should not be to win the Stanley Cup every year, but to make the playoffs and have a team that can have a shot at getting through the first round. Anything after that is a crapshoot.

  • Secondly, since I know it'll be discussed here since his inauguration of all that is hockey in Toronto is today, I'm going to put in my two cents on Brian Burke. I know he's not popular here, and I'm not of the mind that he's the best thing since sliced bread. I also think he was completely off-base for his attacks on Lowe, and I support Lowe 100% in that respect. However, for all of the people who said that his teams tanked after he left, there are two things to keep in mind.

    First, his tenure with the Canucks ended before the lockout. So I doubt that the Canucks fall was due solely to him, since many factors changed, such as the style of the game, Bertuzzi being lost, and everyone just generally getting a year older with little tinkering with Nonis doing little but picking up Anson Carter. Now, he's not fully absolved, since he did create the base, but at some point you can't say that a team sucks several years down the road due to the GM of yesteryear (Detroit Lions notwithstanding). And if a one, or two-year swoon is to be seen as damning the person who isn't even there, when does credibility for K-Lowe kick in? It's like saying Dave Nonis was a genius GM, since the base is there and the Canucks are winning now…Not fully consistent…

    Secondly, as for the Ducks, I just checked, and they're 13-8-3, and 4th in the Conference. You can say all you want for the salary cap issues, but there's two arguments I see being made. First, people rag on him for being up against the cap (which Edmonton also is) although there's only $33 million on Anaheim's cap next year, as opposed to $43 million in Edmonton. Secondly, and paradoxically, people rag on him for all of the UFAs next year. Half of his impending UFAs are 34 or older…sounds like the type of guys I want to sign to one-year deals in case they don't work out (see, Morrison, Brendan). Sure, they'll need a bunch of defencemen, and that is short-sighted, but I don't think it's the apocalypse that everyone seems to make it out to be. Anaheim might be down again for a year or two, but still have a core, and a good goaltender, and will rise again.

    So, while Burke is not the second coming of anything, I believe he has proven himself a capable GM, re-building Vancouver, and at the very least maintaining the Ducks (they didn't get any worse under him, which is better than most GMs can do).

    I'm tired of the news about him as well, but I think some perspective needs to be had on all sides. He's not Ken Holland, but he's not Mike Milbury either…I don't know how he'll do, and nor does anyone else.

    That's it. I've said my piece. I'm not supporting him, or damning him. I'm just saying…

    My apologies for taking up so much of the board (this post went on a little longer than I thought).

    Go Oil!

  • Sy Cologist

    If the Oil win two this weekend what is gonna happen? Will we all find ourselves thinking the Oil are the team we thought they would be at the beginning of the season?

    Will the coaching suddenly become genius because all the quirky moves of the past few weeks worked and the team has turned around?

  • milli

    if they win3 or 4 in a row, play hard….they save the coach. If they split and play bad, pressure gets a little higher….play LA game bad….we got scrambled eggs and toast. I'd still love to see this group go on a friggin tare, win like 10 of 12….then, win the cup, man thatd be sweet….Best thing about matinees….drinking at 10 am.

  • For anyone that hasn't heard the 630 CHED interview with Kevin Lowe, check it out.

    Kevin Lowe is in full on damage control, says the "knee-jerk" reaction from the fans over the LA loss is too harsh basically. He can't honestly believe that the fans are so pissed off about one game?

    I hope you have a chilled glass, because you'll be drinking from the punch bowl again with this one.