Things that make you go ‘Grrrr’

What drug addicted, STD ridden, talentless hack at NHL headquarters decided to start today’s game at 4:00? Why not 7:07am or even at 3am to give everyone something to watch when they come home from the bar?

Back to back matinee games? What did we do to deserve this? We came over to Nation World HQ ready to watch us some Oilers hockey. And what do we see? GDB 22 is lit up like a Christmas Tree with over 400 comments and GDB23 doesn’t exist. Awesome!

The OilerNinja (who is usually good for a reminder or two) almost immediately texts us saying “good work on not having a game day post you idiot.”

“We just realized this ourselves,” we replied. “When did you notice?”

“Oh. Like three mins into the game. I didn’t think to text you. Sorry.” Thanks for the heads up dude, timely information is ever so helpful.

Magically the Oilers matched our ineptitude by gassing another one—this time to the Dallas Stars who are having their worst start in years. What a fantastic start they got off to yet again, down 2-0. What’s the answer to this garbage? Fire MacT? Trade most everyone? Force Billy Moores to change his name to Scotty Bowman and make him head coach?

It’s hypocritical for us to chirp them when we effed up so monumentally. Fortunately you can Nation. What do you make of this?

  • Mr. Mike

    I'm pretty curious myself what the guy said to MacT. I think the guy was just the easiest target available for a "coach" who knows he is on the verge of losing his job. No point in yelling at his players. They obviously could care less what he is saying.

  • David S

    If its any consolation, this is pretty much how things went last year just before we took off on that last 20. We'd be playing good enough to win and only a massive brain cramp in the last 5 minutes screwed the whole thing.

  • Hockey Gods

    1) I wonder if the dude gave Mact a few beers and told him to drive home with MAP riding shotgun like I am close to saying if I see him in person.

    2) No offense David, I like to stay optmistic too. But I am sick of the last 20 games run. Why not comfortably make the play-offs; heaven forbid we finish 4-7 rather than slide in by the skin of our sack. That way the boys wouldn't be so menataly fatigued for the start of playoffs. Like I said, I am not writing us off yet, but they have to pull out of this thing before they have no chance.

  • I Am The Law

    I think David S has a great point, but the brain cramp wouldn't be so big if we didn't consistently play from 2-0 deficits. I mean, do these guys think they're so good that they can just spot every team a 2 goal lead? Maybe overconfidence is their problem?

    Oh, and watching the Dallas TV feed, I got to hear the words "anal vacuum" from the announce team. Now, I think they were describing Brad March's old job in a slaughterhouse, but they could very well have been describing the Oilers' penalty kill this season…

    It's gotten to the point that I don't even understand what this team is trying to do anymore.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Thank you for not reminding us that there was a game. Or was there?

    On a different note, the torch has been passed. The Oil no longer can boast about their winning tradition. There new tradition is gassing the first period. Making excuses after the game and promising to address their ineptitude.

    Translation, we're trying to get the coach fired.

  • Hockey Gods

    I agree David made a good point. I just wish we could finally put together a season where we play consistantly all year, and up to our expectations. Rather than, like the last 8 years, having watch a wheels on fire race down the strech only to skid into 8th on game 82, or to be horribly disappointed only to have a summer of what-could-beens or this is who would make the differance.

  • The Towel Boy

    Yeah, I'll agree. The perennial spring time "We need 32 pts out of a possible 40 to make the playoffs" thing is getting old.

    Watching MacT get into it with that Dallas fan was awesome. Shades of Harvey the Hound. At least the coach has some fight in him. That's gotta count for something right? Right?!