Schremp gets his shot

A call that was starting to look like it might never come was finally made today as the Edmonton Oilers promoted forward Rob Schremp from the Springfield Falcons of the AHL.

Schremp, who has been biding his time with the Falcons while the Oilers have called up Tim Sestito, Liam Reddox and defenceman Theo Peckham to fill in this season, has been summoned and will arrive Tuesday morning, according to a source close to the team.

Schremp, 22, gets the call-up because of an injury that will keep Robert Nilsson out of the line-up for Wednesday’s rematch against the Dallas Stars at Rexall Place.

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What’s next, a winning streak?

New kid line?

Schremp, who has tallied 1-17-18 in 18 games with Springfield so far this season, will be available to dress against the Stars.

Nilsson, recently reunited with Sam Gagner and Andrew Cogliano on the Kid Line, was injured in a collision with Mike Ribeiro of the Stars and could be out for as long as a week.

While coach Craig MacTavish could juggle his lines, it makes sense for Schremp to play alongside Gagner and Cogliano.

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If Nilsson’s out that long, Schremp, who has just three NHL games on his resume since being selected 25th overall by the Oilers in 2004, could see action in as many as three games — after the Dallas rematch, the Oilers are in Los Angeles Friday and San Jose Saturday.

Trade talks

While it’s hardly stop-the-presses stuff, given how the Oilers have struggled to get on a consistent roll through 23 games, I can tell you without any doubt president of hockey operations Kevin Lowe and GM Steve Tambellini talked Sunday in Dallas about the possibility of shaking things up with a trade.

Again, the idea of a trade isn’t a news bulletin — Tambellini suggested last week he’d look at doing a deal before making any changes to the coaching staff — but at least he and Lowe recognize the status quo isn’t cutting it and are discussing the possibilities.

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  • Deans

    All of armchair gms have alot riding on Schremp's run with the team. Now that that is finally over, Im officially starting the call-up O'marra bandwagan. Who's with me!……

    Well looks like Im gonna have to find something else to bitch about.

  • Schremp might look decent in the second line gig – playing soft opposition in offensive situations.

    He'll have a much better chance of success on the second line than he would on the first, given the difference in quality between who lines up against those two lines.

  • What were they thinking

    So the Oilers' top brass is starting to look at their mediocre team perform regularly on a mediocre basis. At the media conference announcing Brian Burke as GM for the Leafs, Burke stated his teams must play with truculence, testosterone, belligerence and pugnacity. Also play a puck-controlled game. Sounds like a winning formula! Doesn't look like Kevin Lowe provided MacT with this kind of talent. Instead, it is a soft team to play against. Playoffs, what playoffs?

  • GSC

    David S,

    "In MacT’s world, you earn your time."

    Kinda like how Staios continues to turn the puck over, take bad penalties, and fail to pick up his man down low and still gets minutes he doesn't deserve?

  • Ender the Dragon

    Smokin' Ray Says:
    Don’t you think that all this is is a “showcase” so he can be thrown in a deal with one of the goalies?

    I wouldn't be surprised in the least. With 3 or 4 secondaries that the Oilers feel comfortable calling up from Springfield, I think Schremp is the biggest 'brand-name'. If you were looking at making a big trade and didn't want to share your on-ice assets, who would you call up?

    I think the deal here is to give Schremp 3 or 4 games while Nilsson is hurt, pray that he shows some spark, and then deal him off in a package to acquire another roster player. Why do I think this? Points aside, I have a feeling that Brule was always just ahead of Schremp on the call-up list. For Schremp to be here now with the team whispering 'trade' just doesn't feel like Robbie's here to stay for long.

  • Smokin’ Ray Says:
    Don’t you think that all this is is a “showcase” so he can be thrown in a deal with one of the goalies?

    Schremp + Garon + disposable defenceman

    Should get a 3rd line solid face-off man & a 2nd or 3rd round pick?

    I just don't believe we will get any value for the stuff that we don't want.

    Brule at least has the pedigree to be a usefull player in this line-up as an agitator who could score 10 goals & kill penalties.

  • erixon

    I don't think this is anything but a simple call-up as it stands right now. I don't think the Oilers are showcasing Schremp in the time that Nilsson is away, frankly because I just don't think he has any value. Maybe as a toss in somewhere along the line, but all Rob Schremp has shown so far that he is a very good AHL player, it would take an extended stay with the Oilers, with some good success/point production to make him a sought-after commodity.

  • Ender the Dragon

    "Robert Nilsson is out with what the Oilers are calling an "upper body" injury and Gilbert Brule, the other leading candidate to be airlifted in from Springfield, has the flu. So, ready or not, here [Schremp]comes."

    I agree that Schremp would be a throw-in on just about any deal made; he's worth a lot more to the fans in Edmonton than to any General Manager in the league.

    I found it interesting that Brule has the flu; that did indeed get me wondering. Would Brule have been the preferred call-up had he been healthy? And if so, will this twist of fate lead management to showcase Schremp by chance when they might otherwise have been content to let him languish in Springfield?

  • Bob

    Shremp is an important throw-in if he is part of a trade. One thing that teams like to get in a trade is something to make the fans happy. I can just imagine fans in Washington or wherever finding Robbi's youtube collection for the first time and getting all excited about him. A throw in like this allows a GM to make an unpopular trade look good.

  • Cam

    "Kinda like how Staios continues to turn the puck over, take bad penalties, and fail to pick up his man down low and still gets minutes he doesn’t deserve?"

    Staios earned his ice time years ago, and so he gets some slack from the coach. He also battles hard each and every shift. He may not be the most skilled guy, but he leaves everything on the ice.

    Besides, I don't think he has been so terrible this year, just not as good as last year (like most of the team). Staios admitted he was trying to do too much and has to simplify his game. If a guy like Steve Staios is expected to do too much it wrecks his game. That is probably why we saw a dropoff from last year. The effort is always there with Staios.

  • swany

    Marty York reporting that a major trade is in the works for the Oilers, maybe Schremp could be part of the package and the other team wants to see him play, the only reason I say this is because we need someone to put the puck in the net ie Putolny (sp) 10 goals to Robbie's 1.

  • Fiveandagame

    This is what I said immediately after the St.Louis game.

    "Fiveandagame Says:
    November 29th, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    Schremp will only come up if Nilsson or Gags or Cogs is hurt. Too similar in their style of play."

    Wow even I am surprised at this one. Not that it takes a genius to figure that out but, wow. I must have been learning something from these Brownlee Blogs. Schremp filling in on the LW on the 2nd line is a natural fit. You're asking an offensive player to come in and play offensive. JW is right, if he draws into the lineup on the second line, this is the best opportunity to showcase his ability. No sense calling Robbie "showtime" Shremp up to grind on your fourth line, that makes about as much sense as putting Pisani at center or Smid on right wing…..wait….

  • Jonathan Willis


    That's the same Marty York who reported the Oilers were trying to sign Peter Forsberg two years ago, right?

    I hope it's true, but I wouldn't take his word for it.

  • Ender the Dragon

    swany Says:
    Marty York reporting that a major trade is in the works for the Oilers.

    Marty York writes:
    December 02, 2008 01:00
    Brace yourself for a major shakeup involving the Edmonton Oilers.

    NHL sources told Metro yesterday the Oilers are poised to complete a significant trade and/or fire coach Craig MacTavish, likely this week.

    “They (the Oilers) have come nowhere close to what they expected to be this season and (club chief) Kevin Lowe is extremely annoyed,” an NHL source said. “Kevin’s just about ready to pull the trigger.”

    Like Marty is sharing any real big news here. Anybody who reads ON could have figured out everything that Marty said on their own weeks ago, and we knew a trade was probable last week.

    Besides, Paul, Owner of Kukla's Korner, notes:

    ". . . if I recall previous stories from Mr. York, not many have come true."

    Nothing to get excited about yet, kiddies.

  • Jonathan Willis

    Ender: Thanks for that.

    Whenever a source predicts a trade/firing, it's obviously speculation rather than inside knowledge. Someone with inside knowledge would know which way it was going to go.

  • RobinB

    EVERYBODY: Let's nip this bit of gossip in the bud right here . . .

    I talked to a member of the Oilers management at 2:30 and was told in no uncertain terms the Oilers do not have a deal, minor or significant, on the table. It's simply not true. There have been discussions, as you'd expect and as I mentioned in the Schremp piece, about whether a deal might need to be done, but that's a long way from having a trade sitting there ready to go.

    As for MacTavish, I was told again that Daryl Katz, as I've written already, has made it clear to people within the organization he is in MacT's corner and he isn't going anywhere.
    As you all know, that sentiment was also repeated by Steve Tambellini last week. I trust this source.

    Marty York is guessing and speculating on both fronts. Nothing more.

  • Wanye Gretz

    Per Robin's last post. It's terribly depressing when we are having all the fun of "making stuff up" about what's going to happen and then Robin goes and ruins all our fun by actually calling people who know exactly what's going on and asks them "what's going on?" and then they tell him.

    Breaking news. Squashing rumors. What's next?