GDB 25: Regicide at 8:30

It seems that at least one King is ready to rumble tonight. But let’s be honest, the rest of his cohorts ain’t what they used to be, are they? What was that year they weren’t terrible… ‘93? Yeah, then. The Oil aren’t exactly blinding citizens of the Nation with their brilliance either but what the hell — it’s Friday and just like 10 gamblers playing VLTs, someone has to win tonight.

Gagner – out. He’s taken a blow to the head and is going to sit out. Pouliot will take his spot on KidLine 2.0 with Cogliano and the new hotness Rob Schremp. Perhaps the Schrempian One can make Pouliot score again and shock the hell out of both members of the M-A Pouliot fan club.

Speaking of making a zero look like a hero, what is the deal with the LaBarbera being the real deal against the Oil and only the Oil? This goof has a 4-6-1 record this season with a sparkling 1-3-1 in the past six starts. Against the Oil he is a perfect 4-0-0 with a 1.00 GAA. Buh? Zuh? SNUH? Impossibly the Kings are 4-1-1 in their last six games vs the Oilers and 2-0-2 in the last four in LA.

Uh, what? That don’t make no sense. What does make sense is running a few through on a Friday night and watching some hockey.

Right, Elvis Stormtrooper?


  • Fiveandagame

    GAME DAY……..YEAH!…..frickin game day….New website, new comment features…FRICKEN GAME DAY!!!!!

    How quickly do you think Eric Cole is going to be bumped up onto the line with Schremp and Cogliano?

  • Fiveandagame

    Fiveandagame wrote:

    GAME DAY……..YEAH!…..frickin game day….New website, new comment features…FRICKEN GAME DAY!!!!!
    How quickly do you think Eric Cole is going to be bumped up onto the line with Schremp and Cogliano?

    Well 5&aG I too feel your enthusiasm for tonights game and I also like the added comment features.

    I believe midway through the second period Eric Cole will be put on a line centered by Cogliano with Schremp on the LW.

  • Fiveandagame

    @ Fiveandagame:

    Yeah these added comment features are great. I have to also echo FAAG's enthusiasm for the game and think that at some point in the second period Schremp and Cole will be playing together.

    Booya, GAME DAY!

  • Wanye Gretz

    Sweet! Can we interview ourselves on here now?

    Wanye: Hey Wanye, are you basically the most thugged out G around?

    Wanye: I'd have to say so, but let's ask a random passer by. Excuse me Sir. Who is the most gangster thugg you have ever seen?

    Wanye: (passing by) Why I'd have to say you are stranger.

    Wanye: Decent.

    *fires gun in air in best Burressian fashion*

  • I Am The Law

    *hoses Fiveandagame down*

    Settle there lad. 'Tis a long night ahead of us…

    Though I felt a bit better when I read that Gagner is out. Am I a bad person? (though I'd rather hear that he was sent to the minors, because I wish injury upon no one)

  • Fiveandagame

    @ I Am The Law:

    good call Mr. Law…It's a hour and forty five after beer O'clock here, so's you can see how I'd be a little charged up…..So roger that, switching to light beer.

  • I Am The Law

    Brule's coming up too? Holy hell!! Well 5&aG, since I'm on Eastern time as well, maybe I'll put down my hose and join you in some pre-game reveille… (wait, that really doesn't sound right, does it…)

  • Fiveandagame

    @ I Am The Law:

    Things are looking good in OILER NATION aren't they.

    Oh and Mr.LAW? Thank you for abbreviating my name to 5&aG. You see follow poster Hockey God pointed out a few games ago that you can also abbreviate Fiveandagame to FAAG….so yeah thanks for not doing that…it's a rather unfortunate abbreviation.

    so anyway…..GAME DAY!

  • Fiveandagame

    does like everybody else have like a life or something? Where the snap has everybody gone? Or are you all now off work and have stopped wasting company time on the old ON website?

    Man…i guess it is still two hours until game time…sigh….game day…..

  • I Am The Law

    @ Fiveandagame:

    I recall the back-and-forth between you and Hockey God (or HoGo, which I believe was your response…). I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while. As I am sadly humour-deficient, I live vicariously through the JL.

    And come on JL! I'm posting as I am writing an exam (ok, so it's a takehome, but nevertheless!), so you should all be on your Blackberries, Internets, Etch-A-Sketches, or Lite-Brites, getting ready to cheer the Oil on and helping them give Lowetide his 7-1 run before Christmas!!

    Less than two hours to go! Hang in there 5&aG!

  • I was living vicariously through NHL 09. And apparentely the management in that game is just as dumb as it is in real life, as they've just traded away Kimo Timonen, who was second in scoring for my D-men, for ol Alex Steen. Great job digital Tambo!

  • Fiveandagame

    GAWD damn it…of all the nights to be called into work….it better be a real emergency thats all I'm sayin….Enjoy the game JL go easy on the new site, no sense crashing it on the first game,


  • jim

    Sing A Song For SingSing wrote:

    Final score 3-2 LA.
    Gonna be an ugly f*cking game I predict.
    ps – operation *reverse curse* is in effect.

    I like the way you think.

    I predict 22-0 Kings with all 3 Oiler tenders getting time in the net.