Staple em to your feet

Otherwise your socks might get blown right off.

Like the Mighty Oil themselves – we are closing in on a New Era. There are some small things that need to be touched up but here you go Nation – this is what a better tomorrow looks like. Metallic dolphins mightily jumping into the sky, an armada of ships cruising peacefully as the sun sets into a purple twilight. Did we mention that baggedmilk slipped us some of his acid and we sat up watching the awesome developer launch the site until the wee hours of the morn?

What say you via instant message baggedmilk?

As I ponder moonbeams and sunrises, Shawn Van Allen and sloppy seconds my vision becomes clear as though I am somehow using Horcoff’s wolf vision. I see visions of grandeur, a nation rejoicing and all the wisdom of Brownlee and Gregor bursting forth like a mighty oak eminating from the ground. As a new era of a thin Dustin Penner and permanent roster spot for Schremp flashes vividly before my eyes, never have I imagined such potential and beauty. Ladies and gentlemen, the new OilersNation has arrived.

*dead silence*

Er…. yeah.

She’s 90% done Nation. RSS Feeds, digg it, digg that, technocrati something something. A search function, better navigation and the ability to sort by author. This may mean the very end of anyone reading yours truly – but if you go up to ‘voices of the nation’ you will see you can pick your favorite author and read all his or her stuff.

Your blessed edit button is coming next week – but we will warn you we will all have to log in now before we can make comments. Its the only way to make an edit function go. Personally we hate having to sign up for sites – but what you say goes around here. This is why we are also discontinuing the weekly ‘Sexist rants by Rusty Trombone” column.

Whatever you say goes.


Oh yeah! Before we forget and pass out on the floor you will see that we now have the ability to display a blogroll. It’s currently a little grey box cleverly labelled ‘blogroll.’ If you would like to be added to our BlogRollV1 (there is a different version coming) please email us at – include the name of your blog, the URL and who you think would win in a knife fight between K-Lowe and Tambo. Winning entries get a spot in the blogroll. Losing entries – chemical neutering!


They sentence OJ today! Could this be the best day ever?? Yes. Yes it could.

  • bingofuel

    The Towel Boy wrote:

    @ bingofuel:
    Relax dude…it was sarcasm from the get go. Perhaps you could impliment a sarcastic tone button. As I have no real suggestion that you’re not already doing, or planning to do, anyway.

    No YOU relax! Seriously, I have my dress on. Where's the hula hoop?

  • freeze

    @ Dana:
    sounds wicked, thanks!!

    exceptional job and turnaround on the site. well done.

    David S wrote:

    So I must be the only guy here using a MAC and Firefox 3.
    Switched over to Safari and all that is holy has been revealed. Nice job boys. But can you see about that Firefox compatibility in the next round of revisions?

    say what now? FF + 10.5.5 here and all looks smooth. I do have Adblocker disabled tho.

  • MJ

    1011011 wrote:

    MJ wrote:

    And oh ya, 1996 called — they want that tacky title page back.
    Uh hey MJ – called and wishes it was made as recently as 1996.

    Do write me your detailed UI review and mail to As always, oilfans has been a work in progress with many many ideas supplied to me over the years. I am simply a humble slave to hundreds of active members. We did our last tweaks for the 30th season back in October. There are more items on the list the lazy coder (me) just hasn't gotten to yet — like the glaringly bad omission of goaltender stats in our transaction and stats database for one.