GDB 26: Danger in the Shark tank

Regarding last night’s game over the Kings. Um, what exactly was the plan there MacT?

Step 1: Score three goals.
Step 2: Gas three goal lead surrendering four straight.
Step 3: Score stirring goal with 12 mins remaining to tie the game.
Step 4: Have Schremp go in the shootout – get 56 alarm robbed by LaBarbera
Step 5: Send in Hemsky to destroy everything.

Repeat as necessary

So what exactly is the plan for tonight? The Oil head into San Jose – who has collected an amazing 16 wins in only 12 games at home this year. The nice thing about tonight? The Oil really have no business winning in SJ so there is no pressure on them. The really nice thing about tonight? The Oil historically have this habit of winning games they have no business winning. Take gassing that 3 goal lead last night then still pulling it out.

And before we start planning the party for Schremp we will continue to reserve judgment. He looked all kinds of awesome again last night — going so far as to ditch his lid on the one goal in tribute to Coach MacTavish. We can literally hear the “I told you sos” being screamed at the TVs all over the Nation every time Schremp collects a point. We are waiting a few more before we make our decision on how real his realness is.

It touches our heart

The Justice League meeting was a little sparse last night — and that’s perfectly fine. Cause you know that everyone who wasn’t in attendance at the JL meeting was out on the town and watching the game somewhere and there in spirit. You just know that the JL is out there on the town all over Canada running beers through them. It’s the holidays for heavens sake. We need to be able to bring the JL on the move with us somehow — and we have a team of scientists thinking about how that would work. In the meantime let the good times roll.

Oh yeah

And there’s this.

Just one of the first three designs hot off the presses. Now if you will excuse us, we are building our online store whilst watching us some hockey.
Go Oil
Schremp Watch: 2 GP 0 G 3 A 3 Pts