Phaneuf Is enough

Sean Avery won’t be returning to the Dallas Stars after his six game suspension. I find it humorous that if he is picked up by another team that he, himself, will become “sloppy seconds”. Irony, thy name is Avery

Personally I think this whole situation has been blown out of proportion. Although, I wish I had “Cuthbert Power.” There are a few men I would like to see have their worlds turned upside down for saying nasty things about me. 

It’s being said that the conduct and comment made by Avery was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The powers-that-be were sure to see him made into an example. Good for them; there’s enough drama in the world without turning the NHL into a Mark Burnett reality show. 

Avery doesn’t have a squeaky clean image at the best of times. Might I remind you of a certain Manhattan Madam who was fortunate enough to have Mr Avery’s mobile number. A little suspicious? Perhaps. On the other hand Elisha Cuthbert has a textbook reputation as a “puck bunny.” The NHL draft is her dating tool. And her porn.

In my humble opinion, Avery received a swift kick to the ego. He’s a man scorned. Regardless, his behaviour was childish. 

In closing, Phaneuf is better looking anyway. 

  • Steele


    Thank you.


    So, you get it. Talk Hockey & you are "in bounds" slag fans (me) and you are "out of bounds." So, F-u for calling my Mom a whore 🙂 – even if she is one.

    Wayne & Shakey,

    You need to turn the T.V. off & manufacture a life. My nose is fine & your T.V. is your fake girlfriend that you are cheting on behing your right hand's back.


  • Gord

    @ Steele:
    That's some top notch comebacks. Everyone beware not to piss off Steele!
    What Avery said is tame in comparison to what is said each and every day on TV. If Cuthbert was some 'average home town girl' this situation would never have been brought up since the reaction Avery was looking for wouldn't be there. It's only because Cuthbert is a celeb that this means anything as we all know to whom he is referring. Honestly, with Spears, Hilton and Lohan showing their cooter every second night, 'sloppy seconds' is far from offensive.

  • shakey

    Well that resolves this…'cheting on behing'. She got us Wayne.
    Do they spell things differently on the teleprompter at Global? I comment on someone that may or may not be a tv personality in Edmonton and the response is 'You need to turn the T.V. off & manufacture a life.'? Turn off the tv, really? If this the real lady of Steele that's an odd comment seeing…how…you're…on…tv. Don't worry sister, I still watch you and Gord every night and your nose doesn't need to be out of joint over this, see what I did there?

  • baggedmilk wrote:

    @ Hoodlum:
    THANK YOU! Finally, someone else that finds it as funny as I do. I wish I could watch Sean Avery in anger management class, it would be hilarious. He’s not angry, he’s just an asshole.

    Now that's a reality show! Like celebrity rehab. But lamer.

  • Chief

    Hoodlum wrote:

    HAHAHAHA, it’s even funnier know because the last time I used the word “DIMWIT” the phrase sloppy seconds wasn’t even coined yet and your mom was still just refered to as the whore your dads best friends nailed before him

    That is just awesome! Freaking hilarious!
    What pisses me off is Avery gets six games for a remark that is only moderately offensive, and Bettman can call a press conference and outright LIE that all 30 franchises are financially healthy. Who is a better role model? Avery who has the sense of humour of a twelve year old boy or Bettman the lying liar? The suspension is a joke. Bettman should thank Avery for the publicity and reminding places like Pheonix and Atlanta that the NHL still exists. Fire Bettman already.

  • Everybody jumping in here eager to defend Sean Avery – why? I understand the whole "his comment wasn't outrageous enough to deserve a 6-game suspension", but as for defending his character, good grief.

    There are plenty of fun anecdotes floating around, but this one is my favorite. Read the whole thing, please. Highlights include:

    – Profanity laced attacks on Islanders GM Garth Snow as Rangers teammate Brendan Shanahan tries to get Avery to leave
    – Shouted racial slurs at Ted Nolan
    – Embarrassed teammates and Rangers brass apologizing left right and centre for Avery's antics

    Maybe everyone here has forgotten George Laraque's accustaions leveled at Avery. It's a he-said/he-said sort of thing, but Laraque's level of class/integrity is so far beyond Avery's that I think we can take him at his word.

    The real shame is that hockey culture permits someone like Avery to get away with things for as long as he did. His remarks regarding Cuthbert were tame in comparison to the things he's said over and over throughout his entire NHL career – he doesn't belong in the league, hell, he probably doesn't belong in the game of hockey. Frankly, if I'm the commissioner, the first chance I get I suspend him as long as I can, whether or not he deserves it, because he's a joke. Taken in context, six games was light.

    As for Cuthbert, it really is guilt by association. If you want to date Sean Avery, you probably deserve the baggage that comes with it.

  • BOb

    Ok, do you want to know how bad of an influence Avery is in a dressing room, you only need to know one thing – "The Dallas Stars are willing to pay him millions to not play!" There has never been a case like this in history. It has nothing to do with what he said. If it were about decorum, he would play, but they hate him in the room so much….he will get paid to sit.

    WOW, they are suggesting that even AHL teams wont take him even though they could get a pretty good NHLer for little cost. That shows you what the Avery affect is.