GDB 29: A plea to Santa

In honor of tonight’s game against the Blackhawks we are going to go out on a limb here and do something we don’t ordinarily do: give you Jason Gregor’s Visa number. 

No wait. It’s the holidays. We won’t do that.

What we will do is ask Santa for a different present this year. The past seven Christmases it has been the same thing over and over again: Deliver us Natalie Portman with a memory wiped clean of any other life than being Mrs. Wanye Gretz.

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But this year it is a different matter altogether. This year Santa — in your infinite wisdom as the God of Presents -– bring us four more winsies prior to the Christmas Break will you?

Yes Santa, we know and tremble before your might and power. We know we have angered you by not getting the NationStore up before Christmas thus disabling your ability to bring T-shirts to all the Citizens of the Nation who have demanded them under the tree. Still, we feel that we have behaved this year and really only need the following to be delivered for our lives to be complete:

Dec 16: Blackhawks – WIN
Dec 17: Canucks – WIN
Dec 19: Ducks – WIN
Dec 22: Coyotes – WIN

If you can find this in your magic sack (that’s what she said) the Oil could go into Xmas in 18-12-2. Wouldn’t that be some a Christmas Miracle?

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Oh and…

Don’t forget about our new contest either Nation.

Taking pictures of the game day experience all around the Nation and winning a $75 Hudson’s Gift Certificate for the best pictures of the month.

We had a bunch of entries yesterday from locations as far flung as Arizona and Okotoks, AB. Okotoks, Nation! A city so environmentally friendly that they recycle everything including their Christmas wishes! Reading the Nation! Will wonders ever cease?

Now normally most of our photos that end up on the internet involve ‘boudoir photography’ of the lowest quality. But tonight, we are going to be in attendance at Rexall tonight and we have two goals:

  1. Run a few dozen beers through us
  2. Take a picture of something funny

Enjoy your sobriety in the press box Mr. Gregor and Mr. Brownlee. We will think of you during the second period when we are on our 7th beer and are trying to remember the name of the Oilers second round draft pick in 1995.


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  • R-DAWG

    a small part of me does feel sorry for Mac-t. He was an oiler that was liked and came back to coach and now his time here is like living in hell and everyone hates him…wouldn't want to be in his shoes right now

  • topshelf

    I know it would've had little affect on the outcome but can someone tell me what exactly Liam Reddox brings to the 4th line that Strudwick doesn't? The 4th line on Saturday was very effective and tonite….not so much.

  • Travis Dakin

    I think the team that won the game NINE to one tonight hit the panic buttom 8 games into the season…. I think hitting that panic button has turned out well for them… no?

  • freeze

    wow, I'm embarrassed to say that I witnessed that game. To be honest it was hard to digest how bad it was, every time I looked up the Blackhawks scored! I still feel dirty.

  • n00b1aNpR1n(355

    I was just thinking about how everyone said, 9 games in, "dont worry, dont hit the panic button" but look at what has happened. When do you hit the panic button? They said it would take 30 games to assess where this team is and 30 games is now over and you are telling me to wait longer MR D. Tencer? (D stands for douche) Dan tencer is just another monkey on the payroll who is paid to say the right things. Fuck this team and its nepotism, it has killed us and led us to this fuckin bullshit.

    Fuck the oilerz – for the time being.

  • Gord

    I had a game myself last night so I missed the game, thankfully. It was painful watching 2 minutes worth of Hawks highlights, I can't imagine watching 60 minutes of them.

    Wakey, wakey Daryl Katzey. Give this FVCKING TEAM A BITCH SLAP. The embarrasment has lasted long enough…

  • Ender the Dragon

    Wayne Gretz wrote:

    This year Santa – in your infinite wisdom as the God of Presents -– bring us four more winsies prior to the Christmas Break will you?

    . . . we feel that we have behaved this year . . .

    Wayne, I knew that last line was crap, but egad man; What the hell did you do that Santa knows about? I think his answer to you was pretty definitive.

  • Hoodlum

    I wanted so much for every player on the Hawks bench to have at least one point, just to add insult to injury. I also think we need to have a Mac T ephigy in front of Rexall, using those god awful 3rd jersey's as lighters.