It began with hand bells

Q: What is the worst Oilers game you have ever seen live?

A: December 16, 2008 — 9-2 vs the Hawks. And this is amazing remembering we had season tickets with Grandma Gretz during the dark years. The really truly dark years circa 1992-1998. In those days the Oil would get blown out most nights. But to be fair they sucked.

These Oilers? We don’t even know what they are anymore. We even felt for MacT after the game. There isn’t a bag skate hard enough to fix this squad. If you’re him and you’ve walked around the dressing room screaming and yelling, you have punched every Oiler directly in the face (Garon twice) then what? It doesn’t really matter how the Oil bounce back tonight against the Canucks. The Oil need a heart transplant, mass firings, mass hirings, every single player mentally reprogrammed, a new arena, a new coach, a new GM, new training staff and a mascot.

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You know what we love?

Being point night for the friggin’ Chicago Blackhawks. Not the Red Wings. The Blackhawks. Not a team like San Jose filled with wily veterans and big ol’ goons. The Blackhawks — a fellow squad also filled with punk assed 19-to-21 year olds. Thing is, the punks in Hawks jerseys were laughing and celebrating after every goal like it was a WHL intrasquad scrimmage, while our little friends in Copper and Blue were thinking only of getting in to Diesel Ultra Lounge later in the night. 

Well done Oilers you have truly embarrassed yourselves. And on Handbell Anthem Night to boot.

To be fair

To be fair the first seven goals were suspect. Really they could have gone either way. Right.

To be fair most fans really aren’t that upset this morning. See everyone had cleared the hell out of Dodge as soon as the 50-50 was announced. Like seriously everyone. And the millions watching at home were probably long gone by the time the score was in the books too. Only the JL kept ‘er goin all night long. Bless their hearts.

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To be fair Liam Reddox had an assist. You’ll forgive us if we wouldn’t give two shits if Liam Reddox woke up this morning and decided to never play another game of hockey ever again. There is nothing more heart breaking than listening to the remaining 45 per cent of the RX1 crowd cheering their hearts out for the 9-2 goal.

Only bright spots

The pictures from the game last night are pouring in from Citizens of the Nation. Apparently there were some folks that managed to keep their eyes open and dinners in their stomachs long enough to send their ol’ pal Wanye some great snaps. Keep them comin’ to [email protected]. We will have some up later in the day.

The most interesting thing on the whole night was finding out a friend of our co-worker once hooked up with 50 Cent.  Something about living in Washington and something something 50 Cent met her and bingo bango. Normally we would lead with news of this magnitude but today, well we just don’t have it in us.

There. You finally broke us Oilers. Thanks.

Game tonight.


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  • Hoodlum

    I hope this will spark a fued between Vancouver and Chicago. I want to hear Quennville make a comment about Vancouver now having a turn at Chicago's "sloppy seconds" and hilarity will ensue, because we all need something to laugh at on this sombre morning. On the flipside, the Oilers should play a decent game tonight seeing as they haven't played since Saturday

  • Big Deal

    Wow, amazingly awful. Oddly, it was not the young players that looked the worst. Souray, Moreau, Horcoff, Hemsky,Cole, Staios (dear god) were terrible. Souray did a great screen on Garon on the first goal and Moreau did his best to out do Souray on the second. How about blocking shots or get out of the way? That PP is terrible and not just last night, the whole bloody season. MacT, time to make some changes because lord knows you are not going anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Red Tide

    I think I need to find better things to do with my time then follow this team. This is hopeless. Things is, it seems as though no matter how bad it gets the Oil brass wont make changes.

    Why do we even care anymore? They dont seem to…

  • OvenChicken8

    For a brief second last night I cheered. It was for the Oilers second goal of the night, and I have never heard 1000 fans scream so loud! Then as quick as the goal was scored the cheering ended when we all looked up to the all mighty scoreboard and saw that it wasn't a 2-2 game, it was a 9-2 game. The last time I was this depressed over an Oilers game, Erik Cole had just won a Cup.


  • OvenChicken8

    Big Deal wrote:

    , it was not the young players that looked the worst. Souray, Moreau, Horcoff, Hemsky,Cole, Staios (dear god) were terrible. Souray did a great screen on Garon on the first goal and Moreau did his best to out do Souray on the second. How about blocking shots or get out of the way? That PP is terrible and not just last night, the whole bloody season. MacT, time to make some changes because lord knows you are not going anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have to love how Stortini, Pouliot and Reddox were a +1. + friggen 1!

  • Milli

    I don't even know who this friggin team is anymore…We got no sandpaper, none, zero, ziltch. We've got one guy who can score, one. Ya, occasionally someone else gets in on the act, but realy, we are a one pony show. (I ain't a schremp lover) but, he got sent down, probaly watched the next one coast around all night??? Why, dear god, why is Ganger still logging any minutes??? People want to crap all over Poo, well folks….Nuff said. I lost more money last night, got big money already on the game tonight, I'm gonna have to become a 3 dollar whore soon to pay my gambling debts. Fire MacT"? no, fire Klo, then MacT….

  • The curse of the retro-third jersey continues. Thank god they will be wearing them again on FRIDAY!!!

    The new Oilers 3rd will be worn 14 times including the Home Opener against Colorado on October 12, against all of the original six team when they visit Rexall Place , the Glenn Anderson celebration on January 18th and for the Oilers annual ‘Shirts Off Our Backs” charity game December 19th.

    What a gawd-awful game to attend, if it wasn't for the $50 of 50/50 tickets I would have been out of there early.

  • Lubo71

    Milli wrote:

    @ Lubo71:
    Are you serious?

    Dead serious. Perhaps we should look to the new GM who has yet to do anything since being hired. Lowe is becoming an ambassador for the team more than anything and I think he is fantastic in that capacity.

    The problem is on the ice.

  • Retro-Third Jersey Record 08/09

    Sunday, October 12 Colorado Avalanche Season Opener – Win
    Monday, October 27 Boston Bruins Original Six team – Loss
    Thursday, November 13 Toronto Maple Leafs Original Six team – Loss
    Thursday, November 20 Detroit Red Wings Original Six team – Loss
    Tuesday, December 16 Chicago Blackhawks Original Six team – Embarassing Loss

    Friday, December 19 Anaheim Ducks Shirts Off Our Backs Night
    Saturday, January 3 Dallas Stars CBC HNIC game
    Sunday, January 18 Phoenix Coyotes Glenn Anderson Jersey Retirement
    Tuesday, February 3 Chicago Blackhawks Original Six team
    Wednesdsay, February 11 Montreal Canadiens Original Six team
    Saturday, February 21 Calgary Flames Hockey Day In Canada
    Saturday, March 14 Colorado Avalanche CBC HNIC game
    Sunday, March 24 Detroit Red Wings Original Six team
    Saturday, April 4 Vancouver Canucks CBC HNIC game

  • Cam


    No GM's have done anything around the league. It takes two to tango, and I am sure that Tambo has no desire to be fleeced for the sake of doing "something".

    It is clear that something needs to be done, but it better be a smart move, not just a move done for the sake of doing something.

  • Lubo71

    @ Cam:

    Part of me agrees with you. My original point to Milli was just that firing Lowe wouldn't be appropriate if we were looking for a fix on the ice.

    But your point about no one doing anything is well taken. I bet the economy has more to do with that than any fan cares to consider. Trading away 3 million in salaries for a 7 million dollar player is probably not on too many GMs radar right now.

  • shakey

    The high-lite of the game for me was when I had to stop looking at the TV to change my daughters dirty diaper. Normally it is the worst thing I smell all day but thanks to Mac T's 'challenging for the division' Oilers it was a nice break from that crap on the ice. If there is a Mac T legacy it's that he has no clue how to achieve consistancy. How can the same team play so well one night and play the worst hockey in decades 3 nights later? We'll probably lose our next 3 or 4 and the 'heads will roll' talk will gain more speed then we will win a couple and all will be well again in OilerLand. Crap this team is frustrating!

  • Milli

    @ Lubo71:
    The problem is the team that Klo has compiled. What is there identity? Soft, slow, no hands??? 3 goalies. Letting GlennX, Reasoner and stolly go? Our PK is a discrace, well, guess who was at it last year???? We need a few less small forwards, we need desperatley some tem toughness and 1, just 1 guy with hands. These are Klo's responsibility (as he said when tambo was hired, he is still THE GUY).

  • Ryan

    Was at game last night. Wondering if anyone else noticed bickering between Cole and Nillson in warmup. At the beginning Nilsson fired puck at cole and he looked royally pissed and yelled something. Then at the end Cole pretty much threw a check at him and slashed his stick out of his hands. Not to mention that Cole and Garon looked completely disinterested last night. Maybe MacT hasn't lost the team, but it wouldn't surprise me if those two stopped listening…

  • Amber McCormick

    The only thing that made me smile last night, in any way, was a comment made during the commentary "Garon couldn't see it. The only thing he saw was Moreau's backside". I can think of worse things, I suppose.
    I just feel used and abandoned. Like a prom night dumpster baby.

  • Jason Gregor

    No boys…this is far from the worst game in Oiler history…Actually the best game in Oiler history came on Feb 12, 1984…The greatest song in sports history, THE BRASS BONANZA, rained down 11 times as my Hartford Whalers crushed the Oilers 11-0…Glen Sather was spitting teeth after that one…If you are a believer in history, three months later the Oilers won their first Stanley Cup. If it wasn't for my Whalers humiliating the Oilers who knows if they would have won their first Cup. They won eight straight after that crushing defeat, and went 18-4 in their final 22 games. Then they went 15-4 in the playoffs.

    The true judge of this team's character will be how they respond tonight and for the next few months. We'll see if they have any sort of gonads tonight!!! Man I love the Brass Bonanza…IF you haven't heard it, tune in at exactly 3:01 today…because it will be played often….

  • RBK

    BUCK75 wrote:

    @ Jason Gregor:
    I was thinking of you when Tencer & Corey mentioned this last night on way home from the debacle. Hartford…who woulda thunk it?

    Thunk what?

  • Wanye Gretz

    The most shocking stat I have ever read:

    The franchise record for worst home ice goal differential in a loss is a three way tie – with the Oil losing by seven goals on home ice three seperate times in 1992, 1995 and 2008.

    All three losses come at the hands of the Blackhawks.

    *second shotgun blast*

  • @ RBK:

    The Whalers were hardly a powerhouse that season…

    The Whalers show slight improvement but finish in last place again with a 28-42-10 record, missing the playoffs for the 4th year in a row.

    This day in Whalers history…

    PS – Brass Bonanza

  • Calgoil

    Couldn't beleive Poo celebrating his goal as much as he did. Game was gone at that point and he acted like he just put them in the playoffs. "Hey everyone, I just scored a meaningless goal in a humiliating game, let's party".

  • Cam

    Let's take a step back everyone. If you try really hard you can see that this whole season has been kind of funny.

    Remember what everyone was saying about the team this summer, then think about what has happened.

    First, Hemsky is leading the team in shots. Pardon? Hemsky? You do mean Ales right? On pace for thirty goals? really?

    Then think about the three goaltender situation and tell me that people really thought Garon was going to be the weak link. I sure didn't, but he is.

    In the summer Souray and Moreau were a waste of money since gritty players were a dime a dozen. I don't think anyone wants to lose more grittiness on this team.

    I read milli's post just now where he was sad about Stoll and reasoner being gone. Stoll? Reasoner? I liked those guys and I actually agree with a lot that Milli says here, but I did not imagine I would read that this year.

    The kids were untouchable in the off season. The future of the franchise. The sun rises and sets on Gagner's sweet little ol' cheek. Everyone was saying that he should be on the first line. If anyone had suggested trading any of the kids in the off season they would have been linched. Now all of them are a liability.

    Penner is getting a point a game the last month (what!?!)

    Cole was the guy with hands that was supposed to convert Hemsky and Gagners sweet passes. He was the man with a will to get to the net and score a goal. Now is a third line plugger…

    And Horcoff. Mighty Horcoff who last year was on pace for thirty goals and seemed to see the ice as well as Hemsky (there is a reason he went to the all star game). Where did he go?

    Please tell me this is just a really bad joke on Oilers fans. It's seems to be too funny to be anything else.

    Each Summer the Oil acquire someone who is capable of thirty goals to play with Hemsky and every year we are dissappointed.

    2008 – Cole (tried for Hossa)
    2007 – Penner (tried for Vanek)
    2006 – Lupul (although at this time we had Smyth)
    2005 – Peca (I never did get that one, but it was the intent to have him on line #1).
    2004 – summer before lockout

    Will it ever end? Or will the stars align and we will hear a mighty roar from Rexall, like that of a great engine starting, and then then kids start scoring and gaolies start stopping and the PK starts killing and the world will be as it should be.

    Let it be so…

  • Wanye Gretz wrote:

    The most shocking stat I have ever read:
    The franchise record for worst home ice goal differential in a loss is a three way tie – with the Oil losing by seven goals on home ice three seperate times in 1992, 1995 and 2008.
    All three losses come at the hands of the Blackhawks.
    *second shotgun blast*

    That is crazy. I wonder what the stats say about the game after the 7 goal loss at the hands of the Hawks…

    I just wish that they would have shown some piss & vinegar in the third period. You are getting $hit-Kicked & all they did was curl up in the fetal position like a bear was mauling them.

  • Jason Gregor

    @ BUCK75:
    Nov 27, 1992 Hawks win 8-1…next night OIlers win 4-3 in OT over Tampa Bay ( Home game)

    Feb 01, 1995 Hawks win 7-0.. Two nights later Oilers win 5-3 over Leafs (Home game)

    We will see if history repeats itself

  • Reggie

    All I have to say is … I'm glad this isn't a home and home series with the Hawks … it might have been back to back slaughters for the Cooper and Blue … LMAO