Nation crashes — Coyotes burn

We aren’t quite what happened yesterday on the nation. In speaking with our server support desk — located in a very distant country staffed by very indifferent workers — it seems it went like this: “something something too much data, something something bigger server needed something something crashed.”

Allow us to translate this into English: old web hosting company soon to be canned even though it’s Christmas.

As we understand it in talking with the new web developer -– who remains aces -– we are getting too big for your garden variety server. Translation: all the traffic of late has crashed our hosting company’s server twice in the past week.

So onwards and upwards we go to our own dedicated server.

Real News

First, if it means the Oilers would win every night we would gladly close the OilersNation down forever, smash all our computers to bits and burn down NationHQ. If that’s all it took for the Oil to turn it around, we would do it in a heart beat and rejoice that we were able to find the secret to success. That was actually a great hockey game last night. There was hitting, fighting, a few scores, some cheering, loud noises and a scoreboard.

Basically everything we like to see we saw:

  • The beating Strudwick laid on Carcillo? Wow. He hit him so hard his credit score changed. That will teach you to fight someone with reach a foot longer than yours, Danny boy.
  • Pouliot having the presence of mind to make a drop pass, get hit, stay on his feet, stay watching the puck then pot a beauty of a goal? It makes the mind positively spin, doesn’t it?
  • The Hemsky pass across the crease to Cogliano was pretty tidy as well. Not too many peeps make that pass now, do they?

Can we just say how much we missed the JL meeting? For reals. Unless you are at the game or in a bar, the JL makes the game so much more interesting. Who could hear all our witticisms? Our friends? Who cares about them. We don’t in the least.

Two Random Oilers factoids:

  • fIVE players on pace to crack 20 goals this season
  • 30th in the league in scoring at home

And lastly

The Oilers signed Ryan Huddy.

How wonderful! It’s good to see that we have given up any pretense that the Oilers are anything beyond a work placement centre for former Oilers players and their family members. The geniuses passed on Drew Stafford, having turned up their noses and said “he’s merely related to the trainer. That’s hardly worth a draft pick never mind his stats.”

These same rocket surgeons have now decided that there aren’t enough small forwards in the system and it’s time to add another to the mix. Perhaps the Oil have enough small forwards already. Or perhaps we have missed each and every Oilers game this year so we don’t know about all the secret grit this team is packing up front. That must be it.

Seriously, what is Craig Muni’s third cousin doing these days? Perhaps the Oil could offer him a one-way goaltending contract. There aren’t enough of them hanging around that’s for sure.