Evaluating the defence pairings

In the post below I examine the match-ups that each set of forwards and defence met against Phoenix. We’ve seen enough of the defence pairings to have a bit of a track record, so I thought I’d compare the pairings MacTavish/Huddy are rolling out now


GDB 32: Phx v Edm

You’ll forgive us if we aren’t exactly wetting our pants in anticipation of the game tonight.


End of Bobby?

We don’t know for sure that Friday marked the beginning of the end of Robert Nilsson’s days as a member of the Edmonton Oilers, but it sure sounded like it to listen to coach Craig MacTavish.


GDB31: Prayer to Santa II

On GDB29 we now famously prayed to Santa – the God of all presents and good things happening around the holidays for a foursome of wins.


Re-thinking the left side

After questioning what exactly was going through the mind of Craig MacTavish to even contemplate putting Dustin Penner back on the RW, it seems that MacT has come to his senses.