GDB 37: No threats on horizon

When we got our tickets to tonight’s game we told ourselves “we will witness a win at RX1 this weekend come hell or high water.” And we guarantee that this will be the case. See, we went to our first Oil Kings game last night and witnessesd what (we remember to be) a 4-1 win. And it was during this game that it became apparent that the Oil Kings staff are working their collective butts off to provide an entertaining evening for their fans.

Prize giveaways, a mascot and an awesome funky fresh dance break once a period where everyone gets to stand up and Vogue their hearts out. That’s some gangster shiz. Oh and did we mention baby races?


It was pretty much as it sounds. 8 babies on a special baby racing track on the ice during the first intermission. The winner got a $500 Baby Gift Certificate or something from ATB. Probably the best display of athleticism we have seen at RX1 since the beer vendor fell down three steps in our section in 2007 and didn’t spill a drop of beer (true story.) Unlike falling beer vendor 2007, Baby Races 2008 were rigged – given half a chance your ol’ pal Wanye could have destroyed the baby that eventually crawled his way to victory.


You may be asking yourself “why on Earth is Wanye telling me about all of this garbage?” For a simple reason Nation. The Oil Kings charged people like $3.46 per ticket and they tried their damndest to put on a good show. Skating, shooting, scoring, cheering, dancing, and racing babies. What a night. The Oil are going to be charging hundreds of dollars more tonight and we bet that a lack of racing babies won’t be the only thing different between the two games.

What else should we talk about? Hemsky being half dead? The fact that the best player on the team was destroyed by a clown from Nashville and he wasn’t beat within an inch of his life? The fact that little T up there would be viewed as more of a threat than the pop gun offense that the Oil are throwing over the boards these days? The fact that the Oil could potentially win tonight but even that won’t give us enough confidence to scream fearless playoff predictions at the bar later?

The fact that we will still be standing and cheering against all hope because we have rocks in our head?

Want to waste your time with any of that? 

Two teams.

One owner.

One is still trying to entertain the troops during a ball freezing January. The other?

Not so much.

  • B-Rad

    nice game by the Oil…. Crawford was right by saying, when we play a more physical style we are more into the game and seem to out play teams. wierd.

    and if i have to listen to Pierre Maguire say things like "John Tavares has VIRTUOSO skill" again…I will find something sharp to smash my face on.

    vir·tu·o·so (vûrch-s, -z)
    n. pl. vir·tu·o·sos or vir·tu·o·si (-s)
    1. A musician with masterly ability, technique, or personal style.
    2. A person with masterly skill or technique in the arts.

  • Milli

    Great game, and come on, is that all they had to do to improve the pk??? Presure the puck? Man I hope they can roll, got tics for wednesday, wanna see them do some nuck stomping!!!

  • Chris

    @ hockeysmack:
    Lets give credit where credit is due. Last night the Oilers played physical, killed penalties, won faceoffs, and scored on a high ratio of thier oppertunities. Roli was solid but not magical and Souray looked like an All-Star. Even if Turco had been sharper you kind of got the feeling that there was more in the tank. Good win guys…now show me again. If they could play like that consistantly we would be a divisional contender…

  • The Oilers PK

    Oh hey guys what's up. Sorry I am late for the season I was hanging with Stoli in Los Angeles and soaking up the rays and hanging out with super models. And then I headed over to Atlanta for awhile to hang with Marty the Party Sakic and eat some collard greens and fried chicken. Why? Cause it's minus a billion in E-town and those boys know how to treat a PK know what I'm sayin….

    But I am back now so don't worry we won't be letting in fifty goals a game anymore….unless Rachel Hunter calls and then I am outta here b!tches!

  • @ hockeysmack:

    A win is a win, without our leading scorer we manage to put up 4 goals, a couple of tilts & showed some emotion. Seems solid to me, not an outstanding game – but slightly better than "we really pulled that one out o our @ss" or "our goaile stole that one". Solid effort, if they played like that in some of their losses we would have a couple extra wins (Ottawa, LA, StL, Leafs & Florida).

  • The problem with this team, is were not able to put up that kind of effort on a nightly basis by any stretch of the imagination. We havent been able to do that since the 2006 playoffs, and even during the regular season we were like this. Like how can a team play like they did against Dallas, and play as awful as they did against Ottawa? The top 10 teams in this league have a game like the Ottawa game once every 10-15 games, not once every 3. We have no consistency, and were not good enough to have that consistency. There is only 5 or 6 guys who bring it every night and that sucks.