WJC Gold and commentary bronze

Ah World Junior Gold. Is there anything sweeter? Other than a win that actually means something? Don’t get us wrong. It’s fantastic that Canada won. It’s tremendous that Eberle scored that goal with 10 seconds left. PK Subban is a beauty and will have a long career in the NHL much to the delight of Bob MacKenzie. But put it over an Oilers game again and we are going to have a problem.

We put WJC hockey up there with the Memorial Cup. We will watch it if it’s on and may even go out of our way to find it on the telematrix if there is a particular player of note playing. But at no point should it trump an Oilers game. Like ever.

When we heard some of the boys talking about watching WJC over the Oil game we almost tore off our Oilers pyjamas and beat them to death. We would rather watch a pre-season Oilers practice than any junior game. Not to say that there isn’t the occasional good moment — or fantastic game that can be seen. We got that DVD set of best WJC moments from Santa this year. It’s great.  But we would still rather watch NHL hockey. Sega Genesis had an excellent game on their hands when they released PGA Tour95. But not for a moment would we play it if Tiger Woods ’09 was available.

Bronze for commentary

Now don’t get us wrong. We love all the commentary on here. When we got home from the game last night we read the comments on the GDB and basically wet our pants. And we don’t believe in editing or deleting commentary unless it’s really bad. Baggedmilk — perhaps you know what we are talking about here. But it’s all in good fun. Some commenters have a following all their own now and that’s exactly why we built the Nation in the first place. Everyone has an equal right to voice their opinions and on the Nation anyone can comment and talk shop on the same screen as “real journalists.” That’s awesome if you ask us.

But of late we are starting to read some real nonsense from one of our loyal readers. It’s a bit much, but what can you do right? Oh wait. We know exactly what we will do. Call him out, of course. Here, we will even speak to him in his own language.


Buddy – knock off all the crazy… The hockey world isn’t some wild conspiracy zone – you may need to hit up a Rexall for some brain meds – But they won’t let you in there – because of the chip in your head that Daryl Katz had inserted – think I’m wrong? Explain how automatic doors always know to open when you approach – Katz and the feds have been putting chips in our brains since 1973. Want to say something interesting go right ahead… if I read any more BS about how the Oil are run by the military from a deep underground bunker – i’m going to make it my ’09 resolution to mock you without mercy – except it isn’t really 2009 is it? That’s for another day though. Give it a rest … you are giving the tin foil hat set a bad name….

  • Wanye Gretz

    The Towel Boy wrote:

    kris wrote:
    I’m not sure if it’s been deleted but somebody used the word ‘coon’ in a reference to Subban. That’s vile no matter how “tongue in cheek” it was.
    Yeah, that’s beyond “not cool”. No place for it at all…in any capacity.

    You may have noticed that it has all been deleted. The matter has been dealt with and is now closed.

    Snitches get stitches people.

  • kris

    "The matter has been dealt with and is now closed."

    Dealt with? Really!!??!! No apology and he still posts here? Garbage. It was hardly one comment either; it just went on an on.

    Wanye: Be an adult and tell the guy to get lost or make an apology. He's hardly an essential part of your business anyway.

  • Wanye Gretz

    kris wrote:

    And somehow I’m a snitch for complaining about racist public comments by a person who quite possibly works for you.

    Sorry Playboy I don't discuss private matters in public. I'm not a snitch. If you want censorship and apologies go to censorshipandapologies.com

    He said his bit, you said yours, I said mine and it's over.

  • kris

    How are public comments on a commercial blog by bagged milk, who posts a regular column here, a "private matter." Would you say the same thing if you ran a T.V. station and one of your employees or volunteers started spouting vile words like 'coon'?

    No, the offender either apologizes or you ask them to leave and apologize for having allowed them to use your forum. Otherwise your condoning their behavior; by staying silent you're doing exactly that.

    And don't be mad at me for saying the obvious.

    Now I've said my bit.

  • kris

    I guess it's the difference between you calling my wife the 'N word' and me telling you that you shouldn't call my wife the 'N word' or I'll kick your ass.

    Seriously. This isn't something to laugh about or be cute about.

    Your true colors are showing bagged milk.

  • CurtisS

    Jonathan Willis wrote:

    CurtisS wrote:
    Whens the last time we seen a Oiler prospect do as good as Eberle did in the WJC?
    Jani Rita

    Ummm, I dont know 9 points isnt that great as a 19 year old. How about when he was 18?

  • oilfan2009

    baggedmilk, your a piece of crap dude. Grow some god damn balls and apologize for making the racist comment. WG and the staff of Oiler Nation? You guys are just as big of scum bags for defending it the way you do. Piece of advice for all you? Grow the hell up. Between the Sweedish comments in the GDB last night and this BS, this site wont last long.

  • Jonathan Willis

    @ CurtisS:

    I was kidding. 8 goals in 7 games wasn't bad, though.

    I just don't place a ton of value in the WJC for evaluating prospects – here's a list of the best forwards at the tournament over the past ten years:

    1999: Maxim Afinogenov
    2000: Milan Kraft
    2001: Pavel Brendl
    2002: Mike Cammalleri
    2003: Igor Grigorenko
    2004: Zach Parise
    2005: Alexander Ovechkin
    2006: Evgeni Malkin
    2007: Alexei Cherepanov
    2008: Viktor Tikhonov

    It's too small a time span, and the competition varies too much (hello, Kazhakstan) for it to be overly meaningful.

    That said, Eberle's performance was outstanding.

  • @ kris:

    I was on my way home from work, so understand the delay. As this affected you personally, I'm sorry to you or to anyone offended by my comment. It was made in poor taste and for that I apologize. Sometimes jokes get carried away and become more than that depending on circumstance. In this case a joke was not a joke at all to you. As you said, it was in fact tongue-in-cheek and not meant with any harm, yet I can understand as to why you're upset by it. I wasn't trying to be cute.

    I can assure you that Wanye did deal with this, however it was not in the public forum of the message board. I will urge him to delete your comments with that word in them as well as to not give any more fuel to the fire. The last thing you want, I'm sure, is to add more power to a word that obviously stirs up such emotion.

  • Jason

    Why are you apologizing? If these boys can't take a joke it is there own problem.

    As if Mr high n mighty oilfan2009 hasn't sat around with his boys and told racist jokes. Everyone does it.

    Have a sense of humour.

  • Chris

    @ Jason:

    The upstanding citizens of the gay community do not deserve to be associated with the Flames Hockey Club. It is demeaning, inapproriate and unfair. I think you owe the gay community an apology.

  • David S

    Yeah. And "as if" Calgary is going to beat San Jose, where do you think the Oil will fare on Friday? That game is more than likely going to be a train wreck.