WJC Gold and commentary bronze

Ah World Junior Gold. Is there anything sweeter? Other than a win that actually means something? Don’t get us wrong. It’s fantastic that Canada won. It’s tremendous that Eberle scored that goal with 10 seconds left. PK Subban is a beauty and will have a long career in the NHL much to the delight of Bob MacKenzie. But put it over an Oilers game again and we are going to have a problem.

We put WJC hockey up there with the Memorial Cup. We will watch it if it’s on and may even go out of our way to find it on the telematrix if there is a particular player of note playing. But at no point should it trump an Oilers game. Like ever.

When we heard some of the boys talking about watching WJC over the Oil game we almost tore off our Oilers pyjamas and beat them to death. We would rather watch a pre-season Oilers practice than any junior game. Not to say that there isn’t the occasional good moment — or fantastic game that can be seen. We got that DVD set of best WJC moments from Santa this year. It’s great.  But we would still rather watch NHL hockey. Sega Genesis had an excellent game on their hands when they released PGA Tour95. But not for a moment would we play it if Tiger Woods ’09 was available.

Bronze for commentary

Now don’t get us wrong. We love all the commentary on here. When we got home from the game last night we read the comments on the GDB and basically wet our pants. And we don’t believe in editing or deleting commentary unless it’s really bad. Baggedmilk — perhaps you know what we are talking about here. But it’s all in good fun. Some commenters have a following all their own now and that’s exactly why we built the Nation in the first place. Everyone has an equal right to voice their opinions and on the Nation anyone can comment and talk shop on the same screen as “real journalists.” That’s awesome if you ask us.

But of late we are starting to read some real nonsense from one of our loyal readers. It’s a bit much, but what can you do right? Oh wait. We know exactly what we will do. Call him out, of course. Here, we will even speak to him in his own language.


Buddy – knock off all the crazy… The hockey world isn’t some wild conspiracy zone – you may need to hit up a Rexall for some brain meds – But they won’t let you in there – because of the chip in your head that Daryl Katz had inserted – think I’m wrong? Explain how automatic doors always know to open when you approach – Katz and the feds have been putting chips in our brains since 1973. Want to say something interesting go right ahead… if I read any more BS about how the Oil are run by the military from a deep underground bunker – i’m going to make it my ’09 resolution to mock you without mercy – except it isn’t really 2009 is it? That’s for another day though. Give it a rest … you are giving the tin foil hat set a bad name….

  • 3rd comment in a row…

    WG, I know that it's you that censors the comments I was just trying to get around the computer censor that says it's awaiting censorship.

    I aim to offend and I succeed.

    Hugs and kisses for your pink parts.

  • I heard the McKesson Group was afront for a terrorist organization…

    I totally agree with you commentary Wanye!!! Talk hockey, not how people use vendor loans buy hockey teams & how they made their money in the first place.

  • MattL

    Wanye, I'm ALMOST as big an Oilers nerd as some of you guys. Sure, I only read Oil blogs, I don't write one, but just the other day, I got mocked mercilessly by my female life companion about wearing Oilers socks, boxers (thanks Shoppers!) and t-shirt, concurrently and solely. Not even on purpose, or because it was a game day, it just HAPPENED! (did I mention the BBQ cover?)

    But you can't honestly tell me that you watched the Canada Russia game, and then the Oil Dallas game, and preferred the latter, can you? I don't care if some of them aren't old enough to buy all the alcohol and chewing tobacco that they probably enjoy; a playoff WJHC game kicks the living snot out of a January reg. season Oil game. Especially the USA and Russia games. Do you have a pulse? Or do you literally have oil flowing through your veins like embalming fluid? Because if so, AWESOME!

    Please don't let OilersgoodoldboyCorp. read this though, if the hive-mind becomes displeased, they will hire Bob Beers as the new PP coach just to spite us all, and name him captain while they're at it.

  • @ MattL:

    Here here, brother. The WJ tournament is some of the most exciting hockey to watch. Take last night's game for instance. It was fast, it was rough and the crowd was losing their minds for the whole thing.

    I respectfully disagree with WG on that one.

  • chaz

    Seriously Wayne, who cares about the Oiler's 38th game of an 82 game season when you can watch future allstars playing their hearts out for their countries? (Of course I still care, but not nearly as much as I did walching the Juniors)

    To me, this should show the NHL that maybe they should reduce the length of the regular season so that games all year actually mean something. If there were only 60 games in a season, then you would have playoff brand hockey virtually all year long, and in my opinion a way better product to sell. Look how much money the NFL makes, and they only play 16 games a year. It'll never happen though as the NHL has always shown the inability to think outside the box. Too many Saskabush farmers running the league and not enough business-savy leaders if you ask me. (My two pesos)

  • @ Chris:

    You can't relate that tournament to an Oil Kings game. This is the best of the best when it comes to players from that age group. If you didn't think last night was a great and exciting game, you're obviously into the name on the back of a jersey rather than the product on the ice. Or you simply didn't watch it.

    I watched games that Canada wasn't even involved in, because the games are exciting. (save for teams like Kazakhstan and Latvia)These kids don't make millions of dollars (yet) they're playing for their country and for pride. It's exciting hockey, but hey I bet you can do better right? Maybe even one of the guys that ripped on the Souray signing last year, yet are willing to service his every fantasy this year.

    Long live Oiler fans.

  • Jordon wrote:

    Canada vs USA was one of the most entertaining hockey games I’ve ever seen, at any level.

    Exactly! But hey, they're not multi-millionaires so who cares right? Much better watch the Oilers get thrown around by Calgary right afterwards than watching the Canada/USA game.

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  • Clayton

    Wow, Wanye, give your head a shake….
    That game between Canada and Russia was just plain awesome! Didn't you get goosebumps when Eberle scored that goal with less than 6 seconds left?! I love me oilers hockey more than almost anything, but i was disappointed with the game between Dallas and Edmonton. Now dont get me wrong, I was doing a happy dance when we won, but the Edmonton/Dallas game wasn't nearly as good hockey as the WJ game. It was soooooo sloooowwww…….

  • Chris

    @ baggedmilk:

    If the Oil Kings had all the best Jr players in the World and won the memorial cup it would still be less exciting to me than having the Oilers make the playoffs. My excitment for the Canada Jr team and the Gold medal game had a lot more to do with patriotism than the mistaken notion that Jr hockey is more entertaining than the NHL hockey.

  • @ Chris:

    You're relating apples to felatio with that comment. The WJ Tournament is a 6 or so game tournament filled with action packed hockey games night in night out. IF (frankly there's one too many IFs in this sentence) this tournament was 82 games I would agree with you. However, it's not so your point becomes moot.

    Did you watch any of the game last night? There was hits every shift, banging, crashing, goals and raw emotion that you don't get on a nightly basis in the NHL. I was more entertained by the comments in the JL meeting last night than I was by the Oilers game.

    The Canada vs USA game on New Years Eve was probably one of the most exciting games I've ever watched. If you disagree then you obviously didn't watch it, or you nothing about good hockey.

  • Wanye Gretz

    @ MattL:

    I'm not saying that the Oil game was better than the WJC game at all. I'm just saying that I find the WJC to be a secondary sporting event to an NHL game – especially an Oiler game.

    It's like saying "I generally enjoy eating at McDonalds instead of eating out of the McDonalds dumpster out back." Occasionally the dumpster might get a Big Mac or two but you can generally get a better meal inside the restaurant.

    Yes. It's exactly like that.

  • Chris

    @ baggedmilk:
    Twenty years ago the Oilers played with a high level of energy and emotion. Nearly evrey shift featured violent physical contact and or a skilled play. Tune into a San Jose, Boston, Philidalphia, or even Washington game…exciting hockey still exists in the NHL… just not in Edmonton anymore.

  • @ Chris:

    Well then that is a completely different story. I'm talking about the Oilers game last night in comparison to the WJ game. I really like watching San Jose and Boston because they're skilled, they're fast and exciting to watch.

    However, after watching the Canada/Sweden game last night the Oilers game looked like it was in slow motion.

  • Dennis Castro

    Its not just after watching the gold medal WJC game that the Oilers looked like they were playing in slow motion, they always look like that because they always seem to be a step behind. The Oilers dont play a fast paced consistant up tempo game like the Sharks and Bruins do, instead they play up tempo for a period or 2, take their foot off the gas and try to survive the game and play not to lose. That problem falls on Mac T's shoulders for not pushing them hard enough in the practices because it always looks like the Oilers cant push back when the opposing team makes a push, prime example is the 3rd period in the last game against Vancouver.If you push yourself hard in practice then you should be able to find that push when the game is on the line.

  • kris

    I read a few of the comments on the thread in question; I'm not sure if it's been deleted but somebody used the word 'coon' in a reference to Subban. That's vile no matter how "tongue in cheek" it was. Whoever said it should apologize seriously and never show their face here again.

  • MattL

    @ Wanye Gretz:

    Knowing what I know about McDonalds grease bins and dumpsters, the internal logic of your Metaphargument(c) holds.

    BUT, to state, "… at no point should it trump an Oilers game. Like ever." was maybe an overstatement. Like, ever? Or like, Like ever? Amazing quarters, semis, and finals involving Canada trump the first 60 games of the Oil season. Period. (.)

    I do think the Memorial Cup is a Forgettable Cup though. Get it? Get it? The ironing is killing me.

  • kris wrote:

    I’m not sure if it’s been deleted but somebody used the word ‘coon’ in a reference to Subban. That’s vile no matter how “tongue in cheek” it was.

    Yeah, that's beyond "not cool". No place for it at all…in any capacity.