GDB 41: Sterility 101

After watching a mind numbing Eagles and Giants game all morning we finally figured out something that has been bothering us about this mind numbingly mediocre season thus far,

It’s way too sterile.

Sterile as hell. Absolutely nothing interesting is going on as game after game of warm crud is served to the Citizens of the Oilersnation. A losing team can be entertaining to watch as it self destructs. Ask the fans of the Detroit Lions who still show up to scream the same seven suggestions on TV, Radio and websites all over the place. But these Oilers?

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Where is the drama? This is a team of highly skilled veterans and punk ass rookies. There should be some serious swagger in the Oilers dressing room. They went into this season thinking they were going to contend for the Northwest division for heavens sakes. Now look at them. Trembling before the lowly St. Louis Blues as they roll into town. Where is the fire? Where is the fight in practice as Steve Staios shows Robert Nilsson what it means to be an Oiler? Where is an inappropriate comment thrown out by an angry Ethan Moreau who looks Terry Jones directly in the eye and say “I am going to bust some heads in here. Everyone out now.”

Where are the trade rumors? Where are the vague comments being issued from Oilers brass about “looking at options” or “having conversations with other teams right now?” Where is any sort of bone being thrown to the masses of Oilers fans who are currently pissed with the team – but may be bordering on bored and might even become (gasp) disinterested if this sterility both on and off the ice keeps up?

Shit. we watched a Giants game today and we were able to stay interested. Now we are watching Corner Gas. That can’t be good can it?

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If you want to read something out of the ordinary go read Robin Brownlee’s Marc Crawford story. It’s a comment on this weeks Righteous Sack Beating. THAT has some fire.

Oh yeah.

Go Oilers

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Sad, very sad but true. I've resorted to just bagging the Nucks and Lames fans as they come in my store, then, showing them my replica Stanley Cup Banners. It is getting old. I'd like to tell them how we kicked there asses and are getting another banner this year…..MAN I HATE THE MARC CRAWFORD.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    There it is. Thanks for the GD.

    I guess Robin was right.

    How did you get up in time to watch the Eagles game though?? Or did you just watch the highlites?

    Anyways a few things today.

    Mact's comments on Schremp. Maybe it is the case but to say them things about him when hes on a team struggling in Springfield is totally unprofessional. Why stab him in the back when he isnt even playing for you. What a pathetic loser of a coach. Im not saying Schremp should be here right now. Im just saying to throw a player under the bus that isnt even here is a disgrace.

    Did mact forget that the Oilers were 3-1 with Schremp in the lineup with 3 points in 4 games and was +2.

    How could he say he cant help the Oilers win??

    Just shows his true colors.

    Another thing. 2 times this year now a player that has had a concussion skates the rest of the game to sit out one after. That should not happen. Ever. Never.

    One last thing. I hope we get killed tonight. 5-2 Blues. Than I can tune into the post game and listen to Mact blame injuries on the teams lose. Meanwhile St. Louis is without 2 of their top 3 players. That will really show me how pathetic that loser really is.

    Enjoy the game all.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    CurtisS wrote:

    How could he say he cant help the Oilers win??

    Actually, I thought he was pretty clear in his explanation.

    Schremp is a bust. Get used to it.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Well, let's spice things up. Another little yarn, from just yesterday morning . . .

    I was having a gab with Souray in the Oilers dressing room, just shooting the breeze. In mid-gum flap, "thwack," I take a rolled up ball of sock tape off the melon. I turn around, looking rather unimpressed, and the closest guy was Dustin Penner, sitting 15 feet away. "Was that you?" I asked. "I was aiming at Shelly," Penner says.

    Still looking sour, I say, "Oh, really?" To which Penner responds, "Yes. You look kind of mad. Want to talk about it?"

    Now, it wasn't a "I'll kick your fat, old backside if you want to push it" kind of "want to talk about it?" but more of a "Hey, I didn't mean to hit you and it's no big deal unless you want it to be a big deal" kind of "want to talk about it?"

    Being the easy-going guy I am — and ignoring flashbacks to the time I wanted to fight Georges Laraque in Minnesota (that one would be over as soon as I swallowed my teeth) after he kept throwing nickels and dimes at me in the press box — I opted for no big deal.

    I saw what happened to Landon Wilson when he "wanted to talk about it."

  • I'm a Scientist!

    That is unbelievable. I was not a schremp fan, but when he was up, he seemed to be in position and effective. 3 points in 4 games I think. You can hear how absolutly personal it is, he is dripping with sarcasm. But, this seems to be typical with this guy, if your one of his, untouchable, if not…..Look out. Shouldn't coaching be buissinesslike? Doing what is best for the team, leave the friggin ego out of it? Not MacT, not at all. And hey MacT, if you don't want to have to defend your desicions, start winning, and winning alot, or, quit and get a job with Anahiem, or maybe south Florida, probably not much scrutiny there.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Sheesh. Did Schremp nail every member of MacT's family or what? I know Robbie has been extremely underwhelming and looks to bust any day now, but my lord that is some unbridled hatred.
    MacT hates Robbie Schremp more than everyone on here hates Marc Crawford.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ Robin

    What do you think of the Schremp comment. Just to make this clear. I dont think Robbie should be on the team atm. How can you say Rob isnt helping his team win when:

    Rob's stats in the last 11 games
    5 points

    Potulny's points in the same span 6 points

    Jdd in the last 5 games. 1-4 and got pulled last night and didnt play today.

    I would say Springfield has more problems than Schremp.