GDB 41: Sterility 101

After watching a mind numbing Eagles and Giants game all morning we finally figured out something that has been bothering us about this mind numbingly mediocre season thus far,

It’s way too sterile.

Sterile as hell. Absolutely nothing interesting is going on as game after game of warm crud is served to the Citizens of the Oilersnation. A losing team can be entertaining to watch as it self destructs. Ask the fans of the Detroit Lions who still show up to scream the same seven suggestions on TV, Radio and websites all over the place. But these Oilers?

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Where is the drama? This is a team of highly skilled veterans and punk ass rookies. There should be some serious swagger in the Oilers dressing room. They went into this season thinking they were going to contend for the Northwest division for heavens sakes. Now look at them. Trembling before the lowly St. Louis Blues as they roll into town. Where is the fire? Where is the fight in practice as Steve Staios shows Robert Nilsson what it means to be an Oiler? Where is an inappropriate comment thrown out by an angry Ethan Moreau who looks Terry Jones directly in the eye and say “I am going to bust some heads in here. Everyone out now.”

Where are the trade rumors? Where are the vague comments being issued from Oilers brass about “looking at options” or “having conversations with other teams right now?” Where is any sort of bone being thrown to the masses of Oilers fans who are currently pissed with the team – but may be bordering on bored and might even become (gasp) disinterested if this sterility both on and off the ice keeps up?

Shit. we watched a Giants game today and we were able to stay interested. Now we are watching Corner Gas. That can’t be good can it?

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If you want to read something out of the ordinary go read Robin Brownlee’s Marc Crawford story. It’s a comment on this weeks Righteous Sack Beating. THAT has some fire.

Oh yeah.

Go Oilers