As one lame duck leader exits

Another clings to power with all his might here in Edmonton.

We woke up this morning and watched George Bush’s final press conference as President of the United States. Other than the fact it should have been held 4 years ago it was a pretty good show. Yep – all in all, the destruction of the free world has been a pretty entertaining spectacle of late.

Kind of reminds us of the Oilers. Inept leadership, poor execution of battle plans and diminished levels of respect around the world. But we can think of one occasion where someone in the media stood up to Bush by sending him a pair of shoes via airmail. The guy was immediately imprisoned for the remainder of his natural life, but still – he had some elan about him didn’t he?

We would give anything for a reporter covering the Oil to huck a clog at our lame duck leader at a press conference. Particularly when he is delivering soliliquies of this calibre which was given to non-shoe throwing reporters yesterday:

“I guess every time we call somebody up we’ve got to explain why it’s not Robbie, but the bottom line is it’s up to Robbie to be a decent player down there. We all know what he can do, he’s got decent hands, he can work a powerplay okay, but he’s slow, he’s not a physical player, he’s soft at this level. There are a lot of things in his game he needs to address before he becomes that player who gets called up. It’s getting to the point where you’ve gotta be honest: he’s not helping them particularly down there right now and there’s no reason to think he’ll be able to come up here and help us. “

One can’t help but imagine Schremp will be packaged up in whatever deal eventually is made by the 1,984 GMs of the team. In fact we put a Wanye Guarantee (TM pending) on it. Rob Schremp will not be property of the Edmonton Oilers next year. Not because of skill, not because of attitude – though both could be lacking. He certainly won’t get an extended tryout because the parent club is doing really well and doesn’t need any offensive aid. No, Rob Schremp will be denied a lengthy NHL tryout – similar to the one’s given to JFJ, Pouliot, Winchester, Thorsen or a host of other crappy Oiler prospects – because why? Rob Schremp will not get the tryout on a this terrible Oilers squad because MacT doesn’t like him.

Don’t get us wrong. Rob Schremp won’t save the Oilers. But he is the poster boy for everything wrong with the team right now. Look at what an embarassment MacT has become to this proud franchise. Fighting with fans in Dallas, throwing players under the bus left and right. Speaking with contempt to reporters as though his Jack Adams trophy is waiting around the corner. This all from a coach who is unable to inspire anything but injuries from Oilers at this late stage of his career and has taken to publicly bashing farm team players while his own team sinks.

Buchberger liked Schremp in the AHL last year you will recall and made all sorts of noises that he had come a long way on his game. So it isn’t as though he is without his fans amongst Oilers staff who have seen him at length. It’s just that his fans don’t include a coach who is unable to get anything out of his existing roster of NHL players and is only willing to bring up AHL players who seem capable of “defensive, responsible hockey.”

If we could ask MacT one question right now it would go like this:

Wanye: Craig can I ask a question?
MacT: Go ahead…
Wanye: You seem to have a pretty good read on the skill levels and contribution potential on everyone on the Oilers and Springfield lineups. Would you say that is correct?
MacT: Yes, I am a professional coach who has been doing this a long time.
Wanye: Perfect. So if you are so smart – why does your team blow?

Then we would throw shoes at this head and be permanently detained in an Iraqi prison complex.

Seriously MacT.  You do realize that the team sucking and failing to convert what is unquestionably a good team on paper into success on the ice is ultimately your responsability right?

You do understand that is your job right? Right?

Shit, now we are all worked up and will probably go yell at a co-worker for something that isn’t their fault. There is only one thing to do in times like these.


Not to be a dink and plug Friday night fun on Monday morning but where are you planning on watching the game against the Avs on Friday? Is it at the first ever Nation Game Day Party at Hudson’s Bourbon street? If it is – you so sexy!

If not, perhaps we can make the following case to persuade you to attend:

a) Hudson’s is donating $2 for every evite redeemed to Kids with Cancer – a fantastic cause. We appreciate Hudsons doing this and will reward their charity by personally drinking 5,000 beers and being thrown into the street by their courteous security team.

b) There will be NationGear for sale – and a portion of these proceeds go to Kids with Cancer too. We are still moving solid t-shirt numbers through the Nation Store and will be having to place a new order in the next few weeks. To finish off this batch and make our lump donation to Kids with Cancer we are selling the gear at Hudsons during the Game Day Party. Advantage? You don’t have to go through the efforts of paying on the internet which is nice – particularly for those Citizens of the Nation that deal strictly in cash due to their career as exotic dancers. We will be taking loonies ladies.

c) It is going to be busy – we have a pretty impressive list of confirmed attendees that include Heads of State, a representative of Dr. Randy Gregg, three former US senators and a Baldwin brother (but we aren’t saying which one! Squeee!)

Ok fine. None of those people have confirmed attendance. But lots of Nation Facebookers, regular readers, buddies and members of the entourage have confirmed.

The conversations have gone like this:

Wanye: Want to come to Hudsons for the game on Friday? They sell beer.
Entourage: Yes.
Wanye: Sweet.

d) Ryan Smyth will be playing – remember Ryan Smyth? Remember when the Oilers had heart? Remember when we let heart walk out the door for Robert Nilsson? That worked well didn’t it. Well, he’s playing the Oil Friday and if you squint at the screen really hard – and have had 11 beers already – you can pretend he is wearing an Oilers jersey and everything isn’t screwed.

And finally we saved the best (or perhaps worst depending on your mood) for last:

e) The Oil are playing and could potentially win. You never know.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Any other team, Schremp stays up. MacT hates him, he's done in Etown. I hope he lights it up wherever he goes. I don't think that he should ahve been called up, but the way MacT answers the question was a total discrace. If MacT was coaching a great team, winning all the time…BIG DIFFERENCE.

    On another note, who knew that the oilers have led the league in turnovers for the last 5 seasons???? That must be part of the "system"