Oilers Trade Garon to Pittsburgh

Well, we’ve seen the first real trade of the Steve Tambellini era. In a time where NHL goaltenders are being dropped for nothing on the waiver wire (Sanford) or garnering no more than a 7th round pick (Labarbera), Tambellini actually managed to bring in a decent return. Here’s the trade:

To Pittsburgh: Mathieu Garon

To Edmonton: Dany Sabourin, Ryan Stone, 4th Round Pick

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First, from Pittsburgh’s perspective, they obviously believe that Garon has the potential to play better than he has this past season. Garon had a strong game last night against Colorado, and started the year well, but there has been obvious friction between him and the coaching staff, especially goaltending coach Pete Peeters. Pittsburgh’s struggled with poor goaltending all season; Marc-Andre Fleury’s .905 SV% isn’t nearly as good as it needs to be, while veteran backup Dany Sabourin is four games below .500 and has an .898 SV%. Garon is in the final season of a two-year, 1.1M/season contract, and although he’s posted a .895 SV% this season, the past two years he’s had a .907 SV% and .913 SV%. This is a good opportunity for Garon to get back on track on a very talented team.

As far as I can tell, Dany Sabourin is on a one-way contract, albeit one that will pay him a very modest 512K this season, which is its final year. I think that he is sent down to Springfield, where he should help spell the extremely over-worked Devan Dubnyk, and solidify Springfield’s goaltending situation. Sabourin’s an average NHL backup (hovering around the .900 SV% mark the last three seasons) but he’s been excellent in the AHL, topping the .920 SV% mark his last three seasons there. By comparison, Dubnyk’s played nearly every game for Springfield, posting a .903 SV% this season. Additionally, Sabourin serves as built in insurance if Jeff Deslauriers falters over more games.

Ryan Stone is the key player coming back. He was a second-round pick in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft, and likely would have been picked higher if not for a concussion that affected his season. Here’s what the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said about him after his selection:

Stone explained his resume in similar terms. Asked how many of his two dozen fights he had lost, he replied: “I haven’t lost too many.”

Despite narrowly missing being a first-round pick, Stone is a project. His top priority, as he allowed, is improving his skating, a common criticism among scouts.

Stone is viewed as a player in the mold of Brad May or Darren McCarty, owning the potential to develop his skills to a respectable level and having the edge to create enough room for himself to make it happen. He is versatile, having spent time on left wing and the power-play point. He also has been praised for helping Brandon win at least two playoff rounds in each of his two years there.

Stone is a restricted free agent after this season. He hasn’t scored at a high level in the AHL; back in 2006-07 he was on pace for his best season offensively when a nasty hand injury forced him out of the line-up. He is a very physical player, not shy about fighting, and is widely regarded as a two-way forward.

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The 4th round pick is, as Lowetide says “another bullet in the gun”, but by itself it is a better return than Los Angeles got for the very comparable Jason Labarbera.

The only way I can see this trade is as a hands-down win for the Edmonton Oilers, and also for Mathieu Garon. Anybody who thought they were going to get more than this is greatly overvaluing Garon; in fact, if you’d told me yesterday that this trade was going to happen, I wouldn’t have believed it.

  • Hippy

    @ CurtisS:
    Why I think Hemsky has better upside?
    Age and Lack of elite linemates for Hemsky, I mean come on how do Horcoff, Smyth and Penner even compare to Richards and St. Louis. The closest thing Hemmer had was Sykora to a sniper. Hemsky is a not a shooter and will never be up for the Rocket Richard trophy. Would of had 25 goals this year if not hurt.
    Hemsky= 22 made SCF game 7.
    Lecavalier= 23 won SC
    We wont agree, and I now have better things to go do.

  • Hippy

    @ me:
    Watched the whole season? He's appeared in what 16 games. I watched, in person, him play the first two home games of the year. Then he lost to Vancouver and was shaky in a few other starts. MacT started the goalie shuffle. He went over a month without a start because, Peters said he didn't like what he saw in practice. If I may quote AI "PRACTICE!?! Not a game, Practice…"

    Roli is known in the locker room as the Vets goalie. The vets are back in charge from last years end where the kids were running hot. Now look at the team. If you ask some the sky is falling because they're not 40 games over .500. I just don't think he was given the opportunity this year that Roli was given last. Not a conspiracy just a fact.

    Garon sure wasn't terrible against the Av's on Friday. Unlike Roli's brutal game the night before and the soft goals he let in against the Sharks a week ago Friday. I won't even bring up the Detroit game here at Rexall in November…

    Roli isn't the better goalie, he's just the one that got the green light from the coach. Oh well, chances are good that neither will be here next year anyway. And this won't matter.

  • Hippy

    CurtisS wrote:

    @ CurtisS
    Canada Oylmipic team….hemmer wouldnt get a sniff for team canada.

    You are right… Hemsky wouldn't get a sniff at Team Canada. But neither would Ovechkin, Malkin or Datsyuk… You need to be Canadian. But he has played for the Czech Republic!

  • Hippy

    @ me:

    And when has Roli been a #1 guy in the NHL?

    The only time Roli was ever a #1 guy was when we handed him a gross contract after a playoff run and had Maarkanen as our other option.

    Roli proceeded to play like a donkey for the next 2 seasons and got outplayed by this inconsistent, underacheiving, journeyman named Garon you guys speak of.

    Why was everyone so quick to dismiss Garon this year? Were you guys all willing to punt Roli after last season?

    How come Roli got his chance to redeem himself at 39+ years old and at the end of his career?

    Why wouldn't the Oilers want to give another shot to a younger more athletic guy that has a similar style to the new guy they have (JDD)?

    For those of you that think Roli has been so stellar and Garon has been so terrible, it should be noted that since Garon got pulled in Pittsburgh earlier this year (very early) he has made 8 appearances and stopped 19 of the 207 shots he has faced.

    In Roli's last 8 appearances he has faced 215 shots and let in 22 goals.

    Considering that Roli has been able to play frequently and with less pressure on him – is he really outplaying Garon?

    Maybe if Garon was given 3 or 4 starts in a row he could have gotten an a roll and we all would be saying how well he was playing playing. Then again, maybe he wouldn't have…I guess we will never know???

  • Hippy

    Fiveandagame wrote:

    Last year we all saw how great Garon was, but he hardly stole any games for us. He made great saves and was great in the shootout….but we were in a shootout, meaning he hardly slammed the door on the other team.

    He hardly stole us any games???

    Did you watch the same games we all did last year?

  • Hippy

    @ CurtisS:

    I am the biggest Hemsky supporter around….you can vouch for that Curt.

    Vinnie for Hemsky in a heartbeat.

    The only thing about making a deal like that is that it doesn't get us any further ahead. We need to add a guy like Vinnie and be able to keep Hemsky as well.

    Horcoff is the guy that needs to used as bait (in some sort of package). Unfortunately I think almost every other NHL club sees what our management doesn't.

    Horcoff isn't really a very good player…..

  • Hippy

    Micheal wrote:

    CurtisS wrote:
    @ CurtisS
    Canada Oylmipic team….hemmer wouldnt get a sniff for team canada.
    You are right… Hemsky wouldn’t get a sniff at Team Canada. But neither would Ovechkin, Malkin or Datsyuk… You need to be Canadian. But he has played for the Czech Republic!

    You're joking right?