A case of the Tuesdays

“WE WANT TEN! WE WANT TEN! WE WANT TEN!” rained down from the rafters with five minutes to go in last night’s debacle. You know it’s not a good game when the home crowd is routing for the opponent to score double digits in goals. But for the only time all night the hometown crowd got what they wanted — a 10 spot.

Does Groundhog Day have to happen consecutively, or can it happen 42 days later?

It did last night for the Oilers and the Nation — with one difference. This time the opposition scored ten goals rather than a measly nine. If you were at Rexall Place last night then you witnessed history, because an eight-goal loss is the worst home loss in the rich history of the Oil. On Dec. 16 Chicago led 3-0, before the Oilers scored a PP goal.

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  • Last night Buffalo led 4-0, before the Oilers scored a PP goal.
  • Then Chicago scored six straight before the Oilers buried an EV goal.
  • Then Buffalo potted five straight before the Oilers buried an EV goal.

But Buffalo, to the delight of the crowd, responded and scored their 10th, shorthanded for good measure, and mercifully the night was over for the fans.

The Oilers are now 1-3 at home on Tuesdays this year, and have been outscored 25-10 in those four games.

Since the lockout here is their home record on Tuesdays:

  • 2005-06: 2-3-1-1
  • 2006-07: 3-3 and they gave up seven goals to the Avs one night.
  • 2007-08: 5-5-0-1

So they aren’t as bad in the past few years, but now I would guess Oiler fans are starting to say “I Don’t Like Tuesdays”. Did you know there was a song titled exactly that?

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I’ve never heard of Geoffrey Keezer, and now I think he is even more of a dork for not having audio or lyrics to the song.

While you wake up today, pissed at another horrific Oiler loss, here is a classic song and even better video to let you release the rage.

The Boomtown Rats — what a legendary ‘80s band. Sing along, and just switch Monday with Tuesday and you should feel better. If not, look at the video and take in the uncanny resemblance between the lead singer and Tom Gilbert. Look closely, it’s there, especially the fascination and complete NO REASON to be playing with his hair.

Still can’t see it? How about the back up singer top right. He looks like almost any Russian who played in the league in the ‘80s. And what is with the bottom right singer? Does he have lock jaw before his big “NO REASONS” contribution to the song? And top left guy has an eerie resemblance to Raimo Summanen. Bottom left guy I’m guessing is a mix between BM and JS.

Regardless of who they look like, the synchronicity from left to right with the “NO REASONS” should make this one of the top 10 videos of all time. Or how the couch scenes that made this an absolutely ground breaking video, one that has never been duplicated.

I’m sure you thought the same thing when you awoke back on Dec. 17. “The good news is there is no way the Oilers can play that bad again this year, no chance.”

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Well, you were wrong.

They did play worse, much worse. The game was over before the two-minute mark of the first period, when the Sabres went ahead 2-0. From there it was just an exercise in futility.

This team does not know how to handle success. Just when they get on a bit of a roll where their coach is cautiously optimistic, the fans think they are turning the corner and even the media think they might just be able to move from pretender to contender, they soil the sheets to the tenth degree.

Groundhog Day has nothing on the Oilers. It has been Groundhog Year since 2000. Struggle with mediocrity, stay close until March and then scratch and claw to try and make the playoffs. Three times it works, three times is doesn’t and one time they absolutely collapse, only to win their final game and avoid getting into the lottery.

Until this team can put together a string on solid hockey games, before their usual March push for the playoffs, it is impossible to call them anything other than a pretender.

And Wanye, how do you explain Denis Grebeshkov being an EVEN player in both lopsided loses this year. Outscored 19-4, yet your favourite player was even…Truly amazing.

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I’ll leave you with another completely nonsensical video, but a song title that is fitting, because I’m sure some of you did this last night. Unable to shake the gory, repetitive, embarrassing, and horrific display you watched last night at Rexall Place.

  • Haha you are up early Gregor. A picture says a thousand words doesn't it Wanye? You picked a good one for this article.

    Wow – was working late & caught the score after the second 7-1. I am so happy that I didn’t waste anytime watching it on TV or opening my wallet to go to the game. Disgracefull is about the only way you can put it. 2 home games this year the visitor has managed to put up at least 9 goals.

    When I went to the Chigago game the fans were chanting ‘we want 10? as well. It didn't hapen though. If you have the stomach to sit through an entire game like that after dropping a couple hundy on food, booze, parking & tickets you usually want to see something special…

  • Zamboni Driver

    The whole business about the "Do-over" is what really is ridiculous. SOMEONE from the Oilers needs to step up and apologize to its customers for that steaming pile of crap that they pulled in more than a million bucks for.

    ESPECIALLY since it happens again.

    Would be good to see the mainstream media calling for this.

    "You know what fans, whose tax payers dough we're going to be burning up the phones to Ottawa and Edmonton to try to get or hands on right away?

    Yeah, sorry about that game."

    But no, that would involve the 'braintrust' heaping blame on themselves – and we wouldn't want that.

    P.S. Hey Jay….it's the BooMtown Rats.

  • OvenChicken8

    I stopped watching when it was 4-0. And a couple hours later heard about it when I was bombarded by texts and calls from almost every flames fan I know.

    Dare I say the good news is we can't possibly play worse then that?

  • Even the worst team in the league hasn't been beaten this bad all year. The Islanders were beaten by 6 goals by the same Sabres, then by 7 goals by the Penguins.

    And we want to make the play-offs…

    The start of the year everyone kept saying 'be patient, wait until we start playing games at home'. Well being on the road or at home it doesn't seem to matter.

  • swany

    Gregor Robin left my families names at the gate to watch practise today but forgot to tell us the time, we would like to come and watch, but we live an hour away, do you know the time it starts. thanks

  • Librarian Mike

    I was working last night,so I'd periodically check the score on the web. Here's a synopsis:

    2-0 1st period. "Crap. Oh well, it's still early."

    4-1 end of 1st (I think). "What the hell? At least the Oil are on the board I guess."

    7-1 2nd. I actually started to laugh at this point.

    I guess every team craps the bed like this once in awhile. It is worrying that these guys have done it twice in half a season, but you are right on the money Jason, that with every step towards being good/great they seem to shrink back into mediocrity.

  • Colin

    This team is either scared to be contenders (hence the constant shitting the bed when they get to the hump) or just has no desire other than to play golf and hit Diesel.

  • Tyguy

    Slap Shot… Hockey Movie…

    One of the players is on a TV show, explaining Hockey…

    Tells the host, that if you get sent to the box..


    Well… Shame on you Oilers ! Shame, Shame, Shame !!

    ( Which is what I tell the dog, when he make a mess on the floor…I say it when a mess is left on Ice, too )

  • Ales in Chains

    My favourite part is when Horcoff decided to NOT block Spacek's point shot for the seventh goal. Wait, no, it was when we were down 7-1 and no one started a fight. Wait, it was when Derek Roy pasted Pouliot into the boards, with an 8 goal lead and M.A.P. did nothing about it. Looks like PRIDE took a night off as well. That's about par for the course.

  • Lots of attempted humour in this post so allow me to add another zinger: how funny is it that the Oilers show trust in JDD??? Or at least they do for now;)

    The netminding was beyond terrible last night. There's not a team in the league that could survive their netminder not making one bloody save.

    But, you know, we've got a 4th round pick and Ryan Stone as netminding insurance so we should be fine if Roli's current slide goes on for another five-to-seven games.

    Dude's been bad for the greater part of eight games now so how much longer can we survive it?

  • Reggie

    There's no excuse for seeing this happen twice in 6 weeks – on home ice no less. It's time Lowe and Tambellini start asking some tough questions from the coaching staff as to how ill-prepared this team is for the start of games. Why are two slow 4th liners – Strudwick and Stortini playing instead of Brule and/or Potulny. And speaking of Lowe and Tambs what have they done to improve the product on the ice and address the lack of a 3rd/4th line center for the PK.

    Changes to the roster are required. As a season ticket holder, this is not acceptable !!!

  • @ [email protected]:

    Come on man – watched hilites (low-lites) & no goalie can stop a 3 way passing play for a (Hecht) goal. MacT said it wasn't goaltending that lost the game. Although an arguement can be made that they lost after 8 shots. Rolie stunk – but JDD was a victim of the team's intensity.

    http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/scores/20090127/[email protected]/story

    Turn-overs, PK & not finishing checks were proably the biggest reasons for the goals (from the highlites & seen).

  • Since79

    Where was this "hot" goaltender named Roloson last night? The guy was beyond pathetic. This is further proof that morons are running the show with this organization. Roli's play started to slide two games before Garon was dealt. Now with NO ONE to push him, Roli will regress back to the joke of a goaltender he was last season. Bank on it.

    Oh well, nothing will happen as we've become the Toronto of the West. This organization is a joke.

    How are those jocks smelling Katz?

  • BrutalB

    The game was lost after Rolosuck let in 3 brutal goals.

    Thank God we kept Roli over a player that LOVED playing for Edmonton (unlike Roli who moved his family out of the city).

  • Ender the Dragon

    Hmmmm . . . last night we lose 10-2.

    Also last night, the Wild win 6-0.

    Note that Friday's game is against the Wild; a 4-point game with the loser likely dropping below the playoff cut.

    Anyone nervous besides me?

  • OB

    "Protect This House"

    I guess the boys figure the house isn't worth protecting.

    What a joke. There will be no playoffs this year as long as MacT, Lowe, and Roloson are here. Bank on it.

  • Chris

    The media didn't ask the hard questions. Why not ask Moreau or MacT the following:

    Why didn't the Oilers respond physically before the game got out of hand…Does anyone know how to throw a hit?

    In a game of shinny; Why can't our "skill" guys convert 35 shots into more than two goals…especially when the opposition was easily able to score ten?

    You want a "do-over". You say that, "How the team responds to this is key." The last blowout cme at the head of a losing streak… Are you concerned about the glaring holes in the defensive zone coverage heading into an important divisional game Friday against a tough Minnesota squad that put up six even strenght goals tonight?

    C'mon. We Want To Know!

  • swany

    Come on guys that was a bad game lets not forget that they were 5-1 in the last six, every team lays an egg, but it looks like Robin is going to win that han sandwich, the pk was no were neer 85%, do you want that on brown or white

  • Chaz

    Ah, the consistently inconsistent Oilers strike again. They win 5 of 6 before the break and it's all High-fives and giggles. Then they show up with a game like this. Brutal! It's difficult to be a fan of this team right now. I liken it to dating someone with Multiple Disorder Syndromn. "I hope the good Oilers show up next time."

    Note to Mac T: There's no such thing as a "Do-over" in the NHL. Those two points are gone and ain't ever coming back. If we miss the playoffs by three points like we did last year, I hope I don't hear any of them saying how close the playoff race was. If you lose two games like we did to Chicago and Buffalo, you don't deserve the playoffs. Lack of motivation, lack of execution, lack of intensity, lack of goaltending, lack of responsibility……

  • CurtisS

    @ swany:

    Every team lays a egg 10-2???

    Nope playoff teams never ever lose that bad. I had hopes up when we beat Columbus. I said we were going to make the playoffs because I never thought we would get 10 goals scored on us. Wow. Playoffs are a dream at this point.

  • Reggie

    CurtisS wrote:

    @ swany:
    Every team lays a egg 10-2???
    Nope playoff teams never ever lose that bad. I had hopes up when we beat Columbus. I said we were going to make the playoffs because I never thought we would get 10 goals scored on us. Wow. Playoffs are a dream at this point.

    I could live with one bad game loss to Chicago … ya, it sucks, let's put it behind us and move on. Now, this is a second time. How is managment, the coaching staff and the team going to respond ?

    And doing NOTHING, is not acceptable !!!

  • Ender the Dragon

    CurtisS wrote:

    Playoffs are a dream at this point.

    Ok, you're out of the fan club. We can't be having any of that 47 games in when we're sitting in 8th.

    We've been warned against offering the people of this Nation false hope. But . . . there has never been anything false about hope.
    Barack Obama

  • CurtisS wrote:

    Nope playoff teams never ever lose that bad.

    Actually you are wrong…In 1984 the year the Oilers won their first cup…

    They lost,
    7-2 in LA
    8-3 in Toronto
    9-2 in Wash
    11-0 in Hartford
    7-1 v. St. Louis…

    So, even playoff teams lose that bad…Differnce is to lose two games like that at home…Just saying…

  • sitting_at_my_desk

    Ender the Dragon wrote:

    Also last night, the Wild win 6-0.

    it was 6-1
    no other comments….. cant wait til friday…..
    i think Reddox was one of the better players yesterday…..but he still looks like my 13 year old cousin