A case of the Tuesdays

“WE WANT TEN! WE WANT TEN! WE WANT TEN!” rained down from the rafters with five minutes to go in last night’s debacle. You know it’s not a good game when the home crowd is routing for the opponent to score double digits in goals. But for the only time all night the hometown crowd got what they wanted — a 10 spot.

Does Groundhog Day have to happen consecutively, or can it happen 42 days later?

It did last night for the Oilers and the Nation — with one difference. This time the opposition scored ten goals rather than a measly nine. If you were at Rexall Place last night then you witnessed history, because an eight-goal loss is the worst home loss in the rich history of the Oil. On Dec. 16 Chicago led 3-0, before the Oilers scored a PP goal.

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  • Last night Buffalo led 4-0, before the Oilers scored a PP goal.
  • Then Chicago scored six straight before the Oilers buried an EV goal.
  • Then Buffalo potted five straight before the Oilers buried an EV goal.

But Buffalo, to the delight of the crowd, responded and scored their 10th, shorthanded for good measure, and mercifully the night was over for the fans.

The Oilers are now 1-3 at home on Tuesdays this year, and have been outscored 25-10 in those four games.

Since the lockout here is their home record on Tuesdays:

  • 2005-06: 2-3-1-1
  • 2006-07: 3-3 and they gave up seven goals to the Avs one night.
  • 2007-08: 5-5-0-1

So they aren’t as bad in the past few years, but now I would guess Oiler fans are starting to say “I Don’t Like Tuesdays”. Did you know there was a song titled exactly that?

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I’ve never heard of Geoffrey Keezer, and now I think he is even more of a dork for not having audio or lyrics to the song.

While you wake up today, pissed at another horrific Oiler loss, here is a classic song and even better video to let you release the rage.

The Boomtown Rats — what a legendary ‘80s band. Sing along, and just switch Monday with Tuesday and you should feel better. If not, look at the video and take in the uncanny resemblance between the lead singer and Tom Gilbert. Look closely, it’s there, especially the fascination and complete NO REASON to be playing with his hair.

Still can’t see it? How about the back up singer top right. He looks like almost any Russian who played in the league in the ‘80s. And what is with the bottom right singer? Does he have lock jaw before his big “NO REASONS” contribution to the song? And top left guy has an eerie resemblance to Raimo Summanen. Bottom left guy I’m guessing is a mix between BM and JS.

Regardless of who they look like, the synchronicity from left to right with the “NO REASONS” should make this one of the top 10 videos of all time. Or how the couch scenes that made this an absolutely ground breaking video, one that has never been duplicated.

I’m sure you thought the same thing when you awoke back on Dec. 17. “The good news is there is no way the Oilers can play that bad again this year, no chance.”

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Well, you were wrong.

They did play worse, much worse. The game was over before the two-minute mark of the first period, when the Sabres went ahead 2-0. From there it was just an exercise in futility.

This team does not know how to handle success. Just when they get on a bit of a roll where their coach is cautiously optimistic, the fans think they are turning the corner and even the media think they might just be able to move from pretender to contender, they soil the sheets to the tenth degree.

Groundhog Day has nothing on the Oilers. It has been Groundhog Year since 2000. Struggle with mediocrity, stay close until March and then scratch and claw to try and make the playoffs. Three times it works, three times is doesn’t and one time they absolutely collapse, only to win their final game and avoid getting into the lottery.

Until this team can put together a string on solid hockey games, before their usual March push for the playoffs, it is impossible to call them anything other than a pretender.

And Wanye, how do you explain Denis Grebeshkov being an EVEN player in both lopsided loses this year. Outscored 19-4, yet your favourite player was even…Truly amazing.

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I’ll leave you with another completely nonsensical video, but a song title that is fitting, because I’m sure some of you did this last night. Unable to shake the gory, repetitive, embarrassing, and horrific display you watched last night at Rexall Place.

  • Chris wrote:

    The media didn’t ask the hard questions. Why not ask Moreau or MacT the following:
    Why didn’t the Oilers respond physically before the game got out of hand…Does anyone know how to throw a hit?

    You think that when you are losing 6-1 that you should fight, well in todays soft game it doesn't happen. And if you watched closely when it was 2-0, Strudwick asked Rivet twice on a shift to go and he skated away. The Sabres didn't have many guys who would fight, so jumping a guy and getting an extra 2 and 5 doesn't prove anything. Today's game isn't played that way, so if you think that is a TOUGH question, you're mistaken.

    In a game of shinny; Why can’t our “skill” guys convert 35 shots into more than two goals…especially when the opposition was easily able to score ten?

    Yes, really smart question. Why didn't you score more. Ummm maybe because THEIR goalie made a save…

    You want a “do-over”. You say that, “How the team responds to this is key.” The last blowout cme at the head of a losing streak…

    They lost next night in Van and then had a OT loss to Ana before winning three straight…Not really a head of a losing streak.

    Are you concerned about the glaring holes in the defensive zone coverage heading into an important divisional game Friday against a tough Minnesota squad that put up six even strenght goals tonight?

    Yes, comparing the up-tempo offence of the Sabres to the Wild's pop-gun offence. That would be smart, considering the Wild are the 5th lowest scoring team in the league.

    You don't ask about a game that is three days away when a team just got their ass handed to them. You ask about that game…which I did.

    The main question, and it was asked, "Why is this team unable to handle success?"

    No one knows, and until the problem is solved you will continue to see these results. Even good teams know they can't just show up and win, and for years now this team after a few good games feels to good about themselves.

  • Travis Dakin

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    And not one of you even laughed a bit at the “I hate Mondays video”…come on that is pure GOLD…

    This is not the time for laughter.

    ok yes it is. ha.

  • Reggie

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    And not one of you even laughed a bit at the “I hate Mondays video”…come on that is pure GOLD…

    Not true … loved the video … watched every second of it … but it made me cry … Tell, me why, tell me why …

    And he can see no reasons
    'Cos there are no reasons
    What reason do you need to be show-ow-ow-ow-own?

    Tell me why
    I don’t like Mondays
    Tell me why
    I don’t like Mondays
    Tell me why
    I don’t like Mondays
    I wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oot the whole day down

  • Cam

    The good news is that if they lose 10-2 or 3-2 it counts the same in the standings. Hopefully they used up all the GA for the next few games and they will post a bunch of shutouts now.

  • APE

    The most disheartening factor of yesterdays game was the lack of emotion shown. I can take an ass whooping by a better team if the team getting squashed at least shows an ounce of emotion. NONE of the oilers looked remotely interested or pissed off or anything and that is inexcusable. I hope they line up garbage cans along the boards and make the players use them today.

  • MarcAndre Pooalot

    Wait…wait…wait. Was it all THAT bad? We DID get 37 shots off. I would say THAT is an improvement over earlier in the season when we could barely get off 17 in a game. Also, almost every single goal by the Sabre's was highlight quality. It was almost like watching the All Star Game <– but one-sided and with no stars.

    Ok, so maybe the defense fell completely flat which, in turn, allowed those highlight reel goals, but there are SOME positives. Also Ryan Miller was a WALL. He had some pretty amazing saves. 17 shots in the first… if we had converted on any of those it may have been a different story.

    Just keepin' the faith over here.

  • smytty777

    I wonder if the Oiler vets regret getting completely bombed all weekend in Vegas (normally something I would fully support), but they still looked drunk out there last night.

  • Jordan wrote:

    Jason: Has the bag skate started yet? Are we going to see both stortini and macintyre in the lineup vs minny?

    Practice starts at 11…It will be interesting to see…I wouldn't be surprised if both of them dress, because after the debacle last night, there is no way they want Strudwick or Stortini fighting the Bogeyman at home. A MacIntyre/Bogeyman clash could be something to look forward to, but last time I thought it would happen it didn't, so I'm not predicting it this time. Only because I don't want to jinx it…

  • Lenny Bamboo

    2 of the worst losses in franchise history, lock MacT up with an extension and a raise. bring in Petr Klima to coach our pp and Craig Muni for the pk. or some other shitty ex oilers cause thats how we roll.

  • Jack "slacking off at work" Bauer

    There is a big difference between Boggeyman fighting Macintyre in their building, while theyre up, and Boogeyman fighting Macintyre in our building if they need energy. Plus from what ive been in the home games ive been to since Macintyre has come back, is that no one will go with him. Ive seen numerous occasions of him whacking guys on the legs and yelling "Lets GO!!" with no response.

    But Jason, what was Mactavish's response to your "Why cant this team handle success" question?

  • Milli

    Any comment from MacT about the total lack of intensity?

    Any concern about goaltending, because I watched the entire debacle, and ya, the team wasn't there, but there where some real softies. JDD looked great in the games he played early, but since Jersey (I think) he has looked soft.

    Any comment from Tambo? Any closed door meeting with the coach?


  • APE

    @ Milli:

    I thought JDD had basically 0 chance on the goals he let in. The team was nowhere to be found in front of him. Roli should have stopped all 3 he let in.

    Gregor, is old man river starting in net on Friday again?

  • Jack "slacking off at work" Bauer wrote:

    But Jason, what was Mactavish’s response to your “Why cant this team handle success” question?

    To be clear Jonesy asked it before I could, I don't like to take credit for a question, but MacTavish agreed that this team doesn't know how to handle it, and he said that coaches preparation needs to be looked at too in a case like this.

    "It's not a stretch to assume it will be a better game on Friday, and we will read a lot in to how are team reacts then."

    That was his final response. Not great since there is virtually no way they can be worse on Friday. This team is perplexing because just when you think they might turn a corner, they slam on the brakes, and blow their the tranny by going into reverse while still moving forward. It is really an amazing thing to watch..

  • OB

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    This team is perplexing because just when you think they might turn a corner, they slam on the brakes, and blow their the tranny.

    Lowe's brought in a Tranny? Well, there's the problem right there!

  • Jordan

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    Practice starts at 11…It will be interesting to see…I wouldn’t be surprised if both of them dress, because after the debacle last night, there is no way they want Strudwick or Stortini fighting the Bogeyman at home. A MacIntyre/Bogeyman clash could be something to look forward to, but last time I thought it would happen it didn’t, so I’m not predicting it this time. Only because I don’t want to jinx it…

    We could then see the magical line of macintyre stortini and strudwick reunited for that game hah so brutal. Jason, are you going to oil kings game to check out eberle play on saturday? Its impressive they sold 11k tickets for that game.

  • shakey

    Is a possible SMac vs. Boogyman tilt worth the $14.00 for PPV on Friday?
    After last night's game it'd be hard to find another reason to pay to watch. Never mind pay…just watch period.

  • Dennis Castro

    Hey MacT "do-over's" only apply to horseshoes, but you probably know a thing or two about horseshoes seeing as how somehow you managed to retain your job for this long.
    They better play better against Minnesota!!!

  • POKIE Reddik

    I like the way Jason finally calls out MACT inthis article, as did Fred Flintstone last nite on post game. It's about time. Now which reporter has the Gonads to ask Lowe why is MacT still here? and not just take any answer,Let him try defend his record. At the postgame press conference, When MacT said 'FIRE" I was hoping it was him.

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    CurtisS wrote:
    Nope playoff teams never ever lose that bad.
    Actually you are wrong…In 1984 the year the Oilers won their first cup…
    They lost,
    7-2 in LA
    8-3 in Toronto
    9-2 in Wash
    11-0 in Hartford
    7-1 v. St. Louis…

    Oh, Gregor. Any excuse to pimp the 11-0 loss to the Whale eh?

  • Jack "slacking off at work" Bauer

    When I read the article that Mactavish was telling his coaching staff to make sure the team didnt overwork themselves and save some energy for the stretch run make me think of a story.

    Mike Millbury told a story when asked if its tough to get back into 100% focus after a break. He said he was going to give the boys a day of rest, get them into a good frame of mind, nice and relaxed right? Well the GM of that team called him in and tore 105 strips off of him. They were a 1st place team at the time anhd the GM was like "you want us to miss the playoffs, what are you thinking" etc. etc. Well Millbury went and threw some stuff around the locker room and yelled and screamed for a good hour about being intense etc. They went and won that game.