Have I got a deal for you…

It wasn’t long ago that the rationale for handing out lucrative, long-term contracts to players like the pact the Edmonton Oilers signed Tom Gilbert to was: “It might seem like an overpayment now, but it will be a bargain two years from now.”


Happy Gretzmas!

Every Nation has it’s official Holidays — and our boy Charlie and his crew in Lethbridge have the honour of coining the very first National Holiday in the OilersNation. Gretzmas.


Moose Jaw Diaries

Where do you go when it’s freezing in your hometown? Somewhere warm? Somewhere you can sit on a beach and have a margarita? To a knitting convention in Missouri? Well we went to Moose Jaw and we got our drink on.



Statistics and mathematical modeling have changed the way society functions.


Blessing in Disguise?

Dany Sabourin, the ex-Pittsburgh Penguins backup goaltender who Edmonton acquired last weekend as part of the deal that sent Mathieu Garon out of town, cleared waivers as of noon on Wednesday.


Calling all bandwagon-jumpers…

We have had four messages from buddies/readers that basically say, “WHOA, you can actually see the bandwagon start to fill up on the Nation right now can’t you?


In it together

They’re in it together now. If for no other reason than that, I like the Edmonton Oilers’ chances of making the playoffs a lot more today than I did when this season began.