The return of ghost riding and hope

Screw “Private Eyes.” Long-time Citizens of the Nation know that there is only one way to celebrate BIG milestones. By ghost riding the whip.


Hemsky dominated tonight’s game

It might be permanently, or it might only be for the weekend. Either way Liam Reddox walked out of Rexall Place tonight carrying his hockey bag, so he will going to Springfield to try and help the Falcons win some games.


Garon’s ‘fair shake’, Reddox ain’t no Rudy

I was asked where I am regarding the Potulny re-assignment and some other things, so I will venture in on that and more random thoughts regarding the Oilers. What can I say about Reddox, other than I’m perplexed? The “HE HAS HEART” and “ HE REMINDS ME OF RUDY ” is a great observation, except,…


Paradigm shift

I think it’s a universal truth that we view life through the lens of our own experience. One of the best things I find about reading a variety of different takes on the same subject is challenging my own preconceived notions


Monday morning confessions

We have to confess that we are WAY too young for any sort of understanding of this “Hall and Oates” that was bumping on the PPV last night.


GDB 45: Vincent Lecavalier

As we wait for the game against the Coyotes to begin, let’s consider two players over the past two seasons. Both are gritty, have good size, and are well-known and often mentioned as Top-10 players.


Random stuff: KHL goaltenders

So I’ll admit off the top that this post has almost nothing to do with the Edmonton Oilers specifically, beyond the fact that it could count as beating the dead “Garon has no trade value at all” horse. It is hockey-related though, and features Ray Emery!