Shootout nostalgia


Yessir, that’s what last night was all about: the Oilers of yesteryear. Some fighting, a goal for each team, and a shootout win. I’m feeling so nostalgic, it reminds me of Junior High School.

Those were heady days, weren’t they? Strange new feelings towards the opposite sex (or same sex, if that’s how you roll. Diversity is key here in the Nation), cracking voices, terrible acne and general awkwardness. Kind of like our Oilers, no?

I remember my first day of band class in grade seven. Imagine a tiny cyborg sitting there with a larger-than-life alto saxophone. Seated behind me was lil’ Wanye Gretz smashing the drums until he was told to leave the class. Our exuberance was palpable at Wanye’s exit. I laughed so hard that a wad of snot shot out of my nose and onto my upper lip. That’s when the laughter shifted to me. I fled the classroom and bee-lined it for the bathroom. I don’t even recall if I went back into music class that day.

I still can’t look at my old saxophone without openly weeping.

Onwards and sideways

Props to Chris, who accurately predicted the score last night (see comment #3 on the GDB thread). Too bad he didn’t qualify whether we would win in regulation or in a shootout. Guess I’ll just keep this Oilers jersey I was going to giveaway — and by Oilers jersey, I mean a drawing of Ryan Smyth I did in crayon.

This weekend should be, uh, interesting. We take on the Wings and the Wild. The Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings! No wait, that’s something different. Both are afternoon games, so you Justice Leaguers are going to have to sober up right quick in the morning before you fall off the wagon again.

But I’m going to go ahead and predict worthy performances by the Oil. Wins and losses? On that, I won’t speculate.

I don’t want to have my little heart broken.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I figure if the guys play a strong game against Detroit (win or lose), they'll win against Minny. If Detroit kicks them to the curb, it'll be 0-2.

    The formula they used last night seemed to give them confidence – you could see it in the shootout. Too bad they couldn't bring that game for a half dozen of the games they poofed earlier in the year or we'd be trash talking Calgary with alot more conviction these days.

    5-2 Detroit beats us
    4-2 Edmonton beats the Wild

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ pmg2:
    'Just saying it like it’s been looking like all season long. Win 1, Lose 1 , Win 2, Lose 2, Win 1, lose 2,….(sigh),..'

    Sadly…it's been like that for too many years.
    The only thing consistent is their inconsistency.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    With Horcoff out (probably), I would be interested in seeing a Hemsky/Gagner/Nilsson line. to me, that makes more sense than plugging Brodziak in with Hemmer.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ pmg2:
    When I looked at this three game road trip I figured a .500 record would be a Godsend! St Louis had points in eight of their last nine games. Detroit is getting things back on track, and let's face it, point getting in Joe Louis is never easy… And Minnesota… How many games have we won in Minnesota the last three years?

    Last night was a critical win. The guys just aren't scoring… but a win is a win. The Oilers are not the team I had hoped they would be this year… I have blamed Predergast for not drafting enough offensive talent(other than Hemsky). I have blamed Kevin Lowe for poor cap management and not building a big enough, gritty enough team. I have blamed MacT for making some bizarre decisions…

    But we have, what we have… So now I'm bargaining with a higher power. If the Oilers can sneak out another win, or at least a loser point this roadtrip- I'll remain silent of my crticism of MacT. If Peckham can have a significant positive impact on this roster- I'll back off Predergast.(Till June) If the Oilers win a cup with even 30% of the players assembled under the KLowe regime- I'll apologise for everything bad I ever said about him and buy a keg of beer for the staff at Oilersnation!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Actually I m pretty excited to see Peckam play..6'2 225 ..his PIMS are up there in springfeild…Look for Theo to prove somthing here….He will probally drop the gloves tomorrow too Pretty tough boy..we need that element to our game..