GDB 52: Moving in Different Directions


With Lubomir Visnovsky already injured, and Tom Gilbert likely out after getting hurt against St. Louis, the Oilers have recalled their best AHL prospect, defenseman Theo Peckham. Peckham has two NHL games to his credit, one against Columbus at the tail end of last season, and one against Pittsburgh earlier this year.

J-F Jacques is once again ready to play, so he takes up a roster spot while on his two-week conditioning stint with Springfield. His activation and the recall of Peckham necessitated sending down Ryan Potulny.

Also injured for the game against Detroit this afternoon is Shawn Horcoff, the only centre on the team with more than two seasons of NHL experience. With him out, the top line spot between Penner and Hemsky needed filling, something Kyle Brodziak did for the end of the St. Louis game. Craig MacTavish’s comments before the game indicated that he was likely to leave Brodziak in that spot, at least to begin with.

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It’s an opportunity for Brodziak (the first words out of Brodziak’s mouth when asked were “It’s a big opportunity for me”). I’ve commented before on how he’s been used this season, but it’s worth repeating. For the vast majority of the year, he’s been saddled with inferior linemates (MacIntyre, Stortini, etc.) but that’s only part of the problem. Brodziak’s been starting in the defensive zone more than any other player on the team. Of his 314 non-neutral zone draws, 219 of them have been in the defensive end. That means that he’s had 124 more defensive zone draws than offensive zone draws; the next nearest Oiler is Shawn Horcoff with 86. No other player on the team has more than 40.

It’s a measure of the trust that MacTavish has in those two players that they are his go-to guys for defensive zone faceoffs.

Checking in on the other end of the blender, Marc Pouliot will centre Steve MacIntyre (asked about MacIntyre playing against Detroit, MacTavish said “we don’t have anyone else”) and Zach Stortini on the fourth line tonight, and MacTavish hinted that he didn’t trust them to play much at all against Detroit, saying that they’d likely sub in on other lines. After saying that he didn’t like Pouliot at centre, MacTavish expanded that he felt Pouliot, for all his improvements ‘needed something he can provide every night, whether it be a better defensive game, a more physical game, or more consistent offensive contribution’. He summed up by saying that while Pouliot was improving, but that his game on a whole was “vanilla”.

The bottom line though is that this Edmonton Oilers team isn’t at nearly the same level of the Red Wings when healthy, and they aren’t close to that tonight.

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On the Red Wings front, significant players in Tomas Holmstron (groin) and Brad Stuart (ribs) won’t be playing this afternoon. Marian Hossa, who turned down a massive contract from the Oilers this off-season, is leading the Red Wings in goals (28) and comes to town amid rumours that he and fellow pending unrestricted free agent Johan Franzen are negotiating extensions with the Wings. The real news is that the Red Wings are hoping to sign the two “for a package price of around US$10-million per season.” The other thing worth noting is that Albertan Chris Osgood, suffering through a poor season, is not expected to start tonight, making room for ex-Oiler Ty Conklin, who has been very good over the past two seasons.

Because I’m incapable of predicting an Oilers loss, I’m going to call it a 3-2 win with Kyle Brodziak leading the way offensively and Dwayne Roloson making 436 saves (give or take 5). Chime in with your predictions below.

  • Hippy

    Antony Ta wrote:

    I hope DesLauriers starts in net.

    I don't know if you've noticed but starting line ups have been posted pretty much everywhere… Roli is in.

    Brodz fillin in for Horcs? Can't wait to see how this goes.

  • Hippy

    Yeah I called a 3-2 win in the other thread. Now that we've repeated the same bet the Gods of the Hockey Universe will smite us.

    I hope DesLauriers starts in net.

  • Hippy

    @ Jonathan Willis:

    The alarm bells were really going off when the owner sent that open letter to the fans apologizing for the team…wow.

    Not that the farm team is the perfect barometer for the parent club, but I think ideally you'd want to develop players in a culture of winning.

    I have wondered why the Oilers don't put their farm team in Edmonton. I guess it would be travel costs, but you'd be developing the players in the NHL city. Call ups would be a breeze and you could share practice and workout facilities. The players themselves would have the support of the community.

    I hate the fact that Springfield wreaks if mismanagement…

  • Hippy

    @ Wej:

    Yeah – if he's risking re-injury, I'd rather have him sit out another game and get closer to 100%.

    Of course, they didn't do that with Stoll, and that turned out just fine… wait a second.

  • Hippy

    @ Fiveandagame:

    No relation.

    As for Springfield, a lot of the problems seem to stem from bad coaching decisions. Running Dubnyk into the ground, (whether he wants to be or not, playing him for all three games in three nights is stupid) strange decisions on personnel have really hurt the team.

    Plus, they've had a lack of forwards that's only recently started to be addressed (Willis, Stone).

    Honestly though, a change in coach could be huge. Stockton was really struggling, but now they're three points out of first and Andrew Perugini's won seven games in a row under the new coach.

  • Hippy

    @ Jonathan Willis:

    Hey Jonathan, you have probably answered this before but is there any relation to you and Springfield Falcon Shane Willis?

    I was also wondering if you had any insight into the problems of the Falcons this season. Are they really a brutal team? Or are they suffering from MacT-itis? Or it's less toxic form Truit-alitosis? Or is just because they lost Wunderkind Liam Reddox?

    Thats a ton of questions for a saturday morning. Sorry.

  • Hippy

    Someone in the know be straight with me – Reddox is part of the Make A Wish Foundation right? And not on the usual side of the Foundation as most NHLers either…

    Poor little fella, I just hope he's not suffering…

  • Hippy

    I had a dream last night.

    Souray scored 4 goals. The oilers won 4-2….

    I hope that my dream comes true…..

    But in the dream I was also playing for the Oilers….so yeah….sad isn't it?

    I wonder if Gregor is auditioning to be a Radio personality out in T.O? Gregor on the national stage? As much as it would suck to lose him locally, having a national Oilers booster would be wicked.

  • Hippy

    Feeling pessimistic today. One of two straight matinees, three top players injured, the Red Wings looking for blood…

    Sounds like it's gonna be a recap of the NYR – Dallas game last night. We hold them to something respectable until the third period, and then *game over*.

    Oh, I hope I'm wrong…I hope I'm overly-pessimistic…

  • Hippy

    Regarding Brule:

    Columbus atrociously mismanaged Brule – they turned a guy who scored nearly a goal per game (not point per game, goal per game) in his final junior season into a fourth line plugger. They did it by playing him before he was ready, which resulted in a nasty series of injuries, and then by continually throwing him into 4th line NHL situations rather than letting him play an offensive role in the AHL. While doing it they used up nearly all of his waiver eligibility.

    At this point, I think he's better off playing offensive minutes in the AHL than defensive minutes in the NHL – so if they leave him there for a bit for his long-term development, I'm OK with it.

    Regarding Schremp:

    He doesn't deserve to be on the team. There's a case to be made for, say, Ryan Potulny over Reddox, but until Schremp can consistently score in the AHL he doesn't deserve to be in the conversation.

  • Hippy

    @ doggie-style D:

    The most frustrating thing is the way the Oilers "planned" on handling Brule this year??

    They had a plan that he would spend the year in Springfield to try and "rebuild" his confidence???

    How is watching Tim Sestito and Liam Reddox get called up helping his confidence?

    Brule totally out played Pouliot in training camp and should have been here to start the season.

    Brule has more NHL games played that a lot of our young talent. Let him stay here and learn the game at this level. I hardly think he has anything to learn at the AHL level.

    The fact that they want to keep him down to avoid him reaching his 160 NHL games(waiver requirements) is laughable.

    Do they not realize he will be in the exact same situation next year?

    The only thing they have accomplished this year is forcing Brule to be a part of a total disaster down in Springfield.

    I am sure he will be a much better player to start the season next year because of it…….YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

  • Hippy

    Detroit 6 – Oilers 2, if they're lucky!

    Sorry, Oilers fans. Now, maybe if we were playing our best players such as Brule and Schremp up with the big team we would have more of a chance…

    Who gives us a better chance of scoring – Brule, or Reddox (nothing personal, but he is a no talent guy).

    Watching nervously, hoping the Oiles will shock us all,

    Doggie-Style D.

  • Hippy

    @ Wej:

    Gilbert's "likely", but thanks for the update. IT sounded like he was out when I went over there this morning.

    This is good – maybe Strudwick can play 4LW, and MacIntyre can sit this one out.

  • Hippy

    This could be flat out ugly for the Oil. The upside is that the Wings aren't exactly lighting the league on fire right now going 4-4-2 and their last 10.

    Here's hoping for a 4-3 Oil win. But that's more goals than we've scored total in the last week so I might be aiming a little high.