Should Souray Be Suspended?

Souray fights Weller

By now, we’ve likely all heard about the suspension to Canadiens forward Tomas Plekanec for slewfooting Denis Grebeshkov on Wednesday night. As Jason Gregor reported yesterday, Grebeshkov is going to be out for a minimum of two weeks, and likely longer with a high ankle sprain. Plekanec will be ineligible to play for two games, in accordance with the Colin Campbell Wheel of Justice.

With both Grebeshkov and Visnovsky injured, the blueline corps has been transformed from a strength to a weakness; Jason Strudwick and the recently recalled Theo Peckham are simply not of the same calibre as those two players.

Things could be worse, though. Yesterday, the Minnesota Wild sent a new video of Sheldon Souray’s fight with Craig Weller to the NHL, based on a close-up angle from FSN’s coverage of the game. According to the Wild, it’s conclusive evidence:

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The replay shows Souray throwing four “punches.” Each time, Souray, instead of leading with his fist, turned his left wrist and forearmed Weller in the face. Weller sustained a serious concussion and hasn’t played since.

Souray already met with Colin Campbell, who warned him that fighting while wearing the wrist guard is illegal. This video is hardly conclusive (Note: this isn’t the close-up the Wild sent in), but it certainly seems possible that Souray was hitting Weller with his wrist guard. The Michael Russo of the Star-Tribune, who reported this story, says it’s “hard to imagine” Souray being disciplined, given that the incident occurred a month ago. Souray

Maybe it’s just me, but if the video is conclusive in showing that Souray intentionally hit Weller with his wrist guard, I’d like to see a suspension. Russo’s likely right that the league will chose to do nothing, especially given their rather lax disciplinary policy (exceptions: if you insult your ex-girlfriend on TV) and the length of time that has passed. Even so, it’s impossible to justify Souray using his wrist guard as a weapon, and if that is what indeed took place here, he deserves punishment.

  • Hippy

    @ Robin B

    Thanks for the comments Robin. I think we can agree that Avery presents the Oilers with a specific skillset, one that I believe the Oilers have been missing for quite sometime, especially given the importance the Oilers put on leadership qualities on draft day making these types of "unsavoury" characters absent in the organization. My question then becomes (with the lack players like Avery) available to the Oilers, would it be more beneficial to the Oilers to stand pat in terms of organizational template or to add Avery in light of the risks (Dallas Stars) and possible rewards (NY Rangers)? Also, if the Oilers were to do this my understanding is that if they were to pickup Avery on re-entry waivers that they would only be responsible for half his salary (1) what happens to the other half? and (2) if the Oilers then sent him down and called him up and he was again picked up on re-entry waivers by another team what would happen to his salary?

  • Hippy

    B-rad wrote:

    Would you have sent a tape Gregor, if it was Brent Burns wearing the wrist gaurd?

    I wouldn't since I don't work for the Oilers…haha.

    I never said sending a tape was bad, I reported the FACTS. Souray had a meeting with Campbell because Campbell wanted to see the guard. He saw and made a decison that it wasn't a weapon in this case. Will Souray be monitored more closely now because of it, yes.

    It has nothing to do with which team sent the tape from my opinion. I've stated many times that due to my job I am not a FAN of the Oilers. I want them to win because it benefits the city, but really whether they win or lose doesn't change my job. That's why I love being a Dolphins fan. It allows me to still cheer for a team, and since I don't cover them, my cheering for them doesn't influence how I do my job.

  • Hippy

    Robin B wrote:

    OilFan in Calgary wrote:
    BOOOO. Home town reporting only.
    Who are you to tell Willis what to write? If his take on this doesn’t hold up, it’s because he didn’t have all the information — which he’s already acknowledged. It’s a legit topic, given the follow-up from Russo.
    Dennis wrote:
    This WIll be a major story if the new video makes the Weller thrashing a suspendable offense
    At least you snuck in 17 words on the actual topic before treating us to, surprise, more of your insight on how the MSM won’t tell the real story and is putting the “spin” on Smid.

    If the bloggers can express an opinion on this site, the people who read these blogs can definitely express their opinions in the comment fields. I believe that's what they're for(!) Have a little bit of respect for the people who come on here out of boredom to read your truly exclusive insights. Just a thought, maybe you should listen to input from YOUR readers instead of immediately dismissing us. Maybe you just don't care if anybody reads your blog, I don't know. I know if I were you I would care because a blog that nobody reads is hardly worth writing.

  • Hippy

    That goes for both of you, by the way. I know this is not your blog, Robin B, but you seem very offended that OilFan had the nerve to express his dissenting opinion.

  • Hippy

    I'm getting pretty disgusted by the misplaced sense of 'righteousness' and 'self-importance' that you 'writers' seem to have. I'm a 'writer' too. Honestly, your opinion is just an opinion. It is not more worthy than any other opinion than anybody might express. Sure, you might know hockey better than alot of people. But you need to have some respect. Just because you express your opinions on some website does not make it more or less valid.

  • Hippy

    Jaime wrote:

    That goes for both of you, by the way. I know this is not your blog, Robin B, but you seem very offended that OilFan had the nerve to express his dissenting opinion.

    Grow up.
    Dissenting opinion? Like I already said, argue the merits of what's written until you're blue in the face, but don't chastise Willis or anybody else for choosing to write about a given topic.
    "BOOO, hometown reporting only?" That's deep. What does that add to debate?

    And you'd best step back into the real world. Everybody has the right to an opinion, but if you think all opinions are created equal, well, keep thinking it if you must.

    By the way, three straight posts qualifies as just wanting to hear yourself talk. Here's a thought, as you put it: the vast majority of people who comment here offer insights that are worth debate, even if they run contrary to what the "writers" think. Some do not.

    And before you offer your "opinion" based on citing my response to Dennis, you'd best do your homework on the history behind that one.

  • Hippy

    Thanks for putting me in my place! I'm sorry for suggesting that people had the right to say what they think, regardless of if it's on topic or not!

    Maybe I just want to tell you what I think?

    'debate'. Right, this is all pure intellectual conversation right here. There's alot to debate about, hockey is so complex. I can hardly wrap my mind around this entire discussion. Should he be suspended, or not?? God, that's a ring-dinger.

    Sure, some people write stupid comments. I'm sure you know the internet isn't limited to people looking for an intelligent debate. If you have a problem with that, maybe you shouldn't be blogging.

  • Hippy

    @ Jaime:
    If you have a problem with grasping the concept that there's a difference in debating the issue and taking shots at the person who raised the issue, then maybe you need to bugger off and find a place where it's really dumbed down.

    Oilers rule! Flames suck!
    No they don't.
    Yes they do.
    No they don't.
    Yes they do.
    No they don't.
    You suck.
    No I don't.
    Yes you do . . .

    Interesting you don't like my take that the person commenting should debate the issue and not take shots at the writer for raising it — that's some sort of censorship and denying the basic right to say whatever the hell you want — but you're apparently OK with the poster telling Willis what to write with his "BOOO hometown news only" comment. Hmm. Do tell.