GDB 56: Broken vs broken


Assuming the Coyotes don’t file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the next few hours, the Oilers will face Phoenix tonight in Glendale, Arizona. A team that is broken against a team that is just plain broke. On a Monday too. Squee (?)!

At the risk of jinxing a three-game winning streak, this match should be one where the Oil eek out a win. At the risk of jinxing the starting goalie, one would have to assume that JDD will play that role and that ol’ man Roloson would get the start tomorrow against the Juggernaut that is Shark.

But in this crazy MacT-coached world anything is possible now, isn’t it? Perhaps MacT will dip into his bag of tricks and start Strudwick in net, citing his versatility and work ethic as principle reasons for getting the start. Perhaps the Oil will forgo a tender altogether, favoring a six-man attack for a full three periods. We had a coach in Pee Wee that once pulled the goalie for the entire third period because of our lack of defensive play. THAT team had some heart, we can tell you that.

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Whatever happens tonight this is another one of those games that won’t earn the Oil critical acclaim if they win, but one where all kinds of holy hell will break loose if they lose. Kind of like last year when we fought that eight-year-old at the Waterpark. No one was cheering when we were raining thunderous kicks and punches upon our opponent early on, but we sure heard about it when we eventually lost.

That chick had crazy fighting skills though. Whatever.


Oilers 4, Coyotes 2.

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