Rock n’ Roli


In an otherwise completely boring game against the Phoenix Coyotes, Dwayne Roloson literally pulled out all (or at least most) of the stops last night. The first period was yawn-enducing, and you can see by the comments in the GDB thread that most of the Nationeers watching and writing agreed. But in the second and third periods, Roloson was a man on fire. A veritable rockstar. A not-39-year-old goalie past his prime. And consequently, the rest of our boys were fired up as well.

I have to agree with Chaz, though, who had this to say in the comments of GDB 56:

Note To Rollie:

That move you do when you bat the puck out of the air is cool and all, but please limit its occurrence to once or twice a year. You played great last night, and have been very good lately, but put that move away already. Especially when you’re surrounded by 3 opposition players. I know you actually didn’t make the move last night, but you kept acting like you were going to, and quite frankly Rollie, it makes us all a little bit nervous here in Oil nation. We’d prefer it actually if you just concentrated on holding on to your stick (I bet that’s what she said) as opposed to trying to emulate Barry Bonds.

We couldn’t agree with you more, Chaz old son.

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Oh sure, it was only Phoenix we were playing against. Only the 14th place team in the Western Conference. But it was an important game for the boys in copper & blue. It put the Oil in sixth place, a decent position from which to battle the Sharks.

Things are looking up in the OilersNation. And as an added bonus, I get a perverse pleasure out of watching Gretzky scowl all game long. Schadenfraude, it’s called.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    It's true that it was only Phoenix, but aren't these "should win" games the ones the Oil have historically mailed in and not won in the past couple of years? Us Oil faithful need to focus in on the positives:

    We got the win last night
    We are on a three game win streak
    If things don't work out for Rollie in hockey, we're pretty sure he has a future in Jai Alai
    Everyone in the league is pretty much afraid of Souray

    Any news on who gets the start in net tonight?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    And as an added bonus, I get a perverse pleasure out of watching Gretzky scowl all game long

    I don't think I've ever seen dude smile behind the bench.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Actually, I think that everytime the Oilers have played back-to-back nights this year, the same goalie has started both games. I think Roli, Garon and JDD have all done it, can anyone confirm?