GDB 58: A contest winner and a game night


After some arguing and debating over some fun and interesting promotional ideas, we have come up with a winner for the Oiler/Flames tickets. Congrats to Mrs. Cogliano with this post:

Promote Health and Awareness for “Cancer down there”….some proceeds could be donated to “the underwear affair” (A charity event being held in June), and everyone would be encouraged to show up in their underwear. Everyone who had a doctors note proving they had been for a check up in the last 2 months or so would get a discount, and if everyone shows up in their underwear, there has to be a world record in there somewhere!

Plus, if you couple it with the KY give away, its a win win…because who doesn’t love free KY? Maybe it would spawn some wrestling matches…

p.s. as a single female, hoodlum, did it ever occur to you that our plan is to find some idiot of a man who is going to buy our drinks for us all night, because he thinks we’re “lonely”, and we can go home knowing that we don’t have to sleep with him because he’ll be “too drunk” (read: unable) anyways, and in the morning we can just slip away with another hilarious story to tell our girlfriends?

Wanye wasn’t a fan of this one, which makes me wonder if he has ever seen a woman in lingerie. Surprisingly even the women judges liked it.

Bear Promotions guru Lacey: “I like this one because it involved charity, and anytime you tie that in a promotion it seems to work. But what I really liked were her comments about getting the guy drunk where he can’t perform. I like devious women.”

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bingofuel sent this: “I love this one, and I HATE prostate exams. But it’s a good tie-in with real-world charity events, it’s for a great cause and it forces men to do something hilarious instead of women always being the object of jokes or ridicule. OK, I admit it, my mom told me to write that last part.”

So congrats Mrs. Cogliano! We will get in touch with you and I’m sure you will be wearing your #13 jersey on Saturday. As promised, I will submit the idea to the promotions department for the Oil-Cats, and then you and a few of your girlfriends will FOR SURE show up in Teddy or some sort of lingerie and be honoured for coming up with the idea.

On to the game…

The Colossal Fossil will start his 14th straight game tonight, and the Oilers’ offence will get boost when JF Jacques and his ZERO points in 53 NHL games will be on the fourth line with Brodziak and Reddox.

Red-hot Zack Stortini – when the kid has three goals in six games you can use Stortini and red-hot in the same sentence — gets the promotion and will play with Moreau and Cogliano.

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The Stars are without Brad Richards, their second-leading scorer, Brendan Morrow, their emotional leader and Oiler killer Sergei Zubov, yet they have won eight of 11 since the All-star break. The Stars PP is a scorching eight for 24 in their last six home games so the Oilers have to be disciplined.

Many Oiler fans are calling for revenge when any players get run by the opposition, so do the Stars get someone to fight Penner after he KO’d Landon Wilson on January 3rd? I hope so, because when the sleeping giant wakes up he can be an impact player.

Don’t be surprised if Barch and Strudwick mix it up again too. Strudwick was really pissed in January when they met and went after Barch early in the game, because Barch ran him from behind the game before. Even after the game Strudwick hinted he wouldn’t mind another shot. Hits from behind bother him more than anything and he seems to have a memory like an elephant, so if the Oilers need a momentum change I wouldn’t be surprised to see #13 and #43 go at it again.

While the Colossal Fossil is starting his 14th straight, he has nothing on Marty Turco who is starting his 28th straight tonight.

And for those who think Avery might help the Oilers ponder this, the Stars are 20-10-3 without Avery after starting the season 8-11-4 with him.

  • 99thOilfan

    Well, The Oil are in for a rough ride now…
    I check and recheck web sites, all day in hopes that a deal has been done, something that will help the Oil…

    The "stand pat" policy of the Oilers, is not going to cut it… I think it may be too late for any type of move, that will help us….

    B) SEE ABOVE..

    I think I see a white flag, coming out from behind the dressing room door,…wait… there is a sign too.. says

    " CLOSED FOR SEASON : c u next year ! "


  • Sean

    lol… You guys are the most over dramatic group ive ever seen… No heart? Are you effin kidding me? They stuck up for each other and played a hard game on the road.

    Everyone talking like the playoffs are gone? lol. Its 1 loss simmer down you guys sound like we lost 10-2 again.

  • Hat Pughes

    DK0 wrote:

    HAHHAHA they just showed the bench and Stortini is just SCREAMING “YOU F___ING PIECE OF S___” at some star

    I saw that too…he was beaking at Public Enemy #1 Steve "the mouth" Ott.

  • Hat Pughes

    Watching this team is like groundhog day.

    PP is the same thing over and over and over….Stars decided to have one guy (on a 5 on 3 cover no less)Souray, the other two cutoff passing lanes for Hemsky and the Oil powerless play is paralyzed.

    Shawn Horcoff — anybody know details about the endorsement contract he has signed with Pillsbury Company.

    And the killer has been and still is count the number of times that the Oil giveaway the puck just inside the offensive blueline. That is the worst place to do it and it kills them everytime.

    Ohh and about the Horcoff endorsement deal … he has been handing out five alarm turnovers at a rate of one or two a game.

  • Milli

    ya, game after game they seem totally out of sync. I'd be so happy to just see a fuctional group that competes and play hard 60 minutes a night, hell, i'd settle for 55 minutes right about now.


  • Chaz

    Another couple of softies let in by Rollie. I know he's been our best player lately so I hate to complain, but he has to get a grip on these if we want to climb the standings.

    Hindsight is 20/20, but I really think JDD should have got a start on this trip. Mac T even said last week he would get one. Then we get 2 wins to start the trip and he still doesn't give him a chance?!? I don't get that. You say you want the kid to play a game on the trip, you start with 2 wins and then you still stick with Rollie. Does anyone know why he flip-flopped on this? By the time this kid gets a start, he'll be so frazzled I wouldn't expect him to stop a beach ball. Brutal goaltending management Mac!

    Here's my bright side for the day; A big win against Calgary and we're right back in the thick of things. I smell a TSN turning point coming….

    Goliers! FMNF.

  • rindog

    @ Chaz:
    Chaz wrote:

    By the time this kid gets a start, he’ll be so frazzled I wouldn’t expect him to stop a beach ball.

    Very similar to the way MacT handled Garon. A coach can do wonders for boosting (and ruining) a player's confidence.

    How many players have been playing with a lot of confidence this year?

  • Right from the start of the season the idea of devoloping a goaltender seemed like an oxymoron. We had 3 guys until last month, & now we are in the middle of a play-off race so why would he play a rookie? JDD had better start against the lightning at least.

    That game could have been a win last night, but those first 2 goals he gassed I think pretty much ended the game. The guys have been playing with a lot of confidence when Roli is playing good – but when he is bad the rest of the team isn't picking him up.

    This season will be no different than past ones – I think we should have at least 10 more points in the standigns if we had shown up for a few more games.

  • David S

    BUCK75 – FMNF wrote:

    I think we should have at least 10 more points in the standings if we had shown up for a few more games.

    Funny thing. That was pretty much where MacT predicted we'd be at the beginning of the year.

    We're missing three guys that effectively change the way we play the game because we have so little depth. I'd really love to see the guys win against Calgary, but we'd need a strong game from a healthy team to pull it off.

    And for Moreau to come down with a REALLY bad flu that keeps him off the bench.

  • yo

    yo February 17 2009, 2:29 am.

    Once again Moreau plays like an absolute meathead. What a liability. I don’t get it. People in Oil country suck this guys ass and he hurts the team running around making stupid plays game in and game out. Rip the effen C off his sweater and put it on Joe Moss.

    yo February 20 2009 9:56 am

    Regarding my comments about Moreau's fitness to wear the 'C' I just can't control the urge to say it…
    'I told you so'. This idiot by himself is certainly doing his bit to be one-man season-killer.

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    And I don’t see the Oilers trading Cole for future prospects because that lessens their chance of making the playoffs, which would increase the chance of MacT getting fired. I don’t see the Oilers “selling out” their coach.

    I'm not sure I agree with this line of reasoning. Why is it the responsibility of the GM to give his coach every opportunity to keep his job at the expense of the long-term future of his team? The way I see it, MacT had ~60 games to have this team in good shape at the trade deadline and he didn't deliver.

    If the Oilers are sitting in 5th place, are clearly in position to be buyers at the deadline and load up for a playoff run, and THEN you trade away a top-6 veteran for prosepects, yeah I agree that's giving the coach the shaft. I realize that 8th place isn't a bad spot to be in right now, but honestly have you seen anything from this team this year to suggest that they're destined for anything better than game 5 of the first round? We looked badly outclassed by the #7 seed last night, we will get murdered by Detroit or San Jose, Kovalev or no.

    In addition to this, the AHL team is absolutely abysmal and our best prospect is still in junior. Getting some guys who can contribute in the future should be a top priority for Tambellini. Cole has been a non-factor for the majority of this season so my opinion is that losing him doesn't hurt MacT's chances of making the playoffs too severely. Even if it does, well I'm sorry but you can't have 8.5 mediocre years then cry foul because you lost one of your veterans for 20 games.

    Basically my stance is that it's more important to build something for the future than to give your long-suffering coach a token shot at a first-round playoff exit.

  • Mike Krushelnyski wrote:

    I’m not sure I agree with this line of reasoning. Why is it the responsibility of the GM to give his coach every opportunity to keep his job at the expense of the long-term future of his team? The way I see it, MacT had ~60 games to have this team in good shape at the trade deadline and he didn’t deliver.

    I never said I agree with it, I'm saying I don't see this organization hanging their coach out to dry. I could be wrong and they might surprise me, but for them to trade Cole for futures would weaken MacTavish's lineup and I'd be surprised.

    I WOULD trade Cole and at least get something rather than lose him for nothing…but will the Oilers??? We'll see.

  • James Gunner

    Mrs. Cogliano quotes my idea for a health themed night, ties it into a charity event that was already taking place, and agrees to my KY giveaway, so she's the winner?!

    I demand a recall! I'm kidding, I live in Ontario, but the point had to made.

  • Bob Cob

    I think its time to face the fact that the Oilers suck, the are extremely easy to play against physically, they are unorganized, they make stupid plays like trying to stick handle into the offensive zone instead of dumping the puck in and going and getting it, yet they consider themselve's a puck pursuit type team. They show no urgency on any powerplay and are too predictable, they cant break a forecheck from an opposing team, they cant create a forecheck, the penalty kill sucks, they take stupid penalties, like Hemsky's slash, after the puck is going the other way. All this can be fixed by paying more attention to detail, what I am most concerned about is the fact that they don't appear to be able to push back and turn the tide of momentum back in their favor when the opposition is coming on strong. It seems like they have a certain compete level and once they reach it they cant go beyond it and this I think is linked to how hard they practice and push one another.

  • Hanson#4

    @ yo:

    Absolutely agree that was the worst time to take his 2008/2009 patented stupid penalties. I mean the Stars were in the middle of a line change for pucks sake !

    Part of leadership is to know when to be disciplined and when to be undisciplined (i.e. when the team needs to be wakened up). Ethan just does not seem to get it …. forget about hockey sense how about some common sense.

  • Amber McCormick

    Perhaps there should be a kiosk for on the (brown) spot prostate exams. I'm sure Wanye would be more than happy to lend a hand..or finger. He's all about mens bum health.

  • Chris

    I'm very interested in the upcoming trade deadline. If the Oilers make big moves to improve the team I'll be suitably excited; it'll be nice to re-evaluate what has become a boring roster. If they sell I'll be even happier. A decision to sell guys like Cole, Staios, Pisani, etc would signal to me that the Katz era has finally begun. It's time decision making was about the long term good of the franchise, and NOT about propping up an old friend, or generating the minimum required playoff revenue to survive another year… This season has been disappointing; We are even further back of the elite teams like Detroit than we were three years ago… Let's give Tambellini a chance to hire a new coach, restock the farm, and bring some balance to the Oiler roster. It's time to take some real steps towards achieveing elite level status.

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    I never said I agree with it, I’m saying I don’t see this organization hanging their coach out to dry. I could be wrong and they might surprise me, but for them to trade Cole for futures would weaken MacTavish’s lineup and I’d be surprised.

    I see what you're saying. Probably has a lot to do with whether it's Lowe or Tambellini actually pulling the trigger on the deal.

  • Mrs. Cogliano

    @ Hoodlum:

    hahaha, I'm actually not, but thank you! The point is, I won the tickets and you did not!! So thank you very much OilersNation, really made my weekend, and I'm greatful!!! Definitely will make for a great weekend, and even better when I get to watch the boys win!

  • Sing A Song For SingSing

    I think people should collectively LOWER their expectations, and be happy with any wins they get. The team is horribly average. They need the young guys to grow up, bottom line.

    And BTW, someone said Dallas was a better team? Well, for one, they have a better coach, but on paper, they aren't necessarily a better team, especially now with their 3 best players done.