Questions That Need Answers: Second Edition


Based on the amount of questions I got last week, QTNA will now involve questions from the readers as well as my own. If you have any send them to

The Boston Bruins had ten 20-goal scorers one season, and right now the Oilers don’t have one. Are the Oilers the least talented offensive team in the league?

When you scan rosters around the league, the Oilers’ proven scoring is near the bottom. Right now only Minnesota, the Rangers and the Islanders don’t have a 20-goal man. The Wild’s best player, Marian Gaborik, has been out all year, the Islanders are horrendous and the Rangers have overpriced UFAs taking up lots of ice time.

But after looking down the line-ups of other teams, outside of the Islanders and the Wild, it is fair to say the Oiler forwards have to be considered one of the least offensively productive groups in the league. The Predators have scored 23 fewer goals as a team, so they are in the mix as well, but Arnott and Dumont have produced more goals than any Oiler forward.

The Wild have scored fewer goals as a team, but they don’t get anything from their backend. Their top six scorers are all forwards. At some point, the Oiler forwards have to start to score, otherwise they will only be “paper-prospects.”

When was the last time a non-playoff team had the top two regular season scorers? (Malkin and Crosby)
— Sheldon

Originally people said this never happened, but after some research, in fact it has happened once before.

In 1949:

  • Roy Conacher 1st: 68 pts in 60 games
    Doug Bentley 2nd: 66 pts in 58 games

Both played for Chicago which finished fifth out of six teams… So they’re the only two that have ever done it, but no tandem has done it since expansion in 1967.

The closest was 1969:

Bobby Hull 2nd and Stan Makita 4th both from Chicago who finished last in 1969.

In 1994 Gretzky finished first in scoring but the Kings missed the playoffs. His teammate Luc Robitaille finished 14th with 96 points.

In 2002 Jarome Iginla led the league in scoring, but the Flames finished 11th in the West. Fellow Flamer Craig Conroy finished 12th that year.

Is Europe or the Leafs the bigger coach killer?

Tom Renney became the second coach to get fired after a loss to the Maple Leafs this season, when he and his assistant Perry Pearn were given pink slips this morning. Michel Therrien got the boot from Pittsburgh after losing to the Leafs.

Losing to the Leafs must be the final measuring stick for Eastern teams.

And all four of the coaches whose teams started this campaign in Europe have now been fired. Renney, Therrien, Craig Hartsburg and Barry Melrose have all been canned after playing two games in Europe. Sorry Oilers fans, the Oil aren’t scheduled to start the season overseas next year.

Who do you think has been the Oilers best draft pick in the last 10 years excluding Hemsky?
— Ken

Great question, and there is no name the jumps out right away. Horcoff was drafted in 1998 so that is outside of the last 10 years.

Within the last 10, I would say Mike Comrie. Whether you like him or not, for a third-round pick he’s been a pretty decent scorer. He’s the only draft pick to have two 30-goal seasons.

The next best would be Jarret Stoll, second round 2002, and Andrew Cogliano who will average 18 goals a year in his first two years. It’s clear they haven’t drafted any top-end talent outside of Hemsky in the last 10 years, or at least any talent that has panned out.

When will Pisani return, and when he does where do you see him playing?
— Alan

Spoke with Pisani this morning and he is scheduled for another MRI on Friday. If the middle of the bone has healed enough he should get clearance for the game on March 3rd against Nashville.

He will slot in with Moreau and Cogliano. Even though Stortini has been one of the hottest Oilers of late, Pisani will slot back into his usual third line RW position. There has been lots of speculation that when he returns the Oilers might move Pouliot. I still doubt MAP could net much in return, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets moved.

What is the Oilers biggest weakness that realistically Tambellini/Lowe can fill before the deadline?
— Chris from Clareview

First off Chris, congrats on admitting you are from the northside. It takes courage.

Denis Grebeshkov has resumed skating and it looks like he might return within a week, so that should allow Tambellini to focus on what they really need: scoring.

Getting a left winger for Hemsky is the most pressing need, but also the hardest. Right now I think they will settle for a productive and consistent second liner. The current “second line” has two players with less than ten goals, Nilsson (7) and Gagner (6). They need secondary scoring just as much as they do a top line LW. And it will be easier to acquire a guy with 17-20 goals than it will getting a proven 30-goal man.

Do guys go to Oscar parties like women attend Super Bowl parties?

Super Bowl and Grey Cup parties have been a staple for many years, and non-sports fans have continually attend them. Lately Oscar parties have become more popular, but I’ve never gone to one and I can’t see why I would in the future.

I watch movies regularly, but I could care less who wins Best Actor or Actress. Did you notice that all the best Actress nominees came from “chick flick” type of films? The only reason most guys watch is to see the women’s attire. Outside of best picture, director, actor, actress and the supporting actor or actress, does anyone really care about best costume design?

You will never catch me attending an Oscar party.

Why do guys change their facebook relationship status from single to “it’s complicated” and vice versa?

I know this has nothing to do with sports, but it’s my biggest pet peeve. Girls do this because their friends will comment with remarks like “keep your head up,” or “It’s his loss.” I can understand that they are looking for comfort. But guys? Do you actually think your buddy is going to write anything consoling or that we are even interested?

My buddy actually announced his engagement was off via his relationship status last week. He went from engaged to single, and of course ten different girls chimed in with some comment designed to cheer him up. No guys replied, and why would we?

First off, if my fiancé dumped me or me her, I don’t think I’d be posting it on Facebook a day after it happened. Seriously guys, I think I speak for other guys when I say stop posting that garbage. Sure, if she left you for another guy we feel your pain, and will promise to get you bombed the next day. Hell, we will sacrifice a head-pounding, barf-at-lunch hangover on Tuesday if that’s what it takes to help you out.

But expecting some sort of pat-on-the-back comment on Facebook is out of the question. FIGURE IT OUT.

Have you actually met Wanye Gretz and do you know if he is single? I think he is so funny and I bet he is hot.
— Allison

For the record I didn’t make up this question. I replied to Allison and she confirmed it was for real. I included this query for a few reasons. It shows the major difference between guys and girls. She admits she hasn’t seen Wanye and based his hotness on his ramblings, so she is going on wit and personality. Guys, we are shallow. We go for looks first, second and third.

I have met Wanye a few times, and plead the fifth regarding his looks. I can admit that Brad Pitt is hot, it’s not hard to see that, but in most cases I think guys have no clue if another guy is hot. Wanye is currently looking, but for what exactly I’m not sure.

But Allison there is one rule. I would never set up a buddy without seeing a picture of the girl that wants to meet him, and most guys won’t consider it without seeing the potential prospect. So if you or any other ladies are interested in Wanye include a picture in your email. I will gladly pass those to Sir WG.