Quick news: Ethan Moreau’s eye injury

Ethan Moreau outside Edmonton City hall

Here is what Craig MacTavish relayed about Moreau, “He says it feels like there is something in his eye, but he can’t get it out. The pain isn’t the issue; it is the discomfort that is bothersome.”

MacTavish didn’t elaborate on anything else. I did some digging and found some good news regarding Moreau.

He can see. The scratch on his cornea has healed, like my optometrist buddy told me it would. Currently, Moreau has some bruising on his retina, and there is still blood behind his eye. No timetable on how long it will take for that to clear up, but the most important thing is that he can see. It sounds like he will be able to return before the year is out.

On the trade front, it sounds like the Oilers are looking to add rather than subtract…

  • Harlie Chuddy

    gawd I can only imagine how his poor eye feels right now. That feeling of something in there especially knowing that it was a stick that scratched his eye must be tough mentally. My eyes tear up just thinking that I have a hair in them or some speck of dust never mind a 1" shiv of composite wood/plastic/graphite and whatever the hell else the sticks are made of nowadays. Poor Ethan..my thoughts are with him.

    On another note I have not been a big Moreau fan for many years and this year I have had the same thoughts. Regardless on my thoughts of him as a player and Captain of our team I still think he is a valued member of our team and it is a tough blow to lose him at such a crucial part of the season.

    Get well soon Chopper!

  • A friend of mine had the same kind of thing happen, blood pooling in his eye. It was really nasty to look at and he had to wear this futuristic eye patch for about a month.
    That's good that Moreau can still see, and it's also good that the team will be taking 3 less terrible penalties a game for a while.

  • Fiveandagame

    That's good news. You'd hate to see another Berard case.

    You understand why people wear visors after seeing that.

    If he's out a month he's back for the playoffs and that's good news.

  • I am on the same side as the rest of you – we won't miss his bad penalties. But at the same time, you never want to see something this bad ever happen to a guy. Who was the Dman we had a long time ago who had his career ended by an eye injury? McGill?

  • Bruthah

    The Towel Boy wrote:

    jeanshorts wrote:

    That’s good that Moreau can still see, and it’s also good that the team will be taking 3 less terrible penalties a game for a while.


    One might say that's 'RICH'….. ? Who could it be?

  • Jono

    When I was a young pup swinging a hammer on a summer construction crew I was hit in the eye with a chunk of wood kicked off a chainsaw. (I wasn't running the saw and safety standards were a little lax on that site before anyone gives me a safety glasses lecture) I had scratching similar to what Ethan is experiencing but no blood pooling. It took about a week to get over the intense feeling that there was some huge piece of something in my eye and another month or so for the slight blur to go out of my vision. In my case I am back to better than 20/20 and don't wear glasses (except safety glasses, you live and learn).

    Hopefully Ethan is so lucky. I agree I won't miss the penalties, but I will miss the tenacity and grit.

  • Pinto

    Fiveandagame wrote:

    You understand why people wear visors after seeing that.

    Only a full visor or cage would have stopped that from happening, why do people think a visor protects you from objects coming up towards your eyes. Same thing with Willie Mitchell, a visor wouldn't have helped his latest scratch.
    Visors protect against direct impact which this was not!!!

  • Dennis

    Good to hear that 18's doing well.

    If I was Lowe, I'd shave my head:D and I also wouldn't blow my brains out looking to improv. Oilers need a faceoff guy And a top four dman and then they'd need the kids to score like they did least year.

    I'm sure you could get Reasoner back for one of our young AHL dmen and that would solve one problem.

    But could you move 12, 78 or both for a top four dman who won't trouble us on the books next season?


  • Ender the Dragon

    Pinto wrote:

    Only a full visor or cage would have stopped that from happening

    Really? TSN had this quote from Lowe:

    TSN wrote:

    Lowe admitted that a visor would likely have helped Moreau avoid injury and that he will need to wear one upon his return.

    Just like everyone else, I watched this clip over a dozen times. If you look close, you can see Lowe was right. Although the stick starts down low, it arcs around and by the time it hits Moreau, it's travelling almost horizontally directly into Moreau's face.

    While I feel terrible for the guy and wouldn't even wish that on Sean Avery, it's still a headshaker. Moreau of all people should have known better, having had a close call with his eye not that long ago. He should have gotten the message about wearing a visor before this, and if he had he wouldn't be out of the lineup today.

    I've heard all the arguments against visors before (comfort, visability, etc.) and I don't buy it. Some of today's best players wear visors every shift and it doesn't seem to be slowing them down while their eyes are protected. I figure some players just dont wear visors for the same reason I don't wear a seatbelt – because it's never going to happen to you. Until the day it does . . .

  • Chris

    I've had a corneal abrasion before…
    DISCOMFORT is not the word I would use…IT FLAT OUT SUCKS! If your knee hurts- you sit. You can ice a charlie horse and watch TV; But an eye injuries drives you nuts. There is no distraction from the constant, persistant "discomfort". You can't even sleep…makes you crazy.

    Get well soon Ethan! (I feel for you!)