Point and Counterpoint


Erik Cole is gone.

Last night on their award winning website, jeanshorts and baggedmilk made the following statement: “I had a premonition, and I will tell you what it is. Erik Cole pots a beauty tonight only to be traded tomorrow. Book it.”

Well isn’t this fantastic. Not only is JSBM wanted in three different provinces for a variety of felonies but they are also apparently clairvoyant. This is a dangerous skill for an evil of their magnitude to have somehow acquired. Speaking of acquisitions — how about them Oilers? (insert heavy sarcasm here)

Point: (from MSG via blackberry messenger)

“I honestly think that the Oilers came out on top today. Two quality players and a second rounder for Cole. Good trade”


Shut your tooth garage, MSG.

*throws a wild punch which MSG easily dodges, then runs into dark alley*

Point: (from humantorch in Holland via Twitter)

“And yet somehow we managed to get smaller and softer. Um, yay?”


Exactly. The Oilers are severely lacking players who possess the ability to bang and crash AND bring offensive skill to the table. Cole was one of the few Oilers who could beat you in the alley and on the scoreboard. Now, not so much. It fails to address any of the real shortcomings of the team and adds more smallish soft players to an already soft roster.

Point: (via comment from jeanshorts)

“Is Wanye sulking in the corner, clutching his autographed Erik Cole picture? Come on big guy, it’s what had to be done. I’m pretty sure you’d be more upset when he walked at the end of the season and we got absolutely nothing for him.”


Firstly we don’t have an Erik Cole autographed picture. If we did, we would be rushing down to a local tattoo artist to have him transfer it to our back in life-size detail to show Cole as he departs from town. Erik Cole didn’t want to leave Edmonton. We sat on a couch watching Gregor’s show broadcast not two feet from Robin (Smokeless) Brownlee as he said the following (or something close to it) not two weeks ago:

“If Cole leaves the Oilers it’s because the Oilers want to trade Cole — not because he wants to leave Edmonton”

Good players come to Edmonton and often depart quickly thereafter. It’s time to reverse this trend. We have no issue with who the Oilers got in return today. O’Sullivan and Kotalik are fine. Whatever. It’s who they didn’t get (anyone of note) and who left town (#26) — that is the problem.

It’s now crystal clear that it is known around the league to avoid E-Town until there is a regime change. If these are the best moves possible on a day where Morris went to Toronto, Jokinen went to Calgary and the Ducks emptied their roster of role players for basically nothing, then something needs to change.

And fast.


  • I'm a Scientist!

    Harlie Chuddy wrote:

    Jasmine wrote:
    It’s unlikely that NHL players eat cheeseburgers.

    Dave Hunter, Fat Balloon, Mike York and reality disagree.

    Them's fighting words. I'm probably the only person on the planet with a Pat Falloon jersey hanging in their closet, haha.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Robin was right on yesterday. And W.T. was right about Calgary needing to upgrade. After today between Calgary and Edmonton, who made the stronger moves?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ W.T.:
    Who Mortgaged their future because they knew their window was closing? Who made a deal that helped now and the future?

    On a side note, W.T. you said that if the Oilers make the playoffs you won't post until the start of next season. If you man up like Daily Doug and promise not to post until the END of next season, maybe somebody would take up your wager. As for what's in it for you; respect. It's not much but it's a start…

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ Jason Gregor:

    I got a question. Why isnt Penner the next in line to spend some time in the press box? Theyre obviously very unhappy with his play of late judging by the daily demotions in favor of other players. Whats the point of having him out there if he cant contribute?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    While I like the players coming back here, I STILL don't get this organization's complete inability to address the size/toughness issue. My Twitter quote Wayne posted still sums up my feelings after today.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I'm glad O'Sullivan is flying into Ottawa and not Edmonton today. If he got off the plane in -15 with these gale force winds and ice pellets flying everywhere he would probably quit playing hockey. He's also probably too small to walk through these giant snow drifts without getting stuck.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    jeanshorts wrote:

    shakey wrote:
    Wanye, my source in Villenuve told me O’Sullivan is going to wear # 26.
    Everybody knows that Villneuve is filled with nothing but cousin lovers and toothless women.

    Actaully, it is filled with gravel and salt which translates into millions of dollars for private companies that support the town. Share the wealth is my motto – Villeneuve is cool there is phone service and wireless internet available. Next time Richard Souray truckers come through town – I will say hi.

    Trade – UFA Cole was non committed on many levels to Edmonton, the oil – so how could not like this – something for nothing….. and that something could turn into a catalyst for the for the first line.

    Sorry have to go the bank now…..


  • I'm a Scientist!

    Jack "FMNF" Bauer wrote:

    IM not sure what interveiws you guys were listening to, but to be honest Cole sounded unphased and almost happy to be going back to Carolina, while Patrick sounded like his spinal column was being removed a Predator from Aliens vs. Predators.

    Really – that is a suprise – can't the nation remember Cole had no say in coming here – via trade…. I am sure he had a calendar with two dates circled – trade deadline and July 01.