GDB 76: Time for war


Today is already a good day. The Oilers play the Wild, we are going to be in attendance and we get to write the GDB without any editorial overlords messing with our junk.

Normally when we post an article it follows a tortured route onto the interwebs. First we write it. Then we go back and read it and dismiss 99% of what we wrote. Then we go and get a snack. Then we spend 2 hours surfing for just the right picture. Then we send it to bingofuel who edits the crap out of it, fixing spelling and grammatical errors and generally making us appear literate. When our baby finally finds its way online it looks nothing like what it did when it was born.


But not today. Bingofuel is in Vancouver, Willis is in Ft. St. John, Brownlee and Gregor are off in fantasy media land where all the buffets are free. That just leaves your ol’ pal Wanye, a computer and direct access to posting the GDB.

Let’s get to it shall we?

The Minnesota Wild

First of all it pains us to no end that the Wild run the Oilers show to the degree that they do. Though the seasonal series sits at 3-2 this season it always seems that the Oil are strangely intimidated by the Wild who pose no threat sitting in 11th in the conference.  Our stupid neighbours to the South run the Wild’s show – up 5-0 in the seasonal series including a 3-2 win last night where they outshot the Wild 40-15.  What sort of magical spell do the Wild hold over the Oil? It makes absolutely no sense.

The Wild are like that girl we all know that isn’t particularly stunning but once upon a time rejected your advances at the bar at last call. Now she has the upper hand on you and you both know who is in charge and Brother – it ain’t you. Every time you see her out in public now it’s clear the balance of power has tipped in her favor and as she repeatedly emotionally slaps your ego in the face you can’t help but find her more and more intimidating.

Perhaps she looks like this:


Sooner or later Mighty Oil, you need to decide what is going to happen this year. St. Louis is coming on like a team possessed and yet you are still amazingly sitting in 8th place with 7 games remaining in the season. Anaheim is also in the mix and if you let the Wild back into it tonight, it will be a 5 team battle for 2 places in the post season. For heavens sakes do us all a favor and finish the year strong.

Look at this log jam in the West.  It’s amazing!


Bank some friggin points Oilers! Great googly-moogly! Pretend you care just a l’il bit – if not for our collective sanity then to collect those coveted playoff bonuses that await you.

The lines

See? We can provide this kind of information too Nation. Tonight’s lines are as follows:


You’re welcome.

MacT on the verge

Here is a quick fact for you. Craig MacTavish is only one win away from his 300th career NHL victory. This is an impressive fact. It would be more impressive if he had passed this milestone about a season and a half ago as it would mean the Oilers would have been a dramatically better team during his reign. Still, beggars can’t be choosers and if you have a dictator for life you might as well celebrate his milestones with him. Right Citizens of Cuba?


See you at RX1

After a weekend of being cooped up at friggin work and not being able to have any fun whatsoever you had best believe we are going to the game tonight. And you had also best believe that we are going to have a few beersies in the process. After all what better use for $5,000 than spending it on 4 beers at the game? Hit us up on the twitter if you are there. Perhaps a free RX1 beer will find its way into your stomach if you do.

Do NOT disappoint us tonight Oilers. Consider this a dire warning.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Lets hope so Cory, we can both agree that we don't need anymore lazy prick's out there. The thing is it shouldn't take too much to turn this team around!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Just watched MacT's post game interview. He's pissed and completely frustrated, especially by the blatant lack of shooting when you get a chance (Grebs). He also looked like a beaten man. You don't have to worry about FMNF any more. I'm almost 100% sure he'll fire himself.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    It really shouldn't take much to turn them around at all..

    IMO the biggest thing they need is to be coached into playing the roles that they are best suited for.. I'm personally getting tired of hearing them talk about what they need to do to defend other teams… At some point, shouldn't they be making other teams adapt to their game? This is not a team of checkers.. Their skill should be exploited to it's fullest extent, and it hasn't been.. MacTavish is using a defence first mentality with offensive players… That doesn't seem very logical.

    i understand that they need to be capable of playing a shut down game, and I fully support that.. But before they shut anyone down, they need to get a lead!

    I'm not giving up on the playoffs yet, but I hope the off-season brings a change of philosophy.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    On the pre game CHED was wondering why the atmosphere has been bad at Rexal this year.The way this team plays I am surprised people are still showing up. Jeckly and Hyde night in night out this team has a way of pissing you off and frustrating you.Management has sat on its ass all year doing nothing,the coach lost the room back in November yet he still is here,another off season with empty promises and Oiler propoganda bull shit

  • I'm a Scientist!

    README: After listening to MacT answer the media questions regarding tonights hockey failure, it is the same excuse he used before. The excuse MacT stated was (as I paraphrase) "the players are not intensive enough and not playing to their abilities to what the game dictates…". I truly feel empathy for his plight that is no one cares more for this hockey team to win than him. The problem with his statement is I do not believe the players are taking it easy and not playing intensely because it is so obvious even to the uninterested the gravity of the situation and the implication of a lost game. The players knew what is at stake. Perhaps, the bottomline is this – MacT game plan against Lemaire's or Hitchcock's type systems are not suitable and fails more times than not. MacT defensive system really chokes up the offensive and skilled players such as Hemsky, Gagner, Nilsson, Penner, Cogs, and perhaps Kotaik and O'Sullivan that they do not take offensive risk to score but play shutdown defense. It is too bad MacT cannot have more than a tunnel vision. His coaching system has to be flexible and allow offensive minded players to take the reins. His system does not allow for that but punishes those that make defensive mistakes. It seems there is no leader to take charge offensively and just lead by example. This is a young team therefore it needs a strong leader to carry the charge. So MacT, please let the players play and from that they can gain enough confidence to each take a rein.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ Cory Dakin:

    I agree, all i hear is how we have to change our strategy to play these teams..

    Is that our strategy? to play the other team like they expect to be played. Minny is a shutdown team, anaheim will run you out of the building, what kind of team are we??

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Enough is enough. When they miss the playoffs, at least a new coach might be in the offing. Perhaps one that can figure out how not to be pwned by the same team 4 years and running. I hope the changes go further: our best player is a 39-year-old goaile. Does that seem like a good thing to anyone?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I sent two messages to the scoreboard tonight…one asked Wanye to bring the beers to section 206, and the other saying that he was my hero. I didn't get a beer or the opportunity to meet Mr. Gretz. Very disappointing.

    I should have sent a Twitter message, but I was thinking that a scoreboard text was was cooler.

    Next time, next time.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    hockeysmack wrote:

    I hope the changes go further: our best player is a 39-year-old goaile. Does that seem like a good thing to anyone?

    I think the problem is we haven't gone far enough. It's time to resign Gretz, Messier… hell, even Curt Brackenbury. Get Slats behind the bench again. Come to think of it, with the retro 3rd uniform, Slats could be player-coach too.

    There would be so much Oilers tradition on the ice, we COULD NOT FAIL.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I hope that picture above "It's War Time" is not that of Wanye gretz. It is risky to open your website to that page and have people walk by and giving you a second look.

    MacT, "if you take the pebble from my hand, it is time for you to leave…" (TV show Kungfu re-actment). MacT's coaching system is not working for the team. With so many offensive minded players, we score very few goals and our supposedly defensive shut down system have let in alot of goals ranking in the bottom 1/4 of the NHL. If it was not for Roli, it could be far worst. If it wasn't for the 3 goalie system gong show it could so much better. Last night, Roli looked tired. We sure could use a backup with experience like Garon. It is clearly time for a change for next year. We need a coach that can guide these young offensive and talanted team into the playoffs and not just battling for eighth spot each year. Clearly, the players have tuned out MacT. I wonder if in some strange way he will lambaste Schremp down on the farm for this year's failure.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I suspect Mac't's penchant for throwing offensive players under the bus and making them his whipping boys in the media hasn't been the brilliant coaching strategy he thought it was going to be.

    Just off hand I wonder if his selective process of public criticism of Nilsson and Penner has had a dampeninig affect on the other so-called offensive dynamos in the Oiler dressing room. Hence a loss of credibility for MacT with the players.

    My guess is the alleged dividing line in the Oiler room is along the lines of MacT's favorites and everyone else. Not exactly a recipe for success is it? Meanwhile, whatever the situation we go another year with no playoffs. When will this end.?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    deepoil wrote:

    does andy (bingofuel) live in vancouver ????
    sandra – why don’t you twitter wanye for some lovin
    benefit of living in nashville – is the nhl players love tootsies

    1. Bingofuels name is not Andy.
    2. He is in Vancouver on vacation but does not live there.
    3. All girls should twitter Wanye for some loving.