MacT and the future of the Oilers


As the Oilers signed sticks, pictures, jerseys and said goodbye after another disappointing season, all of the buzz around the locker room was whether Craig MacTavish would resign or not.

I’ve said it all season that if they missed the playoffs he would step aside, and it seems that announcement will be made official later this week.

MacTavish opened his press conference saying he wouldn’t answer any question regarding his future. He will speak with Steve Tambellini tomorrow and Wednesday, but MacTavish did say that his future plans will be made public later this week.

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The biggest statement, and the one that confirms he will step aside in my opinion, was when he stated, “The thing most disappointing for me was that our culture took a hit; in terms of our work ethic, our selflessness and the universal commitment that we had here for so many years. There were a lot of nights as a coach I had to ask for more and sometimes the tank was pretty empty. It was difficult year for sure.”

That sounds like a coach who is wondering whether he can get the most out of his players. Whether you like or hate MacTavish, you can’t question his commitment to the team. When he leaves later this week, it will be because he feels that this group of players and him just don’t gel.

MacTavish has to shoulder some of the blame as well.

He didn’t throw any players under the bus. When asked about Penner, he said that he had already commented enough on Dustin this season and didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

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Regarding Nilsson, he said he made strides at times, but once again fought inconsistency. Not really what I would call throwing players under the bus. I think a more direct message was when Penner, Nilsson and Brodziak were in the pressbox on Saturday. A final message or possible parting shot from the coach came in that move more than what he said today.

Tambellini’s in charge

While the optics make it fair to question how much control Steve Tambellini has, I was told today that he is the boss.

Does Tambellini ask Kevin Lowe for his opinion on certain matters? Yes. Does Lowe go to Tambellini with suggestions? No.

The plan, as I was told today, was to bring in Tambellini and let him assess the team for the year. It is clear now, that this team was not as good as the organization thought they were and now it is up to Tambellini to start the renovations.

Tambellini will put his fingerprints on this team ranging from the coaching, to veterans moving out and which youngsters will be coming in. It would be unrealistic to expect massive trades and a complete purging of the team, but don’t be surprised to see at least one, if not two, significant player moves over the summer.

Oilers at the worlds

The golf season will be delayed a few more weeks for certain members of the Oilers. Tom Gilbert and Patrick O’Sullivan will suit up for the USA at the worlds. Denis Grebeshkov will play for Russia, Ales Hemsky and Ales Kotalik will play for the Czech Republic and Dwayne Roloson has confirmed he will wear the maple leaf, with Shawn Horcoff committed to playing as well. Robert Nilsson hasn’t been asked yet and he hinted he has some injuries, so even if a call comes, which is doubtful, he won’t be playing for Sweden.

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Stanley Cup and Regular Season tidbits

The Columbus Blue Jackets will finally play in a playoff game when they battle the Red Wings in round one. Will the Steve Mason v. Chris Osgood matchup allow the Jackets to pull off the major upset?

Only one team has ever won the Stanley Cup the first year they made the playoffs. The Leafs did it back in 1918. The Florida Panthers came close in 1996 when the lost in the Finals. The Habs (1918) the Bruins (1927) and the Blues (1968) are the other teams that lost the final the first year they made the playoffs.

Sixteen teams lost in the first round. Anaheim, San Jose (who beat Detroit in 1994), Washington, Phoenix, the Islanders, Pittsburgh and Dallas all won one round. The Wild won two rounds in 2003.

Don’t pick the Jackets to win the Cup, but 14 of the previous 29 teams have won at least one series during their first trip to the dance.

  • Claude Lemieux will try to become only the second player to win a Cup with four different teams. Jack Marshall is the other.
  • Olli Jokinen will play in his first playoff game after 799 regular season games.
  • The last time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, they finished the season with 119 points. They had 116 this year, their highest total since 1972.

  • Ogden Brother

    Archaeologuy wrote:

    @ Ogden Brother:
    Ok, to be fair Hossa didnt score 90 points this season. But he has been right around a point per game or higher for almost as long as MacT has been regularly missing the playoffs.
    Somehow I think I would be more forgiving of a 40 goal scorer than I would Horc and his 17 measly goals. Just my bias.

    He also just passed the point where most elite goal scorers start to see their goal scoring dip… quickly and significantly.

    Anyways, this has nothing to do with Horc vs Hossa…. the point was that a 9 year 81 million $$ deal to Hossa would have been just as bad or worse then any of the other deals we whine about daily.

  • David S

    Archaeologuy wrote:

    Ok, to be fair Hossa didnt score 90 points this season. But he has been right around a point per game or higher for almost as long as MacT has been regularly missing the playoffs.

    Somehow I think I would be more forgiving of a 40 goal scorer than I would Horc and his 17 measly goals. Just my bias.

    Agreed. At the end of the day, we desperately need a guy who can pot 40 as much or more than a guy who offers great defensive upside. Hemsky was supposed to be that guy but alot of us are starting to wonder if that will ever happen.

  • Archaeologuy

    @ David S:
    Hemsky, despite his slowed production at the end of the season, still produced well on a point per game basis. He can make those dipsy doodle moves and take a wicked shot but he needs a true goal scorer. I think we're asking Hemsky to be both Adam Oates and Brett Hull. He had two anchors playing with him all season. How can Horc only score 17 goals while playing with the best playmaker on the team ALL season?

    Im not even close to thinking Hemsky is to blame for scoring problems.

  • Jack "FMNF" Bauer

    @ Archaeologuy:

    Hemsky wasnt to blame for the scoring problems, but he sure wasnt a help either. YOu want to publically call on the team to ride him and make them their franchise player then you need to score some freaking goals. Which he did next to nothing of.

  • David S

    Ogden Brother wrote:

    @ David S:
    Unfortunatly their were only 9 of those guys this year and with the exception of Hossa, I doubt any of them change address anytime soon.

    While that's true, just watch how hard we pursue a big name this summer. I bet it'll get to groveling.