Former Montreal Canadiens legend Guy Lafleur is facing a sentence of up to 14 years for acts of perjury and contradictory evidence. Funny, I didn’t even know he was bulimic nor was it illegal. 

Lafleur told a 2007 court that his son, Mark, had respected his court-ordered curfew and was at home with his parents during his weekends away from rehab. Of course this is true. There was nothing I wanted more on my weekend getaways from rehab than to spend seventy-two hours with the catalysts for my addiction. A month later it was revealed, through magic detective work and receipts, that Mark Lafleur spent at least one weekend in a hotel.

Guy Lafleur is apparently living by his own justice system and creating grey areas for himself. When asked about his contradictions he responded with, “What was important for me was that he respected his curfew and not use drugs or alcohol. Whether it was at our place or a hotel, it didn’t matter.”

Sure Guy that makes perfect sense. Everybody know that hotels don’t allow drugs and alcohol into their rooms. They especially don’t allow them when you’re shack up with a sixteen year-old girl. Zut Alors!!

Lafleur will receive the judge’s decision June 18. Mark Lafleur is currently serving 15 months’ house arrest.

Puck You, I’m Busy That Day

In a related story of NHL corruption; Peter Pocklington’s jury trial has been postponed until August 11, 2009 from it’s original date of May 5. Puck shall continue to enjoy his $1-million Glen Sather-posted bond.

  • Archaeologuy

    Yeah, what LaFleur did was wrong, but I understand that Parents dont always make the right decisions when it comes to their children. Especially when their children are in trouble.

  • marconius E

    @ Archaeologuy:

    I think the larger issue is not that he allowed his son to escape for a weekend, but that he then lied about it. Do the crime, do the time.

  • Archaeologuy

    @ marconius E:
    Letting parents be the watch dogs of their troubled children doesnt make sense in the first place. Why trust Lafleur? Obviously his parenting choices havent resulted in a very good outcome so far, so why assume that they would be good now?.

    I try to put myself in his place and think, "would I tell the truth about my own child 100 times out of 100 if it meant sending my kid prison?" I cant honestly answer that without a doubt I would always tell the truth. Thats all I have on that issue. I agree it was wrong to lie, I also think it was stupid to let the kid go to a hotel, BUT I wont condemn a parent for being attached to his child either, its natural.

  • Amber McCormick

    @ Archaeologuy:
    You can sympathize?! Dammit, I lose the pool 🙁 Just jokes, mister.

    I see what you're saying and I think there are a lot of people who would/will do whatever they have to protect their children. I mean, look at George and Cindy Anthony; they went so far as to become insane and nuts to protect their murderous daughter! Oh silly weirdos.

  • Amber McCormick

    @ Brian O'Neill:
    I dont' think he'll spend any time in jail at all. I think Lafleur will be slapped with a hefty fine of some sort and it will all be forgotten.