Let the games begin…


Trade talk is heating up, and based on some phone conversation I had this morning, trades might trump the draft tomorrow.

Darren Dreger reported this morning that the Sharks are looking at moving Ryane Clowe.

Clowe turns 27 in September and tallied 22 goals and 52 points last year. He has the size to be and hands to be considered a true power forward.

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He’s an RFA, and with the salary cap going down next year, I highly doubt he’ll get a Penner-like offer from a team to try and get him.

I spoke with a western-based NHL scout a minute ago and here’s what he said, “Clowe is tough and gritty, but he scored half his goals on the powerplay. Their powerplay was one of the best in the league. I like him as a player, but I’m hesitant to think he’d be a 30-goal man on teams with less skill.”

It is an interesting point. Eleven of Clowe’s goals came on the PP last year. The Sharks were 3rd in the league on the PP and Clowe averaged over three minutes a game. There is nothing wrong with being a powerplay producer, in fact it is very important, but how good is Clowe.

His size would benefit the Oilers for sure and he’d got ample PP time. But is he worth $3.5 million or more? I’ll bet that’s what it will take to get him signed.

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  • patty

    nerd question: my rss feed isn't updating for comments in Gregor's posts anymore. Everything else is still running smoothly. Anyone else having this issue or should I put on my dunce cap?

  • Dyckster

    Sportsnet is reporting it's pretty much for certain Cammalleri won't be resigning with the Flames. IMO he'd be a better option than Heatley (younger, cheaper, similar type of player, no $4 million bonus pending, we'd still have to trade some salary though)….Thoughts?

  • toprightcorner

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    I just got word it doesn’t look like the NHL will give the teams the salary cap for next season before the draft. If that indeed is the case, it’s ridiculous.
    It looks like the cap won’t change a lot, but even if it is one or two million that could limit the moves some teams make.
    It makes no sense to not give the teams the CAP FIGURE before the draft…

    That's because they are too busy blowing up the life raft for Phoenix. We can't really expect Betman to do 2 things at once can we?

  • Eklund is Dumb Tambs is doing great

    Ducey wrote:

    B-rad wrote:
    Given his inability to predict things, you know he wouldn’t even see it coming…

    Yes he will. I can see it now. BREAKING NEWS….. Eklund here I have a rumor coming from multiple sources. I will be punched in the face later today. This is an E5 as it is coming from quite a few of my very reliable sources. As I type this out a see a man in an oiler jersey coming towards me it looks to be Jason Greg……….Oh god my nose I knew it was coming it was an E5!!! an E5 i say!