Bad Week= Xanax


It was a very troubling time in the celebrity world this week. Not sure if you heard or not but Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest on Thursday afternoon. No, seriously he did. They’ve been keeping it on the down-low out of respect for the family. I found out, of course, through a devastating phone call from Tito and Jermaine. Tito and I are tight. Jermaine and I were once good friends until he named his daughter Jermajesty. After that I refused to do his jheri curl any longer.

Farrah Fawcett passed away Thursday morning after a long and horrible battle with cancer. I’m sure jokes will be made eventually but at this moment I’m not about to make them. Cancer is a terrifying disease and it’s just a little too soon. I feathered my hair as a tribute.

Needless to say Thursday was a surreal day but Wednesday held the biggest surprise. Jarret Stoll called off his wedding to Rachel Hunter through a mass email. Really?! I know that there is a rumour mill hard at work 24/7 but if that is even remotely true, what a coward.

Allegedly, Stoll was kind enough to CC. Hunter on the email sent to celebrity guests such as Sharon Stone, and Michelle Pfeiffer. Again, what a coward. I know a thing or two about finding out your relationship is over via the information super highway. I was dumped on Facebook. Actually, a hundred people knew before I did. I had been away from a computer all day and didn’t find out I was single until later that night when I logged in to find few dozen emails asking me “what happened?” You can’t be prepared for that level of public humiliation.

I’m not worried about Rachel. I’m sure she’ll find a new younger man to take his place. She’s seems to have a penchant for young hockey players. Is Sid single?