The morning after


It’s Monday morning and I’m bagged from an awesome weekend. The draft was a blast and was a great experience to take it in live from Montreal. Then Sunday my family had a party for my mother, who got her Doctorate in May. What an awesome achievement for her to fulfill a lifelong goal at the young age of 64. Good job, Mom!

I read Ray Ferraro’s article about how proud he was to see his son pull on a Red Wings jersey, and it was a similar feeling for me when I saw my Mom get her Doctorate on May 21st. The difference is I will never relate to that because there won’t be a Doctorate in my future… ha ha (?)

Bye bye Brodz

In the meantime, some thoughts on the Brodziak trade: The Oilers lost the trade, because they gave up a player who is already playing in the league for two who might never play in the NHL.

This trade was more about creating a spot for Gilbert Brule or Marc Pouliot to play centre on a regular basis next year. Brule has more grit and probably more offensive upside. Pouliot – of whom I am not a huge fan – is a better scorer but he is just as soft, if not softer than Brodziak.

After the draft I had a brief conversation with Steve Tambellini about the trade and what was his thinking when he pulled it off.

“We do need to change our line up a bit. We have too many bodies at forward. We are willing to give some people a chance who haven’t had a chance before.”

That’s where Brule and Pouliot come in.  He also hinted that he’d like to move another player before July 1st, so he would have a bit more room to sign a free agent. I don’t think that move will be a blockbuster type deal; rather it will be a deal similar to Brodziak.

I was told that Cogliano is not someone they are interested in dealing right now. Of course no player is untouchable, but they strongly believe he has a big upside.

Late-night return

I wrote a few weeks ago that the TEAM 1260 was going to make more changes, and they’ll unveil another change tomorrow night. After a nine month hiatus, a live local show will return weeknights from 9-12, starting Monday. Corey Graham will host Game Night, and he’ll have drop in co-hosts from time-to-time and is planning on making late night sports radio fun in Edmonton.

“The show will be pretty loose. I’m going to put a younger spin on it. We’re going to talk lots of hockey, but we’ll focus on other sports as well. I’m going to work on making the show fun and entertaining. Night time radio needs to be less about strict format, and more about fun, insightful sports talk. I hope to bring that starting Monday.”

Game night will be great for the station and the sports fan in Edmonton. The show will try a few different angles between now and the hockey season, so expect some interesting topics and ideas starting this Monday.

A big thank you goes out again to the readers of the Nation. It was a wild weekend – I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I gave you your money’s worth. In talking to other media types at the draft, few could believe how I got to Montreal and the passion of the Oilers fans has been put on display yet again. If these three sites weren’t already on the radar of national media personalities before, they are now.

Somewhere Wanye is smiling as he cracks open his first beer of the day.

  • ScubaSteve

    rindog wrote:

    Is getting rid of Brodziak opening up any other spot than the 4th line center position?

    This was a move to balance our team, we need 2 scoring lines, a shutdown line, and an energy line, which of those does brods fit into? None. Unless MAP can be a shutdown guy, I don't see a place for him either, but I'm sure most other teams figure that out too. This gives us the ability to move someone down to the 4th line who doesn't deserve to be higher.

    Guys like Brods are a dime a dozen, to get a pick for him is about what he;s worth.

  • ronaldo

    Brodziak is a minute eater, end of story. His job was to give guys with potential to accomplish something a chance to breath. The only attibute that will be missed is faceoffs, which Tambo has an entire summer to address. I have nothing against him personally, just the Oil have too much vanilla filler who's main roles are to not be bad.

    *leaves building to head to tim hortons for vanilla filled donut of goodness*

  • rindog

    @ ScubaSteve:

    Out of Hemsky, Horcoff, Penner, Gagner, Cogliano, Nilsson, O'Sullivan, Pisani, Kotalik(if??) do you suggest they move down in order to make room for Brule?

    None of those players (with the exception of Pisani) are suited for the 4th line. If Brule is NOW going to be considered for the 4th line (with Brodziak's departure), why couldn't he be considered last year?

    What has changed??

  • rindog

    @ Jonathan Willis:

    Even with being rushed and taking the beating that he has – is he any further ahead or behind the likes of Pouliot, Reddox or Brodziak?

    I would have liked to see the Oilers come in and boost Brule's confidence rather than try to knock him down and rebuild him?

    Why not reward the guy for having a great camp and letting him have his fresh start where he deserved it(based on taining camp)?

    For my money, Brule was (and is) a far better option than Pouliot, Reddox or Brodziak. I was tricked into believeing that they were grooming Brule for a top 6 position (rather than wasting him on the 4th line), but all of this talk of moving Brodziak so guys like Brule can have a spot (as a 4th line player) makes no sense to me. Not based on last year's rationale anyway???

  • RossCreek

    @ Jonathan Willis/Brownlee/Gregor:
    Is Gilbert Brule set has a center? Or is he better suited as a winger? I could see him as a 3rd line winger. Darcy Tucker-ish?

  • Ducey

    @ rindog:
    Last year, Brodziak was coming off his first full year and Brule was coming off a horrible experience with Doug MacLean's Blue Jackets (see Willis' comment above). Brodziak had also been pretty good with GlenX as well.

    I think that the Oilers position in trying to consolidate their gains with Brodziak and give Brule some time to develop was the right move.

    I would say that Brodziak is ahead of Brule right now as Brule has not established himself as an NHL player and had some injuries last year. As I said above, I think Brule has higher upside so hopefully that will change in a few months.

  • RossCreek

    rindog wrote:

    Obviously management doesn’t think Brodziak is going to pan out

    He was a 7th round pick. He has more than panned out.
    I would've kept him and moved Pisani (not saying he's better right now than him, but younger, cheaper and similar). I also think he would've stepped his physical prescence up on the wing. Still could've taken faceoffs too.

  • RossCreek

    Eklund wrote:

    Bouwmeester: He is signing in Calgary. It will happen. I go back to a conversation that I had over a month ago with a team that was in the Jay Bo sweeps who told me," we were told he is going to Calgary and not to bother." The Panthers tried to create a distraction, but in the end the offers couldnt have been that good for Jay Bo if all Calgary had to do was give the rights of a lesser player and thrid round pick. Jay Bo chose Calgary, not the other way around. The deal when announced will have a cap hit slightly over 6..around 6.3. They are still working on term however.


  • RossCreek

    The latest on DANY HEATLEY from TSN's Bob McKenzie:

    "Dany Heatley could be traded before July 1, but it's going to take a significant offer from the New York Rangers or the Edmonton Oilers — the two clubs seemingly most interested in the goal-scoring winger — to get it done. Sources say the Ottawa Senators do not have a trade offer from those teams, or anyone else, that is deemed worth of acceptance and the list of suitors looks as though it's getting shorter rather than longer. The St. Louis Blues and Los Angeles Kings appear to have pulled out of the sweepstakes, leaving the Rangers, Oilers and Sharks as considerations."

  • scorecoff hemmercules wrote:

    Oh ya, any chance Stoll makes a return to E-town??

    No chance…$3.6 is too rich for a 3rd line centre here. The only way he comes here is if Horcoff is gone.Ryan12 wrote:

    If this show will be competing with Tencer, will the Oilers allow the players and coaching staff to be available for interviews with a competing station? I hope not as their is plenty of room in this market for two good shows

    I hosted the night show for five years, and I had Oilers on pretty much when I wanted. It won't be an issue.
    onehitwonder wrote:

    I read somewhere there was a quote where MPS stated interested in signing and joining the system right away. Do you beleive there’s any chance he’s not playing for Timra next year? Thanks

    He has a contract in Timra in the SEL next year, so he will be there for one more season at least.
    Hemmertime wrote:

    Three sites? ON, and what? CopperNBlue and Team1260? Lowetide, jeanshort’s? What other tidbit of Oiler news am I not reading? I need to know, c’mon, I even read eklund for Oiler “news” so I need them all

    I was referencing the other NATIONS…Wanye would have killed me if I didn't tell people about them as well…haha
    Jonathan Willis wrote:

    Congratulations to your mom, Gregor. I have a lot of respect for people who accomplish things like that.
    And on a different note, I didn’t like the Brodziak trade but it’s going to be hard to judge for sure until we see what Tambellini does over the summer. I do wish he hadn’t been traded inside the division, but it’s possible that Fletcher/Richards (who had him in Wilkes-Barre) were the highest bidders.

    It was huge for my Mom, and I too have the utmost respect for her in completing her Doctorate.

    Brodziak trade will depend on how guys who are given his minutes play. He was dealt because they needed to get rid of some contracts, and look for them to continue that this summer if possible. Richards is a big fan of his, and they were the team that expressed interest.

  • Heazues wrote:

    and thanks again gregor. it was nice to get an oiler perspective to the whole draft. and its about damn time a blog site gets recognized. especially one this good
    cant wait for next year.
    BTW how are you guys planning on covering july 1’st? anything special in store for us?

    You bet…extended coverage all day…from 6 to midnight…

  • Prop Jay wrote:

    Gregor have you head anything more about Harding? I was thinking Brodziak could of just been a precursor to a Harding Deal.
    Somewhat like grebs/MAB was to Long Island before the Smyth disaster

    I'd be surprised. The Oilers will try to get Roloson first. Like I said three weeks ago they offered him a one-year deal for around 3 million and are waiting on his response. He will test the market and see if any teams wants to give him a two year deal.

    If they don't get Roloson, then they might have some interest in Harding, but they don't seem overly excited about going into the season with two goalies who have never been a #1 and have less than 80 games combined of NHL experience.
    RossCreek wrote:

    Is Gilbert Brule set has a center? Or is he better suited as a winger? I could see him as a 3rd line winger. Darcy Tucker-ish?

    Not set in stone, but they'd prefer to use him there. He can play wing, and would gladly do it if it meant he was staying in the NHL, but he's best as a centre.

  • Heazues

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    You bet…extended coverage all day…from 6 to midnight…

    right on. ill have 1260 on the radio and ON on the computer. lol, im not going to get anything done that day 🙂