Oklahoma City Council Approves AHL Franchise


Patrick Laforge has been making noises this past week about putting an AHL franchise in Oklahoma City, something that the local papers jumped on after the CHL’s Blazers ceased operations to make room for an AHL club. Today, the possibility of Oilers’ prospects playing in Oklahoma is one step closer to reality.

From the Associated Press:

The council on Tuesday unanimously authorized a lease agreement between the city and a group that would operate a prospective AHL franchise. The deal would bring professional hockey to the Cox Convention Center beginning in the 2010-2011 season.

CanWest has had the odd report on this situation >since March, but back in November NewsOK reported that the Oilers were considering the city.

When those first reports came out, I wrote an article here at OilersNation detailing some of the pros and cons of moving the farm team to Oklahoma. The full article has more details, but here’s the basic list of pros and cons:

Pros – Oklahoma City…

  • is closer to Edmonton than Springfield is
  • is closer to the Oilers’ ECHL team in Stockton than Springfield is
  • has a newer, bigger, arena than Springfield does
  • has an CHL franchise that consistently draws better than 6000 fans per game and has led the Central Hockey League in attendance for 16 straight years; Springfield struggles to get 4000 fans a game (although admittedly the on-ice product being lousy probably has something to do with that)


  • *crickets*

The recent expressions of interest by Laforge make for a fun contrast to what he was saying back in November:

“That’s a long way off, and as the team’s chief executive officer, it’s my responsibility to look at all of our options. Who knows what the world may bring by then? But we are very happy with what is happening in Springfield.”

More interesting was this quote from Robert Funk Jr., the head of Express Sports – the company that owned the Blazers and is set to form a partnership with the Oilers to run their AHL franchise. From the Republican article linked above:

“There is no basis to that story,” said Robert Funk Jr.

Funk said if a new pro hockey team were to come to Oklahoma City, Blazers management would almost certainly be involved.

“Part of our mandate with the city is to look for a higher level of franchise, from the AHL level or even, someday, with an NHL team,” Funk said. “There is no viability for it at this time, and I don’t expect it in the (foreseeable) future.”

In any case, the Oilers will almost certainly move their AHL franchise to Oklahoma City for 2010-11 after providing two seasons of low quality teams to the fans in Springfield, as well as whatever they see on the ice this season. This is a good decision for the Oilers, but I do feel for the fans in Springfield: they’ve consistently supported a lousy AHL team stocked by sad-sack NHL franchises – Phoenix, Tampa Bay, and now Edmonton. Hopefully they get another affiliation; even more hopefully it will be with a team that believes a winning tradition throughout its farm system develops players more likely to win in the NHL.

  • Hippy

    The oil replced their goalie with very good goalie. grebs will be signed. If hetly does come here Horcoff will be a good fit on the first line. He wins draws and cn help with the defensive side of things

  • Hippy

    I'm a Scientist! wrote:

    Ahh, Oklahoma… where the corn is as high as an Eberle’s eye…
    *wonders who will get the reference*

    They dont grow corn, its cows and hawgs as far as you can see. Now if we could get a little Hawg in Penner's game things would be different. WOO PIG SUIE!

  • Hippy

    Jonathan Willis wrote:

    Does the NBA really count as culture

    You know what they say about basketball… Thank goodness for it, otherwise there would be a lot of 6'6'' janitors walking around.

  • Hippy

    Wanye Gretz wrote:

    DaveS wrote:
    I really enjoyed going to Roadrunners games back in the day, as it gave us a good look at future oiler greats like Jani Rita, Mike Biashi and Kyle Brodziak, at a reasonable price.
    $0 is too high a price to watch Jani Rita or Mike Biashi play hockey.

    Are you kidding??? Mike Bishai throwing muffins from inside the Atlanta bench after Aubin tossed him in was epic.


    Hell, it was enough to make Ty Conklin act cool.

  • Hippy

    So even if Oklahoma city is closer to Edmonton than Springfield, what are we looking at for flight times to actually get a player here after he's been officially called up? No direct flights, from what I recall…

  • Hippy

    wow, How long have been asleep for? the oilers are being moved to oklahoma to join a cricket league??? this makes sense after drafting troy hesketh I suppose. will heatley waive his nmc to play cricket in oklahoma? gregor?

  • Hippy

    This has been the Talk of the media here in OKC for the last week. And the majority of the fans are waiting for the official words to come down from the home office there in Edmonton. I have been telling people that this would be happening, since this post by this website back on Nov 25. Though it won't be in the Ford Center, it will be in the renovated Cox Center. So the team will get the choice dates, and there will be less empty seats. I might just have to hold Wayne to his word. "Rock on Scott – if the Falcons do move there, consider yourself our official correspondant."

  • Hippy

    Chris. wrote:

    Great news. It’s critical to the longterm health of the franchise to have a strong farm team. I wonder how much draft potential has been lost over the years thanks to a poor development mechanism.

    If only the Oilers' management team felt the same way.