Deep thoughts XI: Making due


Making the best of a bad situation is usually easier said than done, but when it’s the only option, you can either play the cards you’re dealt and suck it up or fold your hand, pee your pants and curl up in a corner sobbing at the injustice of it all.

That’s pretty much where Steve Tambellini sits today after failing to get Dany Heatley to stop sucking his thumb long enough to agree to a trade that would make him an Edmonton Oiler during a summer in which he’s managed exactly one notable player personnel move — the overpayment that is the four-year contract inked by Nikolai Khabibulin.

Tambellini still hasn’t addressed the need for a first-line left-winger, hasn’t added a checking centre who can kill penalties and win face-offs and he hasn’t done anything to replace the production lost when Ales Kotalik was allowed to walk as an unrestricted free agent.

That said, and with the challenges obvious to anybody with a functioning brain stem, I don’t see any need for fans make like Mr. Leahy and assume a prone position with a big pee stain on the front of their pants.

Call me naïve, or a rights holder even, but there’s got to be a way to turn a fistful of jokers into a decent hand, or at least something to bluff with. What could possibly go wrong?


The way I see it, Dustin Penner remains the best option from the personnel under contract now as this team’s first-line left-winger.

I don’t think being included in the Ottawa package for Heatley with Andrew Cogliano and Ladislav Smid is going to bother Penner a bit — at least not as much as the subtraction of Craig MacTavish behind the bench is going to help him.

If I’m Pat Quinn and Tom Renney, I’ve already made a call to Penner that he better arrive for training camp in the best shape of his life because I’m going to play his ass off in the first 20 games of the season and see what happens. First-line time. First-unit power play time. The works.

Will Penner score 40-50 goals even under optimum circumstances? Not a chance. Could he manage 35? If PDP has any spine and even one shred of pride under that spare tire, I think so. How better to shove it to MacT than succeed in his absence?

If Penner can’t succeed here this year after cashing cheques he hasn’t earned for two seasons, he can’t succeed here at all.

What’s the option? Sit him out? Bury him on the fourth line? Bury him in the minors? That’s cutting off your nose to spite your face.


— I never got caught up in the YouTube ga-ga over the offensive wizardry of Rob Schremp, but if I’m Quinn and Renney I’m giving the kid a real look this pre-season in a position where he can succeed.

Schremp was never going to get a sniff here under MacTavish. If he isn’t too far gone, if he isn’t sulking at how he’s been treated and if he wasn’t wrecked by the horrid season he just had in Springfield, maybe there’s a chance he can show something.

While I’m not betting the house on it, Schremp might surprise his critics if he’s encouraged for being what he is, a creator of offence, instead of being criticized for what he’s not. Nothing to lose. It’s time.

— Gilbert Brule has a job to lose at training camp. He’s faster, more skilled and grittier than Kyle Brodziak. Is there any reason he shouldn’t be able to fill his spot and role on this roster?

— If J.F. Jacques and a draft pick or prospect won’t get it done, offer the Washington Capitals Cogliano for David Steckel.

— Let teams know Ethan Moreau and Steve Staios are available, cheap. Let a handful of teams know that Tom Gilbert or Denis Grebeshkov are available, not cheap.


— So Michael Nylander, on the outs in Washington, thinks Edmonton might be a good place to play? Really? Is that so? Is that right? Nothing personal about the way you flipped off the Oilers the first time and pulled a fast one on Kevin Lowe, eh? No chance.

— Charlie Huddy should still be employed here.

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  • Hemmertime

    Robin Brownlee wrote:

    Writing about hockey for a living doesn’t make you smart.

    Ya but you write smartly about hockey, and for an Oiler fan that puts you in the realm of surgeon.

  • Robin Brownlee wrote:

    No cheering. Copious amounts of ale when deadline is done (that’s the norm anyway), but no cheering. You aren’t there as a fan. You aren’t there to cheerlead.

    Really? No cheering at all? I can't remember who you liked as a kid, so we shall say the Bruins for the questions sake.

    So here you are, it's 1988 and your a strapping, young and good looking reporter. You are in the Boston Gardens and the Bruins score a big goal against their rivals, the Edmonton Oilers. Your telling me you won't/can't/shouldn't cheer in the press box? Who made that rule and why not?

  • Hemmertime

    @ Smokin' Ray:
    I agree with it, seems unprofessional. A lot of the people who pay to read the material are not Oiler fans, stating your view like you would if it was NYI with a slight slant (inevitable like he says) is the best.

    I doubt that there wasn't a few wide ass grins and ribbing the oppositions reporters when we won a big game or Laraque laid a whooping on someone. But you kind of look like a douche when everyone just doing their jobs and there you are hooting and hollering.

    I think there would be a few things they would have cheered, Gretzky's goal that broke the record, Yzerman retirement and such, even then just clapping and restrained cheering.

  • Robin Brownlee

    @ Hemmertime:
    Showing respect and applauding a brilliant career on a jersey retirement night doesn't count.
    You aren't reacting to a result or a play, you're saluting a career just like the players and coaches and fans from both teams are. Big difference.
    Then we have beer.

    Smokin' Ray wrote:

    So here you are, it’s 1988 and your a strapping, young and good looking reporter. You are in the Boston Gardens and the Bruins score a big goal against their rivals, the Edmonton Oilers. Your telling me you won’t/can’t/shouldn’t cheer in the press box?

    I was never young and good looking . . . it was 1989, and, no, I didn't cheer.

  • Chris.

    Dominoiler wrote:

    Oh.. and your hypothetical scenario (Chris) that consists of Tambo slow-playing the FA market is laughable…

    I don't know what Tambellini is up to…

    And neither do you.

  • rick

    no i have been in oilerville for years i don't drink oiler kool aide i never once thought this was a division winner as long as we try to sell this group to the public like i say top 5 draft pick here we come.Ogden Brother wrote:

    rick wrote:
    this line up looks good to me for a top 5 draft pick wake up folks this is a really bad team no matter how you mix the lines same group of duds no heart no face off taker no first line center so prepare yourself for another year of rebuiding and excuses after the 20games and this team is 2-18 then what? Big things talked about by the front office as usual nothing done. We have a gm who says we have too many forwards and contrats then sign red ox and poultuny? bad team thanks to Lowe but the last time i checked all is well in oilerville cause suckers like me buy tickets and season ones at that. @ oilFan:
    Right right, and I’m sure you thought the (almost) exact same line-up was going to win the division last year.