Do You See What I See Edition VI

Tonight Oiler fans will be lucky to watch your team from the comfort of your couch on your big screen TV, rather than your laptop, and the game should be more enjoyable.


Odds n Sods

It’s a very fine Wednesday in Edmonton. The temperature is expected to hit 33 degrees, gymnasts are jumping off of incredible crap in the video above, we are still aflutter from the Keith Urban concert we attended last night and speculation about the state of the Oilers is starting to ramp up. Tis a very fine…


Long shots, no shots and the in-betweens

From all accounts that was a bit of a snoozer last night in the wonderful City of Saskatoon. As much as one can’t really find too much fault with the Oilers gassing a preseason tilt, the level of intensity required to win the game certainly wasn’t on display for all the wonderful Saskatoononianites to see….


GDB minus-4: Saskatchewan Love

What could be less interesting than preseason hockey? How about preseason hockey against the Islanders? Still a bit too meaningful for your tastes? How about playing it in Saskatoon? Now you feeling the love for the game tonight? Totally.