Hockey season approacheth, flanked by big radio news

Going to work on Friday is always a great feeling, unless you are one of those who believe a weekend starts Thursday and you’re hung to the gills this morning, and today you feel even better because it’s a long weekend. But more importantly for sports fans, when you return to work the NHL season…


Patty O: Back to square one

I’m not sure exactly where Patrick O’Sullivan will fit among the Edmonton Oilers top six forwards this coming season, but I’d be willing to wager he’ll look like he belongs in the mix somewhere.


‘Suitcase’ packs his bags for Oil City

The Oilers filled the void of Bob Mancini with Mike Sillinger, who spent 17 years in the NHL. “Suitcase” Sillinger, a nickname he earned after playing for 12 different NHL teams, will start immediately.

The Stage For The Next Labour War?

In the wake of the firing of Paul Kelly by the NHLPA executive board, Michael Russo of the Star Tribune interviewed the player representative for the Minnesota Wild to find out why. While Nick Schultz wasn’t overly forthcoming about the reasons for Kelly’s dismissal, he did identify the issue which will likely be the key…

Jason Smith Retires

The Ottawa Senators have announced that defenseman Jason Smith, a former captain in both Edmonton and Philadelphia, has retired.

The Powerplay Options

One of the most constant sources of frustration for fans of the Edmonton Oilers over Craig MacTavish’s tenure with the team was the ineffective powerplay, and that’s certainly something the Quinn coaching staff will look to address. Who, though, are the Oilers most effective powerplay performers?