Happy Gretzmas!

Every Nation has it’s official Holidays — and our boy Charlie and his crew in Lethbridge have the honour of coining the very first National Holiday in the OilersNation.


For those of you who don’t know their heads from their elbows, Gretzmas is the celebration of the most holy day: The Birth of Wayne Douglas Gretzky on January 21, 1961 in Brantford, Ontario. While the rest of us allow this sacred day to pass unobserved Charle and “the crew in Lethbridge are gonna get bombed, play hockey, and exchange Gretzky related gifts afterwards. Last year I got “Hockey My Way” starring Wayne & Brent Gretzky with Defensive drills by Kevin Lowe, circa 1984″ — via e-mail from Charlie.

These are some real fans down there in Lethbridge, Nation. This is an annual event and it has gotten big enough that they are renting ice this year as opposed to playing ‘er on the pond. We heartily encourage everyone in the OilersNation to take the remainder of the day off, find something Gretzky-related and toast it repeatedly using whatever booze at your disposal.

Here are pics from last year’s Gretzmas that Charlie was kind enough to send our way. The crew in Lethbridge is in our hearts on this wondrous day and we violently salute you.

Merry Gretzmas all.

Peep all them Gretzky Jerseys. Mmmm.

Probably one of the best pictures we have ever been sent.

*insert inappropriate sexual comment here*

Dig those Oilers sweats. These are real fans, Nation.