A picture says a thousand words

Normally we start the day by reading the OilersNation News Aggregator and seeing what people are talking about all around the league. But today we will hold back because:

a) We hate reading MSM coverage of the Oilers when they lose.
b) We just can’t bring ourselves to read another MacT quote explaining how close it all really was.
c) If we read anyone say, “Oh Sundin got off to a magical start, but it was fellow Graduate of Hogwarts Steve Bernier who performed the real trick scoring twice against his Canadian rivals…” Well, if we read that there would be a lone gunman tearing up Jasper Avenue at about 9:33am this morning. And really, it’s too cold for vigilante justice today.

So instead we will not read anything related to the Oilers game. Well, except this post. Which isn’t really about how the Oil gassed one to the Canucks and Mats Sundin is a Golden God descended from Mount Olympus to grace us with his ice hockey skills. His tragic flaw? He will never win a Cup. Oh and he can’t feel true love.

Screw you, Sundin.

Laraque Blogs

For those of you who weren’t aware Georges Laraque decided to start blogging over at Sportsnet.ca. This is great news — except that apparently he didn’t clear it with anyone besides Sportsnet.

In only his second post he says:

“Before starting this blog, I just want to let everyone know that this will be my last one. It’s unfortunate but it is a team rule that Canadiens players are not allowed to do blogs simply because of the many requests our team gets and it would be unfair to all the other people asking us for similar projects. As you can imagine, when you’re a French-Canadian playing in Montréal you get a lot of requests so I agree with the team’s decision because this makes it fair for everyone.”

He then goes on to break down the fighting code, states fighting is popular (gasp!) describes how fighting has changed and discusses how he used to be nervous before fights. Did we mention he discussed fighting?

Nothing too earth shattering but we all know Monsieur Laraques’ propensity to talk and this blog –- which is gigantic btw -– would sure to have improved.

If only the NHL had any understanding of how to build a brand. NBA players have camera crews following them around 24/7 and players in the NFL have webcams in their bedrooms linked to the team’s official sites. While the other leagues continue to grant unprecedented access to their players the NHL furiously guards its bag of magic beans and boxes everyone out.

Oh OK maybe just one hilarious MacT quote:

“As the game started to elevate, we started to elevate rather than just grabbing that game at the start.” –- Craig MacTavish after the game.

Ah that’s rich.

Photos still coming in

Awhile back we announced a contest asking readers of the Nation to take some game pics and send them in to OilersNation World HQ and Tanning Salon®. We continue to get pics from the games and will be posting them shortly.

“But Wanye you said that you would announce a winner at the end of December! What happened?”

Life happened, you son of a bitch! Ever try and build a 5000-piece Battlestar Galactica puzzle during an Unsolved Mysteries Marathon on Spike? Then check your inbox after every game and see pictures being sent in regularly and you have done nothing to reward the party people? Then people keep ordering T-shirts and you didn’t really give any thought to shipping or handling when you thought of NationGear and now you spend your mornings packaging up T-shirts and the lady at the post office thinks you’re into criminal activity because of all the mailing you are doing??

Do you know what pressure feels like!?!?!


Please continue to send your pics of the game, your buddies, the sky or your cat that “looks just like Ales Hemsky.” There is a $75 gift certificate to Hudsons in it for you. We will be posting the pictures shortly.

Oh yeah

You did it Buck75.


  • @ Wanye Gretz

    While I would like to take credit for "The Big Sexy One-Puncher" getting to the all star game, our campaign was for him to be in the starting line-up. Unfortunately in the red headed step child Brian Campbell & last years version of Mat$ $undin (Niedermayer) beat us out.

    Oh well, at least Souray can say he is there legit – at least CFP didn't get voted in.