Do you see what I see, edition VII


Finally the NHL season officially begins tonight, and one of the classiest players to ever play, Joe Sakic, will be honoured in Colorado. It still bothers me that the Avs raised Ray Bourque’s jersey when he only played there for two years, but Sakic is a no-brainer and that is a ceremony I’m gonna watch.

Here is just another reason why the Oilers need Ice Girls. Check out this video on the Dallas Stars web page. It promotes their Ice Girls.

The best part about this in that on CBC satellite radio host Jeff Marek and Cassie Campbell called this, “soft porn”. Marek even twittered this: “Yup, that Avery sure was a pig wasn’t he, Dallas Stars?”

Marek, I know you work for mother corp, but please. Soft porn? It’s girls in bikinis, sure the music and acting ability was similar to what you’d see in one of Wanye’s home made videos, but it was far from pornish. Come on Jeff go to the beach some time my friend you can see that every weekend. While those two sticks in the mud frown at this video, I applaud the Stars Ice Girls, because now I know every one of their names. It will make watching Stars’ games on TV much more enjoyable when I watch Sarah, Yvette, Cassie or Kaime shoveling the ice.

No offence to Goggles, who I featured on Just A Game last year, but I’d rather watch ice girls scrape the ice, than guys in tracksuits.

On ice things to look for…

  • Everyone is picking Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Alex Ovechkin to be top three in scoring, but who will be fourth? There are plenty of options, but I’ll go with Joe Thornton. He’s never played with a sniper like Dany Heatley, and if he can help Jonathon Cheechoo tally 56 goals, look for Heatley to surpass 60 for the first time in his career.
  • Ryan Getzlaf, Nicklas Backstrom and Pavel Datsyuk are the other three I see finishing fourth or in the top-five. Look for Rick Nash to have a break out year and get 90+ points, if he stays healthy.
  • I think Marc Savard will have a drop off in production without Kessel. Lucic isn’t as good of a scorer. Same goes for Zack Parise.
  • Ilya Kovalchuk will be the most talked about trade bait all season long. He’s entering the final year of his contract, and the speculation will be brutal, but don’t expect the Thrashers to deal him unless they are completely out of the playoff hunt in Feb/March.
  • The Caps might have a Triple Crown line, if Bruce Boudreau keeps Ovechkin, Backstrom and Alex Semin together all year. Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Bobby Ryan along with Thornton, Heatley and Devon Setoguchi are the other lines that will be battle for “best line” moniker.
  • The Avs will finish last. They are very thin up front and on the backend.
  • Most of the Oiler fans who begged to get rid of MacTavish, will be begging TSN to use him more than the 25 games he is scheduled to appear on.
  • If the Oilers have two guys with more than 27 goals like Brownlee said, then they will for sure make the playoffs. He thinks Comrie and Penner will tickle the twine this frequently.
  • Dion Phaneuf will score 20 goals, but the Flames will struggle to score goals.
  • After having only one 50-goal man last year, we’ll see four guys top fifty, and hopefully we’ll see six players with 100 points.
  • Stortini will be in the top five in fighting majors, and he’ll score eight goals.
  • Tom Gilbert will get 40 points again, yet he’ll be the player most often in Edmonton that the Oilers should trade.
  • I hate to say it, but the Human Rake will make the Flyers a legitimate Cup contender. Ray Emery will fight at least once this year, and Flyer fans will adore him.
  • There will be at least three epic Nation parties for PPV games this year.
  • bingofuel and Wanye’s new layout of the Nation will blow your minds and we’ll see even more interaction during the season (here’s a slight teaser).
  • Andrew Cogliano will be over 40% in the draw this year, of course he’ll take way fewer draws than last season.
  • Canada will win the gold in Olympic men’s hockey, and it will kill some Oiler fans to have to cheer for the Human Rake, Phaneuf and Heatley for two weeks.
  • Only four of these predictions will actually happen and I’ll be mocked mercilessly come April, which will entice me to make even bolder predictions come playoff time.