Oilers Vs. Predators: Post-Game

Edmonton Oilers: 6

Nashville Predators: 1

Play of the Night

Zack Stortini scored twice in the latter half of the first period to put the game out of reach for the Predators. In the first goal the Nashville had three players down low and none of them covered Stortini, who made no mistake with a quick shot from deep in the slot, but it was his second goal that stood out because he looked like a power forward barreling through two defenders and scoring on the backhand.

The Coach Is Saying…

“[Deslauriers] was our star tonight for sure.”

“We did not need to – against their best line, it’s the only line that’s got any points for them – we decide our defenceman is going to carry it into the zone and be a fancy Dan and it was certainly the wrong play because it ended up in our net. It was disappointing because our goaltender shouldn’t have had that chance against him in that situation. Nevertheless, you try to just ask your guys to live with good habits; we have a structure here, if you go away from the structure we have not been successful. Every time we’ve gone away from it the other team’s taken over.”

Fun With Numbers

  • The Oilers were outshot 41 – 20, yet won the game 6 -1
  • Nashville didn’t manage a powerplay goal, but they did manage 17 shots on six opportunities
  • The three players (Penner, Brule and Stortini) with less than ten minutes of even-strength ice-time all managed two points on the night
  • The Oilers were outshot 15 – 4 in the third period

Random Thoughts

Taylor Chorney recorded his first NHL point last night. Aside from that, it’s been a fairly miserable week for me and it was a real pleasure to come home, fire up the computer and see a 5-0 lead. What was even more fun was keeping tabs on the Calgary game; the night was really a double helping of wonderful.

  • blu

    The only real tragedy last night was Des not getting the shutout. I think he earned one.

    As has been said above, he came through, and should hopefully silence those who didn't feel he could play at this level.

    It was nice to see the team play with a lead. The previous few seasons we had enough trouble getting a lead, and even more trouble protecting it. We turtled a bit, but much better than in past years.

    It was also really nice to see the momentum swing after the first 5 minutes, when the Preds typically push really hard. This team is much more focused than last year, and playing like more of a team than we're used to seeing.

  • @Ogden Bro Jr

    Would you take Stone out for Pisani? I don't know. Pisani is a better hockey player and should help the PK but I like the physical element that Stone brings. Don't know who else to pull though. Tough call. With all the bodies healthy, moves will need to be made.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      I don't know. I just wonder who do you take out for Pisani. Stortini for the odd game I guess. Like you said moves will need to be made, but at the sametime Pisani has to be on the LTIR another 5 games at least.

  • Chris.

    I hope stone doesnt leave the line-up. He has played extremely good and has a big hit in every game this season. In my mind he is playing better than Nilson Pouliot and Pisani will play this year if they do.
    Him and Jacques playing well has been a nice change to the line-up that the oilers lacked last year

  • Chris.

    I've been a JDD detractor…but loved his effort last night though. That toe save he made while battling a Nashville forward in his crease during a first period PK was just plain sick. First star all the way: keep it up JDD!

  • Eric Johnson

    So who comes out of the line up or hits waivers when Pisani and Pouliot come back from injury?

    MacIntyre and Nilsson?

    I think it's clear so far that MacIntyre's "game" hasn't been needed as we have plenty of team toughness.

    Heck maybe Nashville would give us a pick for Nilsson.

        • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

          So who do you pull out then? Pisani also kills penalties. The only thing that scares me about taking out anyone is Pisani is softer then most the guys on the team. Him coming back might mess up the whole run with 4 lines that we currently have going.

          • BarryS

            Nilsson is dead man walking on this team, since he is not better than MC, Gags, O'sullivan, or Gogs who are the players he has to compete for a job with. Nilsson for Pisani, Stone, JFJ, is a net loss for the team, since he is not as physical as any of them. Stauf suggested a hopelessly inoffencive team like Toronto could use him

  • smiliegirl15

    I am really happy to see them playing 60 minutes of hockey, rather than the 5 or so per game they managed last season.
    Goal or no goal, my goat is still a goat. Come on Horcoff! You can play better than that. Sheesh

  • Ender

    Is anybody else seeing the eerily similar pattern of last year, where the Oilers were outshot bigtime but were still pulling out wins. This obviously turned around on them and they were tanking games left and right when the goaltending started to become human.

    This is worrying me a little. Combined with our terrible third periods that have been a staple for the team the past three seasons.

    Don't get me wrong I'm really liking the make up of the team this year but this is starting to sound some alarm bells for me.

    • They didn't get massively outshot in the first three games I don't think. They've also been carrying the play and taking it to the opposition way better this year than in recent memory. I don't think it's time to hit the panic button yet, Mr. Pessimist.

  • Ender

    My goat PDP is looking about as goatish so far as Wanye's pick. There are bigger tragedies in life, I suppose, so I'll happily be wrong as long as Mr. Donair keeps up this pace.

  • Though JDD didn't face a lot of quality scoring chances last night, I feel he played extremely well when he had to. It was nice to see that our PK held them off the board. Special thanks to Stortini – when he scores 15 this year he will win me a case of Miller Chill.