Oilers Vs. Predators: Post-Game

Edmonton Oilers: 6

Nashville Predators: 1

Play of the Night

Zack Stortini scored twice in the latter half of the first period to put the game out of reach for the Predators. In the first goal the Nashville had three players down low and none of them covered Stortini, who made no mistake with a quick shot from deep in the slot, but it was his second goal that stood out because he looked like a power forward barreling through two defenders and scoring on the backhand.

The Coach Is Saying…

“[Deslauriers] was our star tonight for sure.”

“We did not need to – against their best line, it’s the only line that’s got any points for them – we decide our defenceman is going to carry it into the zone and be a fancy Dan and it was certainly the wrong play because it ended up in our net. It was disappointing because our goaltender shouldn’t have had that chance against him in that situation. Nevertheless, you try to just ask your guys to live with good habits; we have a structure here, if you go away from the structure we have not been successful. Every time we’ve gone away from it the other team’s taken over.”

Fun With Numbers

  • The Oilers were outshot 41 – 20, yet won the game 6 -1
  • Nashville didn’t manage a powerplay goal, but they did manage 17 shots on six opportunities
  • The three players (Penner, Brule and Stortini) with less than ten minutes of even-strength ice-time all managed two points on the night
  • The Oilers were outshot 15 – 4 in the third period

Random Thoughts

Taylor Chorney recorded his first NHL point last night. Aside from that, it’s been a fairly miserable week for me and it was a real pleasure to come home, fire up the computer and see a 5-0 lead. What was even more fun was keeping tabs on the Calgary game; the night was really a double helping of wonderful.

  • Ender

    blu wrote:

    The only real tragedy last night was Des not getting the shutout. I think he earned one.

    I guess he'll take solice in the fact that he's listed as the number 3 goalie in the league on nhl.com for save %. Bet he didn't expect that going into the season. 🙂

  • blu

    I would like to go on record about Studwick's game last night.

    As a larger man, with an opportunity to body check the ever loving Herb Alpert out of more than a few members of the opposing team, he sure rolled softly up to them and just sort of maybe challenged them for the puck.

    I'm devising a drill to solve this, whereby Struddy stands in the corner, and just gets drilled into the boards by Stone … over and over and over again.


  • Ender

    Chaz wrote:

    Back to my rant about shot stats though; the fact that a hit post doesn't count as a shot just seems stupid to me so I find it hard to take those totals too seriously.

    That measure actually makes sense if you think about it. The shots/saves/save% stats are all designed to work hand-in-hand, the idea being that a 'shot' is defined as any potential goal (ie. it goes in if the goalie or some other player doesn't stop it) and a 'save' is a 'shot' that doesn't become a goal. In theory, then, goals + saves = shots. In that context, if a player rings one off the post, it is a damn good attempt but the goalie didn't really need to make a 'save'; it was never a potential goal.

      • Ender

        Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things wrote:

        If the goalie gloved the post shot (which they should, just in case), would it not count as a save?

        It becomes somewhat subjective at that point with the statistician deciding whether it would have gone in or not, but I'm guessing with something that close they would count it as a shot and a save. If the goalie snags a puck 12 inches off the right post, however, they probably wouldn't count it as either one.

  • Nilsson is at least as physical as Pisani, and could outscore Piani, Stone and JFJ combined if he had some minutes and decent linemates.

    Pisani is the fly in the ointment here. Useful (?) when he plays, but that seems to be open for debate with this new system. Still, he's a legacy player the team seems loathe to deal away at this time, probably because of perceived fan reaction.

    At the end of the day, the thing to consider is who makes your team better. And by better I mean more able to win hockey games.

    • Hemmertime

      Nilsson is at least as physical as Pisani, and could outscore Piani, Stone and JFJ combined if he had some minutes and decent linemates.

      Nilsson the new Schremp?