Post Game – Oilers vs. Avs

Colorado Avalanche: 3

Edmonton Oilers: 0

Not much to say about this one. It was a lousy hockey game, and the score is a fair indication of both who carried the play and exactly how boring it was.  There wasn’t a player on the team who had a good game, save perhaps Khabibulin.  We can chalk it up to the flu (everybody’s sick, and Ladislav Smid has swine flu) or we can chalk it up to percentages normalizing (since I said the Oilers were bound to drop from their 15.2% rate they’ve fallen down to 12.3%) or we can chalk it up to outshooting the opposition a grand total of one time on the season, but this team doesn’t look good right now.

The same things apply now that applied prior to this streak of three losses to division opponents: it’s early, it’s only a few games, and it isn’t worth panicking about. 

Also possibly of interest – while Dan Tencer suggests the powerplay is the problem, I thought it looked good tonight, even if it didn’t score.  But when the Oilers have gone three games without an even-strength goal, and two without a goal period, I think it’s a bit much to blame special teams. 

  • Chris.

    I'm not arguing contract value. I'm not commenting on how Quinn uses his centers.I'm not giving Horcoff a pass on his overall game in its current state… I'm simply saying that it is an astonishing physical feat to take 259 draws in only 12 games. Who out there has taken numerous draws at a competative level.?..

    My understanding is that it is exhausting.

  • Chris.

    It's actually refreshing to hear honest heartfelt criticism of players. These players have got to be held accountable. If you make 5+mill/year and you're expected to produce and you don't then you can expect some criticism and if you can't take that then you need to take up a different career. As many have stated, these NHL players do not deserve guaranteed contracts especially when the biggest righest league in the world, the NFL, doesn't guarantee contracts.Are you listening Michigan Horcoff and Guitar Hero puck giveaway master Gilbert….

  • With Pisani's imminent return, do you see value in creating dedicated lines? For instance: Penner-Gagner-Hemsky (scoring 1) Comrie-Cogliano-O'Sullivan (scoring 2) Moreau-Horcoff-Pisani (Checking) Stortini-Brule-Jacques (Energy). Also, with players coming back from IR, how long before we see some roster changes?

    The Oilers will be walking wounded for the rest of the year (like most teams) so I don't think they'll need to make a move (aside, perhaps, from dropping MacIntyre) any time soon.

    As for line-matching, I'm generally a fan. I think what Quinn's doing can work too, but I'd like to see something similar to what you're suggesting. Still, given Quinn's stated objections to hard-matching, I don't see it happening.