Down to the final seconds. Again

For the second straight game v. the Flames the Oilers gave up a goal in the final minute, and this morning they find themselves already five points behind the Flames.

The Oilers played well enough in both games against Calgary to earn a win, but they didn’t. Pat Quinn didn’t critique the effort, but was annoyed about small plays, but the Jarome Iginla hit on Sheldon Souray really got his Irish blood boiling.

“I don’t understand the players of today. If that happened in the old days, he would have got hit over the head with a stick right after. That’s the way you used to deal with, but now you can’t touch him.

“It was a pretty dirty play in my opinion. You poke his feet out and then pile on him on top of that. Somehow they never deal with that crap, and they (the league) won’t let the vigilante stuff deal with it.”

When asked if Ethan Moreau going after Iginla was the right decision, Quinn said what many hard core hockey fans feel at times.

“In the area that I come from you do dirt with dirt. You don’t give him honour. Why would you give a man honour for that kind of a play and he honoured him with a fist fight.”

Quinn was understandably irate with the play, and I can understand why. Iginla is a hard nosed player, and an honourable one. I doubt he meant to hurt Souray, but it was still a dangerous play. When a D-man has to go back for a puck straight on, rather than from an angle, it is much more dangerous and forwards have to be aware of where their stick goes. Because it was accidental doesn’t give Iginla a free pass. It was a dangerous, not cheap, play.

Quinn was also irritated with Hemsky’s effort with the Flames goal empty.

“We had a chance to make a play to put it in the open net and we dicked around with the thing. We found a way to give them an opportunity to get in it. Was it lucky, yeah I guess it was?”

He also talked about making the right decision in the final moments in the offensive zone.

“In tight games you play percentages all the time. You don’t try to score another goal when it’s so high percentage to trap yourself. The guy who put the puck there trapped himself. Sure he got back and got organized, but then it went in from a bad angle. We can’t battle like we did all night long and lose.”

Rather than be satisfied with a good effort, Quinn is demanding more from his players, and until they start winning I don’t see that changing. This team needs to understand how to make the smart plays at the key times in games. Making the correct play at these important times is the difference between winning and losing. The Oilers have to learn how to win, and Quinn seems hell bent on ensuring that his players understand it.

Quinn wasn’t just grumpy though. He had this to say when asked about the Souray, Moreau and Andrew Cogliano photo shoot that had them posing naked for ESPN.

“It’s a new life I guess. They didn’t ask me. I don’t understand that,” he laughed. “I haven’t seen it yet, but Beefcake has always been Beefcake as far as I know.”

That picture will generate lots of reaction. I’m guessing some homophobes will cringe, while most of the women’s panty sprinklers will be on high.

Quinn’s post game comments have been incredibly entertaining. It is refreshing to hear someone speak from the heart, and you have to think that if he keeps challenging his players to be better, that eventually the wins will follow.

Wake up, people

I love that the web, and specifically that the Nation allows everyone to vent, but sometimes I wonder if some of you can only whine and complain.

Do you actually think Khabibulin was bad last night? If so, you should get some glasses. Khabibulin played fine. The save he made on the 5 on 3 was great. Sure, he looked shaky in the first two games, but if you want to be a sofa scout; understand that you evaluate a player on the current game, not the previous ones. Khabibulin has progressively gotten better, and last night he was solid.


  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    One more comment. Didn't like Quinn's comment on Iginla. Iginla didn't even hit him, they slipped. Then Iginla risked the 5 minutes and squared off with our 4th liner. He then allowed Moreau to get up after a slip, instead of pounding the crap out of him. I thought Iggy was very standup last night and he isn't know for being a cheap player so I give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • Homie

      He should have squared off after what happened with Souray and its says a lot about him that he didn't back down when Moreau came after him. I doubt it was intentional, but it was a high risk play that took one of the Oilers' best players out of the game. He should just be glad Souray wasn't able to get up and "barch" him later in the game.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Bulin was great yesterday, bad bounces but he made some assume saves.

    Moreau I was going to rip you a new one, but you redeemed yourself first with the goal then the fight. You are now allowed a free screwup tomorrow.

    Lubo stepped it up once Souray went down and it was also nice to see Quinn roll the lines without issue.

    Now Gregor here are my complaints:

    Why aren't we using the boards like Calgary is? Those bank shots just seem to be the in thing.

    I hope Stone tones down his hitting. Too many hits behind the play that are going to be called roughing or interfernce. He doesn't bring enough that he can afford to take a penalty a game.

    All and all I can accept that lose.

  • The Fish

    Ugh. Another brual loss. This is getting hard to take.
    Although he scored, Hemsky looked like garbage out there. Everytime he touched the puck he just turned it over. Was tough to watch.
    I usually defend Moreau – funny enough he scored as well – but man, BRUTAL play towards the end. Nice to see Quinn call him out on it. Way too many turnovers last night, from Hemsky's moves that don't work to Comrie's little drop passes (flashback!!!).
    I sure liked Stone though – he threw some nasty hits out there.
    Bottom line – this team continually makes horrible decisions with the puck and that will hopefully change with Quinn here.
    I did think Bulin played well though – MUCH better than the previous games. It looks like he finally figured out what "angles" are, and was quicker following the play.

  • Milli

    Bulin was great. Horc wasn't bad. I thought the same thing about hemmer on the empty net, good god man, put that fing puck away. Totally cheap play by Iginla. Any word on Souray?

  • Travis Dakin

    Last nights game was deserved. They got away from any form of team play to start the second. By the third the lazy mistakes were happening. For a second game in a row, every time Horcoff jumped over the boards, I had a hard time watching(Hand over my eyes when he approached touching the puck). I do not know what it is with this guy this season but something isn't working. Pressure from a big contract? The team was hopping in the first but died by the third. Oh, well 81 games to go. Plently of time to iron out the wrinkles. Entertaing to say the least. Loved the PIE to the face. Nice work…

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    WHAT F%#@ING WAY TO END the GAME. Yes I am yelling mad. Man was I mad. They had the puck in the Flames end with 30seconds left. Hold on to the f'ing puck, play keep away, cycle it, what ever but don't give it back to the Flames. That is what lost them the game.

    "Pantysprinklers" just about made up for it. but not quite. That is the quote of the season so far! Too funny JG!

    I too, thought Khabibulin played very good. Not much you can do on deflections (two fo the plames goals). The Flames had a lot more scoring chances than the Oil and Khabibulin was the difference there.

    Lets pound on the Habs to make us feel better Saturday night. Something like a 15-2 score would be nice…

  • The oilers are playing better that is for certain but something has to give. The bulin wall is getting better and more comfortable in net but I think we need more talent upfront. Hemsky has been invisible and I might consider taking a bucket of pucks for horcoff right now. Maybe it is time to trade some of the high priced dead weight. Just a thought and yes I know it is still early in the season.